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Culture War: Loyalists vs Revolutionaries (Self-Anointed and Woke) (part 2)

In the days of pre-1776, the colonists ideology of breaking away from England and the King were considered to be akin to “domestic terrorism” in today’s terminology. Their ideas to that of England and the Tories, who were loyal to the King and those men/women of a certain mindset and ideology of the self-appointed anointed culture in the government seats operating in a feudal system .

It was considered to be similar to crony capitalism of today, and may have been called Corporate England (compare to Corporate America) of their day.

The government operating system and those devoted to it and the king would have been considered Loyalist at the time. The founding generation, would have been considered the rebels, the minority and the Declaration of Independence ideology would have been considered revolutionaries.

Once the Declaration of Independence was declared and the War of Independence was won. The script was flipped and the Americans would have been considered and replaced the Loyalists at that time and up through our current day.

This is to simplify and help understand in concept along with an extension of Culture War: Loyalists vs Revolutionaries (part 1) and where we are today. Of course there is more to this, that we all need to research and study ourselves.

There are three pillars of the current Loyalists:

  • 1 – God’s Laws and how he made all men equal and gave them the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The main business of government is to protect these rights and if a government tries to withhold these rights, the people are free to revolt and to set up a new officers in government that will uphold these conditions of maintaining a free country.
  • 2 – Objective Truth found in the Bible in helping Americans understand good and evil.
  • 3 – The individual, families and sacrifice to be vigilant to maintain the knowledge, wisdom and application to these pillars.

What we learn is how the current Revolutionaries are attacking the founding principles of the Country, including God, family and the current Loyalists society and culture.

We learn from an interview with Thomas Sowell in 1995 by Roger Ailes of where the Revolutionaries started to take hold and root in America’s institutions to transform her into where we are today and the direction of refeudalization, wokeness and Cultural Marxism.

Roger Ailes, asks a question:

“The vision of the anointed. Now that’s a, that’s an interesting title. Who are the anointed?”

Thomas Sowell answers the question:

“They are the Elite and the media in politics. All of those who think that third parties ought to be making people’s decisions for them. The subtitle is self-congratulation as a basis for social policy. In other words, people who think that everything is wrong with the country is due to the fact that other people are just not as smart as they are and if only they could, you know or people like them, could take over and our decisions. We’d be so much better off.”

In essence, the majority of American’s are not intelligent enough to decide what it good for their lives. We are being coerced into believing we need a political class. American’s need to be parented by the nanny state and the self-appointed anointed. This is why even adults as in parenting can’t be deemed trustworthy, and the State is all about taking over being parents to our own children. Americans are no longer smart enough to make decisions, so we need the “Elite” to do it for us.

Roger Ailes asks another question from the video:

“In the early America didn’t this sort of educated class make the decisions for everybody?”

I would conclude that the majority of Americans were living under the British Crown feudal system and was conditioned to this norm. This new ideology found in the Declaration of Independence was the new “norm” and started to sweep through the country to replace, mold and shape the new culture as it caught on in local communities for self-governance under the pillars of the new Loyalist ideology. Once, people understood this new philosophy, men and women were prepared for self-governance to replace this “educated class” as America and her people rose up in being very educated themselves. It replaced the top-down agenda with the bottom-up approach, giving the responsibilities to families and local communities in a republic, rather than everything originates and is enforced from and overreaching National government.

Thomas Sowell answered:

“As far as governmental decision, but the government itself didn’t make, uh, the decisions for everyone. Now, uh, you know, you can’t decide where your kid’s going to school.”

“The government decides too many things. They decide also how your children will be raised. You may have an idea about what age children should be introduced to sex and what manner. With what kind of moral commitment.”

“The schools have taken that over, by the time you even think about it. They’ve already had years . . . they’re showing motion pictures of naked couples engaging in sex, both homosexual and heterosexual in the seventh grade. If you complain about it, that’s considered to be censorship.”

This self-anointed mindset and top-down attitude has infiltrated into the school system and targets parents as being the problem and the barrier between indoctrinating the children to the revolutionaries ideology, perspective and system in direct competition to the Loyalist system. A civil war for the minds and hearts of our children are taking place in the school system and because parents and children don’t understand, or are ignorant to the culture war taking place, they are unknowingly, allowing the enemy to indoctrinate and teach philosophy that is alien, oppressive and un-American that will lead to a new feudal way of life.

Dr. Turley interjects his thought and insights, saying how this interview of Thomas Sowell, was 30 years ago and we had been given ample warning.

“. . . like an ominous warning of what was to come. The anointed have forged a social order today, that scholars call refeudalization. It’s a term that refers to the ways in which the structure of our society is increasingly reflecting the kind of social structure that characterized the feudal Middle Ages.”

A new social order of re-feudalization is and has taken place.

“So for example, today like then, we have an astonishing concentration of wealth and power. Where very, very few people control pretty much everything. Five years ago, about 400 billionaires owned half of the world’s assets. Today that number has dropped to just a hundred billionaires.”

In just five years, the concentration of wealth and power has gone from 400 to 100 billionaires. This is a Corporatocracy, oligarcy, and feudalism.

“So you have this tremendous concentration of wealth and power. Where bureaucrats and billionaires are teaming up to create a top-down governance structure.”

This is cronyism,

as a return on money amassed through collusion between a business class and the political class. This is often achieved by the manipulation of relationships with state power by business interests rather than unfettered competition in obtaining permits, government grants, tax breaks, or other forms of state intervention over resources where business interests exercise undue influence over the state’s deployment of public goods, for example, mining concessions for primary commodities or contracts for public works.”

Dr. Turley continues in the interview and describes wokeism:

“And next to that we’re seeing the rise of a comparable kind of religious fundamentalism, but of course the fundamentalism, today involved whole things woke. The environment, gender, race, LGBT, but the key here is, like with religious fundamentalism as it were. There is simply no room for dissent. Dissenters are Heretics and instead of a clerical class enforcing the new Dogma. It’s a claricy class. A class of pseudo-intellectuals from the universities, the professions, the media, the credentialed class that are imposing an ideological Inquisition on the whole of the population.”

If the Loyalists, do not accept the Revolutionaries way of thinking, then they will be isolated and excommunicated from society and no longer be able to be part of everyday life. Could it be worse than just excommunication?

“What we are seeing today is how big business and big government, billionaires and bureaucrats, along with ideologically propagating Legacy Media. They’re all teaming up together to create a singular system under which we all have to live, whether we want to or not.”

Most if not all of the institutions that can flip and change society and culture has been infiltrated and taken over by the Revolutionaries. They are forcing a new “normal” on Americans and even the world into a “singular system” we all have to live under.

Returning to Thomas Sowell, interview. Roger Ailes makes a statement on his observation on the 1960’s anointed mindset.

“They think they’re better than everybody else.”

Thomas Sowell replies:

“Absolutely, there’s no question. . . that’s what makes them dangerous. . . . the policies that I mentioned, there 20 years from now, those policies may not be the policies we’re concerned about, but that mindset will still be there and what makes them tremendously dangerous is that facts that contradict what they believe are simply ignored or evaded.”

It’s this mindset that makes them dangerous. Anyone who challenges or contradicts their agenda or system are ignored, evaded and even attacked.

Roger Ailes asks about when and how did the government “get off the track”, by not honoring and applying the original intent of the Constitution by allowing the federal government to make the countries decisions for them, instead of the bottom-up approach.

“Where did this country get off the track and decide that the federal government should make most of our decisions?”

Thomas Sowell talks about the New Deal with Franklin Roosevelt as where some of the seeds started, but where it really started to gain ground was in the 1960’s, “the Golden Age” as the anointed mindset solidified to take hold of our government and institutions.

“Well, it started to some extent in the New Deal, but I think the 1960’s is sort of the Golden Age, if you want to put it that way of this whole mindset . . . policy after policy those who think a certain way will try to take over other people’s decisions.”

This mindset and attitude was all about taking away people’s free will, choices and decisions which is our Liberty and freedom and replace it with overlords of regional feudalism.

Dr. Turley continues with his insights on what Thomas Sewell said:

“The 1960’s are a key decade here, because that’s the decade when really, we being to see the influence of an academic movement known as the Frankfurt School. Which was a group of European academics, who came over to the United States to escape Hitler, but brought their cultural Marxist ideas to the American University.”

The Frankfort School with connections to Marxism started to infiltrate the United States.

“It was really in the 60’s when those ideas began to flourish in universities across the nation and at the heart of the Frankfurt school’s ideology is this notion of critical theory.”

The Universities became their tool to launch their agenda and ideology as a war on America by using education as indoctrination by teaching children and adults what to think, instead of how to think.

Which teaches students how to supposedly expose everything in our culture from our College, politics, to our economics to our entertainment, our fashion, you name it as inherently racist, sexist and homophobic.”

The Revolutionaries are planting these thoughts and ideas in the new generations minds to make the people dependent upon their overlords, instead of being able to solve their own problems by way of communication, but instead they throw temper tantrums, cry foul and runaway to their echo chambers and comfort zone as they stunt their growth and remain immature and stunted in their emotional state of Peter Pan Syndrome. (Culture War – What Values Have Been Taught To Our Children?)

“That’s the key to wokeness. Wokeness in effect recasts everything in society as comprised of two groups of people. An oppressor group and an oppressed group.”

There is an oppressor and oppressed group. The Loyalists and their ideology were thrown into the oppressors group, while the Revolutionaries appointed and anointed themselves as the protectors of the oppressed groups. Turning them into the victim mentality by way of coercion of their minds through their emotions, mental state and subconscious in targeting anyone and everyone. The heads of these groups are charlatan’s, Dr. Turley tells us, they are in it for themselves in “‘the Grievance Industry’. Proponents of grievance claim to be the ones who stand up for and defend the victims, the oppressed in society. But the reality is that grievance politics, they’re all about enriching the activists, the activist Elite. Grievance politics do little to nothing for those whom the activist Elites supposedly represent.”

It’s all about plundering for money and agenda to change and flip the government where the seats are held by the Revolutionaries on a world scale. The weapon is to turn everyone against each other from any angle of dividing and opening up and tearing the differences wide-open from being petty to that of actually hating each other as they overlap and layer upon each other.

“Target Audience (TA) is an individual or group selected for influence or attack by means of psychological operations.” TAs can be based on gender, position in a family [fathers, mothers, order of birth, etc.], tribal connections, political affiliations, religious background, economic standing, regional areas, age, military affiliation, occupation, educational background, and anything else that lumps people into a group.” (4)

It is being done by a coalition of victim mentality groups who are headed by the Revolutionaries (Marxists) and those belonging to the agitators and criminals who have taken hold of key positions in “an overreaching federal government, an out-of-control security state, a weaponized media, and corporate and social media titans“ that have been weaponized against the Loyalists in all aspects of life. Through their distractions and lies, they are able to achieve their agenda.

Dr. Turley explains more about their indoctrination in the schools:

We know who belongs to which group based on our race, our gender and our sexual orientation. Eventually, critical theory entered into our K-12 classrooms through the broader notion of what’s called critical pedagogy, from which we get things like CRT, critical race theory, but that developed into all kinds of applications. Critical gender theory, and eventually critical sex theory.”

The self-anointed leaves no stone unturned as they construct more and more ways for division and hate in order to consolidate power for the Revolutionaries.

In another video, Dr. Turley points out:

“They have accumulated total power over every one of our cultural institutions and it took them like 60 to 70 years to do it. That power accumulated over decades and it’s not going to be rolled back over night. But keep in mind . . . the cultural Marxist left remained undaunted and un-phased in their quest to seize control of every single cultural institution in our nation and they did it. They are not going to let go over night, but they are unraveling. They are falling apart, precisely, because leftism is built on victimhood.”

The Revolutionaries have taken over “our cultural institutions” by way of gradualism, the weapon of choice of the Fabian Socialist/society.

“If you belong to the victim group, you belong to the cultural Marxist left, right. That’s what they’ve convinced every victim group of and so they’ve succeeded in amassing a coalition of groups, whose only relation to each other is their shared identity victimhood.”

The Marxist are preying on those who feel like they are outcasts and no one cares about them. The Marxist come along and are able to prey on their insecurities to get them to join in with other “victims” and oppressed individuals to manipulate and organize them into an army of pawns to go up against the Loyalists.

They’re the underdog story and it creates sympathy, neutralizes and disarms the Loyalist. Any one who opposes the pawns or “victims“, they are isolated and made out to be the enemy with lacking in compassion along with being uncaring for their fellow-men. The narrative to stand-up against the “victim mentality” looks and feels like political, emotional, and mental suicide, so people are not willing to put their heads on the chopping block.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers (media) will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” — Malxom X

To stand-up against, this “victimhood” the Loyalists are the bullies and the one’s that are being mean, pushing the anointed agenda closer to the end game of human destruction by using the pawns as a shield to hide their insidious agenda. The anointed will discard their coalition as soon as they are of no use to them anymore.

“What happens when some achieve political and cultural power?”

“They stop seeing themselves as victims and they lose their common identity. Once they lose their common identity, these groups inevitably start turning on each other and the whole thing unravels.”

The groups will start to infight once they achieve their political and cultural power.

(1) Culture War: Loyalists vs Revolutionaries (part 1)

(2) Declaration of Independence Key Facts “The Declaration of Independence states three basic ideas: (1) God made all men equal and gave them the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; (2) the main business of government is to protect these rights; (3) if a government tries to withhold these rights, the people are free to revolt and to set up a new government.”

(2) Thomas Sowell on the Origins of Woke – MIND BLOWING!!! By Dr. Steve Turley

(3) Woke Teachers FREAK OUT as Students Chant ‘My Pronouns Are USA!’

(4) Why Americans need to know about 5th Generational Warfare


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