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Globalist Program Relationships to Fail: Women Divorce For Being Unhappy & Bored

In a previous article, we discussed how Human beings are being programmed. The programming we mainly identified in the article was consumerism, in which we documented how it is a Globalist tool to be a religion and Americans are unconsciously following this lockstep dogma.

We want to build on the unhappiness and boredom created by globalists. In this article, we will add another layer to dissatisfaction as we explore how these concepts tunnel into our families and marriages.

This is not the only creed being spoon-fed into the population’s minds when we mix the other dogmas of our overlords with their dangerous anti-freedom and anti-human agenda. When we pour Feminism and moral relativism into the mix, we get deadly ideologies, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Feminism and Marxism are interchangeable within this quote by Henry Hazlitt. Feminism would attribute their hatred towards Patriarchy.

As the feminist movement is programmed to hate men, they will soon hate everyone else, including themselves.

“Someone who hates one group will end up hating everyone – and, ultimately, hating himself or herself.” — Elie Wiesel

This Bible verse comes to my mind.

Men’s hearts failing them.” — Luke 21:26

Women who are not aware and protecting themselves and their families are being programmed to be dissatisfied. Still, it is even more insidious as the gullible are being conditioned and brainwashed to hate everyone, including themselves.

Programming is happening in our culture from many angles. It is destroying men’s and women’s character and integrity. It is undermining America’s foundation, which the family is critical to our values and virtues. Americans have been developed into new citizens. We are selective in many ways about our personal lives, but we are not critical thinkers.

We have all received programming in our lives. It’s time to deprogram ourselves. We must identify and understand who, what, and how this happens. We need to understand what type of programming we have received to fix it. We are debt and mental slaves to the globalists on the global plantation.

There are additional poisons of the fatal programming being fed into our minds besides being dissatisfied, unhappy, and bored. This is by design and intentionally. It comes from the mixed stew of moral relativism, Feminism, secularism, and worshiping the god of consumerism.

“Contemporary American consumerism is a product of deliberate efforts by 20th century businesses to make people unsatisfied.” (1)

“It is our homes and families that need reforming in this increasingly materialistic and secular world.” (2)

We need to keep in mind who the programmers are and what their agendas are.

What does this have to do with relationships being intentionally programmed to fail?

During my divorce, I heard several phrases from my ex-wife. I was told, “I deserve to be happy,” you are so “boring.” I still haven’t been able to receive closure due to my ex choosing to cease any form of communication with me.

As I tried to understand my situation, I noticed patterns and trends in society and our culture.

“There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself. What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher. What we can’t understand we call nonsense. What we can’t read we call gibberish.”Chuck Palahniuk

As I continued researching and studying the issue of divorce, I came across several women who started to answer my questions.

I found Karyn Steitz * talking about the exact phrases my ex-wife used to describe being unhappy and bored. I learned that 80% of divorces are filed by women. Why is that?

“Why do so many women leave their husbands simply because they are unhappy or bored?”

Of course, this piqued my interest because this is what I was experiencing, and I have also spoken to other men who have been rejected and divorced with the exact phrases, attitudes, and mindsets of their ex-spouses. I was seeing patterns within patterns.

“Why is it that men have the endurance of to death do us part and yet many women have the endurance limited to their emotions, like bordem and happiness. Women leaving simply because they’re unhappy and why is that and what is the solution to that?”

“So what I had to see for myself as a women, why we have such a limited, enduring marriage and we are so quick to leave and so quick to run is because we have no concept when we get married. That we are actually making a commitment to another person.”

I would argue that it is a commitment to another person and a family, which is all about other people in the union. That is a commitment to children as well. I would also add that God would be in the picture if one is religious and spiritual. It is also a commitment to keeping and maintaining a strong, healthy, and vibrant country with a solid moral, spiritual, and religious foundation.

“We’re making a commitment to ourselves that our vows actually mean something and that when we get married, we have responsibilities and rules to make it work.”

There are several layers of commitments from personal, couple, family, national, and to God if one believes in that path, which I do.

If a person, male or female, cannot keep their promises, commitments, and vows to themselves and others, it would be considered a lack of integrity and character. It would also be a lack of honesty, self-deception, and betrayal.


Using Dr. Paul Jenkins’s moral development and maturity, a selfish person would fall into Stage 1. (4)

  • Selfish
  • Narcissism
  • Entitlement
  • Hedonistic
  • Moral relativism
  • Idleness
  • Grudge
  • Revenge
  • Fearful
  • Laziness
  • Narrowness
  • Fighting/Defensiveness
  • Manipulative
  • Flattery
  • Tantrums
  • Demanding
  • Needing Immediate Gratification
  • Impulsive
  • Defiant
  • Greedy
  • Emotional unwillingness to communicate rationally
  • Unwilling to cooperate
  • Closed-minded
  • Victim mindset
  • Lack of self-control or discipline

“As women, we’re incredibly short-sighted. And all we think about in getting married is the weddings, the dress, and the party. And we have no concept that we are actually stepping into a huge responsibility and a huge commitment, but we are making to keep our word and follow through, and women will be the first to argue my husband broke his vows. My husband does not follow his vows. He’s the one that’s not committed.”

“Again, that is a projection of ourselves and our own lack of commitment in our marriage.”


Sadia Khan was another woman who seemed to understand what was happening in our society and culture.

The question was asked, “People are finding it very hard to stay together as we move closer to 2023. Why do you think that is?”

“Because all the programming for the last 10 years has been designed to teach us to break up.”

This hits home, as my divorce was within that 10-year time frame.

“It’s been designed to pit men and women against each other, to fear commitment, to glorify single life, to think, okay, this is how you move on. This is how you play hard to get. This is how you get someone to sleep with you. You have created the groundwork for divorce and none of the groundwork for marriage. You don’t see people teaching them that this is how to communicate your pain or this is how to select a partner correctly. You say this is how you trick a guy into that. This is how you take a girl, and this is how you get her to sleep with you. This is how you get her money. We glorify sex so much, and we have almost demonized marriage that we are now programmed to simply keep moving on to the next and finding alternatives and combining with the plentiful alternatives. We have now, through technology, a recipe for disaster.”

Before we return to Karyn Steitz, I want to clarify that I am not bashing humanity or women. I am trying to convince those who don’t already see it. How the Globalists are trying to destroy our rights as they divide humanity into as many pieces as possible.

Welcome to Prison Planet: Slaves R Us And What We Can Do About on a Personal Level

The globalists want to divide us in every possible way. They want us to fight each other from every imaginable angle as they destroy our country and our way of life. One of the most significant ways is to attack the family by destroying the marriage by infecting one or both spouses with a deadly virus of hate and discontent. They have been at this for a very long time and many generations.

“I am surprised (I would be amused if the cost were not so great) that people think they can remove the foundations of our social structure – things like work, chastity, and family – and then wonder why other things crumble. You can’t remove the foundation of a building while standing inside and not be hit with falling plaster.” — Neal A. Maxwell

We need to know what the globalists are doing to destroy each one of us. This is what they are doing to destroy women and families. The only way we can fix it is to understand what is happening and create an antidote.

We have to understand we are all being targeted. The globalists know how to attack women, and this is what we are trying to shed light on for women and men to come up with a plan to defend themselves and their families from the globalist’s attacks.

Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul.” – Ezra Taft Benson

We need to become aware of their tactics.

They are hijacking and using our thoughts and emotions against us.

“Other than sleeping and working, Americans are more likely to watch television than engage in any other activity.”

Our top three activities are working, sleeping, and watching television (or screen time).

“A wave of new social science research shows that the quality of shows can influence us in important ways, shaping our thinking and political preferences, even affecting our cognitive ability.”

What we watch shapes and molds our thoughts, emotions, and political affiliations. It even affects our critical thinking skills. Our television, or technology, is controlling us. It controls our likes and dislikes and who we will vote for as it dumbs us down for our masters and overlords.

“In this so-called golden age of television, some critics have pointed out that the best of the form is equivalent to the most enriching novels. And high-quality programming for children can be educational. But the latest evidence also suggests there can be negative consequences to our abundant watching, particularly when the shows are mostly entertainment.”

It’s the golden age of brainwashing, I mean television.

Think of how we have dumbed down most of the younger generation by putting them in front of television and technology to use as babysitters or teaching them through the programs they are receiving and absorbing.

“The harm seems to come not so much from the content itself but from the fact that it replaces more enlightening ways of spending time.” (5)

Content is crucial, as the NY Times article has already explained.

What movies, television series, books, and social media are people using, especially for this article and its supporting evidence of how women are programmed to be unsatisfied in every aspect of their lives?

By hijacking the unconscious part of the brain, I would also say that content can brainwash and plant ideas, ideologies, and behavior deep down in a person’s belief system. This is the programming and conditioning happening to Americans, specifically women, right now.

The Cognitive Triangle: Thoughts, Emotions and Behavior

The globalists have hijacked our culture, and Americans are so distracted they don’t even realize this is happening under their noses.

Culture Warfare

They are winning the Class Warfare, which I would bet most of humanity and Americans don’t even realize there is a war going on.

The Educational System is essential to maintaining a healthy culture for our God-given rights. Still, it can be overturned against American principles as a counter-revolution to dumb Americans down to “be selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.” This plays right into the hands of the globalists in the religion of consumerism and creates dumbed-down slaves for their prison planet.

The focus of the globalists is to turn humanity into selfish, prideful, narcissistic animals.

“As women, we are selfish. We are self-centered, and we are manipulative.”

“I’ve learned about myself as a woman, and working with other women we are not good at keeping our word and following through with our word. We lack integrity and we lack character with ourselves. Think about it for the women watching and who are open to hearing my message. Think about how poorly we keep our word to ourselves. When we say, we’re going to do something when we say we’re going to change something in our lives, or we’re going to do something differently. We don’t keep our word to ourselves. We’re the first person to break our own promises, too. So how are we supposed to follow through with our husbands or a partner to keep our word to them?”

If you are in a relationship, should you have a backup plan?

Dr. Romie Mushtaq speaks about the term backup boyfriend.

“More than half of women who are married, and categorized themselves as happily married have a back-up plan.”

“It means you have someone on the back burner.”

“The problem is social media has just made it too easy to have such a type of behavior.”

2014 I fell victim to this back-burner boyfriend when my ex married the man on standby. Social media allows this to happen secretly and behind the spouse’s back.

Sadia Khan explains:

“Everybody seems disposable. You can quickly send a message to somebody else. You can quickly move on. You can quickly post a picture and new people will come into your DMS. So, there is no motivation to make things work when they get tricky. So that’s why on social media hasn’t been ideal for relationships.”

As women, we are selfish. We are self-centered, and we are manipulative.

Happily married women have backup boyfriends, which has risen from 50% to 70% from 2014 to 2024.

We return to Karyn Steitz.

“You never believe a woman’s story in her marriage. The amount of times that I have gotten sucked into a woman’s story. We are so manipulative. We know how to dramatize and exaggerate the circumstances and experiences in the marriage to suck someone in to feel sorry for us to validate us in our victim story.”

“What’s his side of the story?”

It’s just like, it would almost be blasphemy to not believe some of the things a woman says.”

Lori Gottlieb conducted a study asking women whether they would be happy if they got 80% of everything they wanted in their ideal mate. Women responded by saying, “No,” that is “settling.”

Men were thrilled with 80% and considered it a “catch.”

Men and women were asked about a deal breaker for going on a second date.

Men were concerned with three things. She had to be cute enough; she didn’t have to look like Angelina Jolie. She needed to be warm, kind, and engaging to talk to.

The women returned with 300 things to rule out a guy for a second date.

Another toxic seed that has invaded and is crumbling the foundation of marriage is the saying, “Happy wife, Happy life.”

While at my wedding, I had an uncle share that advice with everyone. Of course, we all laughed, but I believe this toxic advice permeates our culture. This is one-sided and falls into Stage 1 of Dr. Paul Jenkins’s moral model. This falls in line with being selfish, narcissistic, and morally wrong.

As my ex would say, “I deserve to be happy.” What an entitled word, concept, and behavior to think, say, and act out. A Happy Spouse insinuates service toward each other.

“Peter Hitchens recently addressed that issue. Writing in the Daily Mail, Hitchens suggests that the great quest for equality and liberation birthed in the sixties spread farther than we may have desired. To be logically consistent, he implies, we must allow the freedom and liberation which that era advanced to extend to other areas of life, breaking down traditional safeguards and manners in the process:”

“[M]any of those who claim to seek female equality have another, much fiercer objective. They actually see men as the enemy, the ‘patriarchy’, to be overthrown by all means necessary, and replaced by a feminised society.”

Unfortunately, our society and culture are permeated with hate in many forms by a segment of people who control all the levers of society. The globalists are trying and have turned people against each other. We can’t fall into this trap.

Their divide-and-conquer strategy is working. They have reached a critical nerve by getting modern women (who are under their spell) to hate men to justify the destruction of society and are on the road to their demise and destruction by a form of suicide.

“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” — Genesis 2:18

Humanity loses as this agenda moves forward as we slide deeper into bondage. At the same time, our overlords collect more power, wealth, and souls to add to their collection of prisoners and human guinea pigs to experiment on with everything from A to Z.

The sad part is that globalists control the Feminist movement, the Marxist movement, and all of these movements that are attacking and destroying our culture. The globalists can control all of these movements by stirring people up in their emotional rage and financing them. Once they can get people to play on their emotions, the globalists and their cronies have their hooks in them and can control them like puppets.

(1) The Gospel of Consumption & The Globalist Agenda Programs Humanity To Be Unhappy By Their Religion of Consumption

(2) M. Russell Ballard

(3) What kind of person doesn’t keep their promise?

(4) Welcome to Prison Planet: Slaves R Us And What We Can Do About on a Personal Level

(5) You Are What You Watch? The Social Effects of TV

(6) Why Men and Women Can No Longer Be Friends

* Karyn Steitz is anti-feminist, not in the “women should have no rights” way, but in the “modern feminism and the ideologies it teaches and attitude it encourages is ruining your relationships and marriages” type of way.


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