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The Power of Music: It is a Tool & It’s Been Weaponized For Mind Control & Brainwashing By Globalists

When we are born as a human infant, we are sponges, absorbing, consuming, inhaling, and ingesting physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually everything that surrounds us in those fields of what makes up a person. (1)

We are an empty and clean canvas as our environment and experiences splash different colors of negative, positive, or neutral characters, traits, personalities, biases, opinions, traditions, and beliefs on our autobiography and portrait of life.

“Let us suppose the mind to be, as we say, a tabula rasa (white paper), void of all characters, without any ideas: -How comes it to be furnished? Whence comes it by that vast store which the busy boundless fancy of man has painted on it with an almost endless variety? Whence has it all the MATERIALS of reason and knowledge? To this I answer, in one word, from EXPERIENCE. In that all our knowledge is founded; and from that it ultimately derives itself. Our observation employed with, about external sensible objects, or about the internal operations of our minds perceived and reflected on by ourselves, is that which supplies our understanding with all the MATERIALS of thinking. These two are the fountains of knowledge, from whence all the ideas we have, or can naturally have, do spring.” (2)

As we grow and mature in those fields, we constantly absorb everything in our environment from external sources from our home life, such as family: father, mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. As we branch out into making friends, they will affect us and their family culture. Our community, from schools and churches to hobbies, will also have a consuming effect.

The lack of these things will also tremendously affect our growth and maturity.

“We are all products of our environment; every person we meet, every new experience or adventure, every book we read, touches and changes us, making us the unique being we are.” (3)

Many tools can influence and splash ideas and emotions on our canvas and life portrait. There are venues of influence such as television, the internet, social media, movies, books, people, and music. They have the power to inject, inflict, implant, ingest, and introduce seeds into our minds as thoughts and emotions to create habits to control our choices and behavior.

In essence, suggestion allows the programming and hijacking of The Cognitive Triangle, the mind. This is mind control and brainwashing.

In several articles (4), we have dived into The Cognitive Triangle, which is how thought and emotions control one’s behavior. To understand, recognize, and be conscious of The Cognitive Triangle, one has to take the time, energy, and desire to be aware of what it is and how one’s thoughts and emotions can be conditioned, trained and even hijacked and programmed by external forces.

We must be very protective and proactive on what we let into The Cognitive Triangle. We must set up intentional defenses to catch and analyze what we let into our minds. We need to live intentionally and on purpose to combat the external and internal programming we have been constantly bombarded and flung on our life’s canvas.

The main external force we want to cover is music. It is a tool, like a screwdriver, hammer, knife, car, or gun. It is used by an individual or collective who has an agenda to build for themselves and others or the power to destroy or control through coercion and weaponizing the venues of information as they flow through mass communication channels.

“Music is the tool people tend to resort to when they feel specific emotions and experience some states of mind, like anger, happiness, sadness, anxiety and excitement. People listen to music because of its relaxing effect – it has been scientifically proven the power exerted by music on the human brain, which may be stimulated to produce dopamine – but scarce attention has been devoted so far to what we could name the “weaponisation of music”.” (5)

The Globalists want to be the ruling so-called elites who have been consolidating all of their wealth and influence into controlling the masses by way of mass communication to distract us from seeing why we are becoming poorer and less free. They are purposely sending us down the wrong rabbit holes and giving us red herrings to chase to focus our attention away from the real enemies and culprits who are gradually stealing our property and building our own prisons of debt and bondage over generations of dumbed down and distracted Americans and humans.

I would say it is safe to say that the Music Industry has been weaponized to assist in molding our culture to bend our knees to the super-wealthy, 1%, and Global Elite in their culture and class warfare (6)(7). The music industry, like the military-industrial complex, is now owned, controlled, and weaponized to use against humanity to destroy the culture standing in the way of complete world domination.

“Music . . . some scientists and sociologists are starting to argue – can be a powerful instrument of mind control, whose power stems from the fact of being apparently harmless.” (5)

At first glimpse, music seems to be “harmless” and therefore overlooked as being something powerful enough to be suggestive in our thoughts and emotions to the point of being an “instrument of mind control” and conditioning.

Even in Latin America, they are up against the same issues America faces with the same results and outcomes. No matter where in the world, if the lyrics are demeaning and promote moral decay, it will affect the culture, society, and upbringing of the younger generation worldwide and play into the hands of the Globalists.

“Latin America is being observed the birth and spread of anti-reggaeton movements, led by social and political activists claiming that reggaeton is having a very negative impact on Latino people in terms of social conduct, values, morality and even intelligence.” (5)

The seeds of weaponizing music and the lyrics have harmed and damaged the upcoming generations. All over the world, people are observing and experiencing the same effects, whether it is called “reggaeton” or America’s equivalent of our pop culture. They have normalized toxic masculinity, adultery, sexual objectification, demeaning and degrading humanity from A to Z.

Reggaeton and its surrogates, indeed, do exalt toxic masculinity, adultery and sexual objectification – and the way of life promoted by their female and male artists seems to show they like doing what they preach. . . . ” (5)

Vice sales are more than virtue, and the players, from the writers to performers to the powerful, rich 1% to 10% super wealthy class that own the studios, are making money while spreading their influence and destruction. At the same time, they have weaponized the music industry similarly to all other industries.

The results being produced are being observed and experienced by society. Those listening to this type of music are showing “increasing cognitive impairment,” along with “drug addiction, depression, lack of self-esteem,” and “attachment to material things.”

These combinations have a vicious, repetitive, and symbiotic relationship to feed into the consumer and consolidated organized criminal syndicate schemes to continue to destroy what is good in society and make money as our culture deteriorates and transfers individual control and freedoms into another person’s hands and slides closer to neo-feudalism and tyranny model.

“. . . people who listen too much reggaeton, that is on a daily or weekly basis let’s say, show levels of increasing cognitive impairment which is manifested in higher drug-addiction, depression, lack of self-esteem, attachment to material things, and so on.” (5)

In essence, the music industry is dumbing humanity down and causing them to count on external objects to distract them from the misery and bondage.

“You walk into a bar and music is thumping. All heads are bobbing and feet tapping in synchrony. Somehow the rhythmic sound grabs control of the brains of everyone in the room forcing them to operate simultaneously and perform the same behaviors in synchrony.” (8)

The description is how people are taken over by the music.

“How is this possible? Is this unconscious mind control by rhythmic sound only driving our bodily motions, or could it be affecting deeper mental processes?” (8)

The unconscious mind is being controlled, driving the body, and “affecting” the deeper mental processes. It is brainwashing.

“. . . the unconscious mind is defined as a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that outside of conscious awareness.” (9)

Here, we can see how the unconscious mind is one of impulses, habits, feelings, thoughts, biases, opinions, beliefs, and traditions.

“Within this understanding, most of the contents of the unconscious are considered unacceptable or unpleasant, such as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict.” (9)

Unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings can potentially cause a number of problems including: Anger, Bias, Compulsive behavior, Difficult social interactions, Distress, Relationship problems.” (10)


As we understand and apply the concepts of brainwashing, we can see how music can penetrate deep into the unconscious mind, reducing people’s ability to think critically and independently while replacing new, unknown, and unwanted thoughts, emotions, and ideas in people’s minds. This will change people’s attitudes, values, and beliefs.

“The mystery runs deeper than previously thought, according to psychologist Annett Schirmer reporting new findings today at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in New Orleans. Rhythmic sound “not only coordinates the behavior of people in a group, it also coordinates their thinking—the mental processes of individuals in the group become synchronized.”” (8)

We can see how music has the power “to tap into brain circuits controlling emotion and movement.”

“This finding extends the well-known power of music to tap into brain circuits controlling emotion and movement, to actually control the brain circuitry of sensory perception.” (8)


“This statement, made decades ago, rings true even prior to its existence and even today. It’s based on a scientific fact. Music has an empowering influence on anybody who comes in contact with it. It can be negative or positive. Music itself cannot be blamed as it’s in human nature to misuse and abuse powerful things in a way that is profitable, convenient and suitable for the abuser.” (11)

“Music is like a knife, you cannot blame the knife for the actions of the one using it. The knife can be used to cut the fruit or to take a life.” (11)

“The source of today’s trending music is considered as a major concern. Have the musical celebrities that are worshipped by the young and old across the globe, sold their souls . . . “ (11)

“Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the laws of the State always change with them.” — Plato (11)


Plato is telling us that music is dangerous to the state of mind.

As the modes, method, way, and tones of octaves and variations change, so do our mood, temperament, and disposition. It will affect our attitude, emotions, and feelings as well as our temperament, attitude, and mindset.

Music can create the power of mind control, manipulate, and brainwash when listened to regularly, and “on a daily or weekly basis let’s say, show levels of increasing cognitive impairment which is manifested in higher drug-addiction, depression, lack of self-esteem, attachment to material things.”(5)

It will have a “very negative impact on . . . people in terms of social conduct, values, morality, and even intelligence”(5) as it penetrates into the unconscious mind, inhibiting our critical thinking and replacing new and unwanted thoughts, ideas, and emotions into the populaces minds as change agents. This will affect the population’s attitudes, values, and beliefs in exalting toxic masculinity, adultery, and sexual objectification in our culture.

If this is not mind control and brainwashing, I don’t know what is. Songs will place ideas in people’s minds, and people build lives around suggestions.

Do your own research, listen to the words of the songs, and tell me what they are talking about. They can control our moods and emotions, hijack our thoughts, and influence our behavior by acting out of impulse.

When I was younger, I would have called BS to what I said, probably to justify my listening to the music. But now that I have experienced life in many different fields as a police officer and now in the therapeutic field, human behavior, and psychological field, and especially as a father, I can see it more and more as it generally and specifically promotes violence, sex, drugs, and everything in between.

This information creates profits and drives ideas to the younger generation. You can bet the Globalists and all their associates understand the power of music and will use it to their advantage, which is to gain power and control.

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