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Natalie Cline’s Tribunal Has Been Set For Monday, July 31st

In our current series on Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). We have attempted to chip away at this multi-layered muddied water narrative by asking questions from different angles in order to peel back the veneer to get the root of the issue.

From our findings, we have not been able to get to an actual concrete violation, but determined the issue at hand has been politically and emotionally driven and charged from the beginning of the Witch Hunt.

From Facebook, we learn that Natalie’s end to the inquisition and tribunal been set for Monday, July 31st, 2023.

As stated before in a previous article:


Natalie posted:

(1) & (2)

Apparently, this did not satisfy the leadership, as they continue to press forward with their own metaphoric phrase of headhunting used to describe their thirst for blood from a non-conformist board member, who is protecting American values and principles while exposing the dangerous seeds of the Left and woke agenda as a Trojan Horse.

Facebook post:

It appears that the USBE leadership is ignorant of this radical cultural shift taking place or they are complicit and covering for the Trojan Horse as they make an example out of Natalie by pursuing the figurate, “kill the messenger,” by a metaphorical practice of “off with one’s head.”

In reality, the USBE is violating their own Oath of Office (3) by not investigating the allegations of the anti-American materials in not pursuing the “message,” but instead rebuking, Natalie, the “messenger,” in seeking punitive, retaliatory and vindictive measures of censorship of “freedom of speech”.

With all that has gone down, we don’t trust the USBE to do a thorough examination into the matter at hand. Are they showing their true colors? “One’s true or honest beliefs, thoughts, convictions, biases, desires, etc.; one’s real personality, character, or disposition.” Their actions or lack of actions, show no concern for investigating the woke educational material, while headhunting the vanguard.


We do DECLARE and DEMAND to allow for an independent investigation into the educational material to determine what Natalie Cline is alleging. After the independent examination is completed, then allow the chips to fall where they may.

Let’s have a fair and American leaning investigation into the material:


On the surface and from where I am sitting, we only have one out of fifteen elected officials doing their job by performing their task and honoring their Oath of Office by investigating and reporting back to their constituents the dangerous woke dogma our children are facing in the schools.

What Natalie is doing is what every elected official should be doing, but it appears they aren’t. What a shame that they aren’t doing what we elected them to do by studying and researching the policies and ideology being put out there, and returning to the We the People to decide and tell our representatives what direction we want for our present and future by comparing it to the past. Instead, we appear to be under Rulers Law instead of People’s Law

Thank you, Natalie for honoring your Oath and understanding American principles and trying to wake-up those who are indifferent and apathetic to what is happening in our own beloved State. We need more elected officials to stand-up and honor their Oath to un-American authoritarianism, and tyranny from local, state and national arenas.

(1) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (3)

(2) State Board of Education member Natalie Cline says she’s in the clear, USBE disagrees

(3) Utah Oath of Office

(4) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 1)


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  1. It’s more than high time to get off the couch people and get involved with these issues while you still can, they only reason these left wing fanatic liberals are getting by with their woke agendas is because you are all too passive or afraid to confront them. Speak up now and support this brave Lady, she is doing what you elected her to do or forever hold your complaining.

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