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Natalie Cline: Exonerated? Justice? Apology?

Finally, Utahns can have some closure in regard to the fate of USBE Board member Natalie Cline. We continued asking the question through a series of articles.

Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board (Part 1Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 & Part5)

Iron County News started covering the situation when we came across the statement by the USBE leadership, (1)

It appeared the USBE leaderships narrative was not making sense. We continued asking questions on why this investigation was happening in the first place.

We theorized a number of reasons why the investigation was taking place with the USBE leadership:

  • Mountain from a molehill
  • USBE Board member, Christina Boggess “purported investigation into member Cline’s” and there were “no official Board Communications” at the time of the statement
  • A Quorum” could be formulating for further action
  • It seems very sinister and lacking transparency to all involved, especially leaving out USBE members, if that is the case within the organization
  • Are we seeing a public humiliation against Natalie Cline?
  • Wordsmithing
  • They will tell you the “truth” of their agenda by leaving out words and using “double meanings” by rearranging their sentences in order to convince the public they are either the best candidate or to follow their hidden agenda of Tyranny.
  • We were suspicious that this is due to trying to rein Cline in and its all about going along to get along. I see her as challenging the leadership by not toeing the linefalling in line or getting with the program and not conforming to their way of thinking.
  • The truth will continue to come out as we follow this fishing expedition and inquisition looking for an excuse to censor, inhibit and punish Natalie Cline for not conforming to the leadership values (what are their values?)
  • We learn that the “USBE statement” has been “premature at best,” as it seems someone has put the Cart Before the Horse 
  • If the investigation is being conducted by a quorum, I worry it would only show a head-hunting excursion by a hand-picked body of men and women conforming with the values and agenda of the leadership.
  • We learned “two USBE Internal Audit Reports . . . indicate no evidence of wrongdoing regarding allegations that my comments violated Board Policy . . . or Board Bylaws, including claims that I placed board staff or individuals at risk for harm, incited or encouraged violence, promoted inaccurate information, or defamed staff or individuals.”
  • There is this persistent premonition that this witch hunt is nothing short of the metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of blaming the bearer of bad news by way of “don’t kill the messenger.”
  • From our findings, we have not been able to get to an actual concrete violation, but determined the issue at hand has been politically and emotionally driven and charged from the beginning of the Witch Hunt.

Our strongest hypothesis was how the leadership appeared to be following the path of Lawfare:


It appears, the USBE leadership is now hiding behind the whole of the organization Utah State Board of Education by telling the public how they “regret that inaccurate statements regarding the investigation and preliminary analysis in this matter during the confidential investigation led to premature conclusions and speculation regarding Board action.”

Is this the best apology the leadership can offer? The attitude we are assessing from the voices of parents and concerned citizens is, this will not cut it. The public demands answers to why Natalie Cline was targeted, suffered severe attacks and character assassination on her name and reputation. This is exactly the outcome and design of Lawfare.

An investigation needs to take place in regard to the reason why Natalie was targeted. When this additional investigation is concluded, then we will have to evaluate what needs to be done. If wrongdoing is determined, then look at all the options on the table.

Another investigation needs to take place in regard to what Natalie Cline’s claims that is taking place in the school system. Iron County News supports and chimes in with the allegations happening to our children. The curriculum is un-healthy and un-American. Once this investigation is concluded, then we will evaluate what needs to be done in its stead and make the changes to put American back on the correct path.

Natalie Cline needs a proper apology and justice. This USBE statement should be the beginning of the initial assessment into something bigger and more revealing with substance rather than what appears to be shallow and superficial.

(1) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 1) and Utah State Board of Education member Natalie Cline under board investigation

(2) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 2)


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  1. Lawfare = misusing the justice system as a weapon in political warfare. They are doing it to President Trump. It’s a leftist tactic. Best solution? Show them you won’t let them get away with it.

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