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Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (2)

“We must admit that our opponents in this argument have a marked advantage over us. They need only a few words to set forth a half-truth; whereas, in order to show that it is a half-truth, we have to resort to long and arid dissertations.” (1)

Disclaimer: We will be resorting to “long and arid dissertations,” in order to question and attempt to understand what is happening at the Utah State School Board; to see if the USBE is setting forth half-truths in order to humiliate, demean and degrade Natalie Cline in an attempt to gaslight and silence her from stirring up the public to see what is behind our educational system.

There are 15 elected representatives serving on the Utah State Board of Education (2). One of the board members, Natalie Cline is presently under investigation for alleged issues. Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 1).

While writing the first article, I came across a statement by another USBE Board member, Christina Boggess on July 18th.

For this article I would like to analyze, inspect and study what has been said by Christina. It appears there has been some confusion and muddied waters happening within the USBE. It appears to be on purpose to make a mountain from a molehill.

As time goes by, there will be more information that will come to light, and we will be able to understand more fully what is happening as the USBE stops muddying the waters with layers and layers of trumped-up violations.

“Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.” — Lao Tzu

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.” — Alan Watts

In returning to Christina Boggess statement, we want to compare the information that has been thrown out to the public so far.

“To the best of my knowledge, any purported investigation into member Cline’s alleged actions has neither commenced nor concluded. I have received no official Board Communications confirming the former or the latter.” (3)

Christina reports no “investigation” has been started or finished and “no official Board Communications” has been received. But yet, the news by way of KSL and FOX have reported an investigation is underway.

There is another angle in which this investigation could be happening, behind the scenes.

That would be in the form of a quorum. By contacting and organizing 8 of the 15 members into a legal quorum, and then perform the investigation leaving the other members in the dark.

“A Quorum of an assembly is such a number as must be present in order that business can be legally transacted. The quorum refers to the number present, not to the number voting.” (4)

If this is the case, then I would question why this is happening. It seems very sinister and lacking transparency to all involved, especially leaving out USBE members, if that is the case within the organization.

Are we seeing a public humiliation against Natalie Cline? According to Mel Gibson, “If you ask most people, what is their number one fear . . . public humiliation.” (13) I would be inclined to believe this is exactly what is happening to Cline.

I worry that another well crafted strategy we are seeing is wordsmithing (5):

“One with the ability to effortlessly string together words, no matter their actual meaning . . . “

“Someone who tells the truth, but in doing so they leave out words, use double meanings, rearrange sentence. To make the listener believe it is something it is not.

Our society is filled with elected officials who are excellent wordsmiths. They will tell you the “truth” of their agenda by leaving out words and using “double meanings” by rearranging their sentences in order to convince the public they are either the best candidate or to follow their hidden agenda of Tyranny.

Usually by omitting values or principles or generalizing, it will show the direction they are taking our nation by way of tyranny or ignorance, which can lead to tyranny as well.

We must understand the concepts of tyranny and liberty. We must constantly compare each vote, action and intentions of our elected officials to what their conduct and directions are driving us toward. Each vote from their overall behavior will tell We the People the desired results of each person by the gradual approach of either tyranny or liberty based on a sliding scale.

In todays world, it is not safe anymore to rely on the two-party system. For example, people will say they are a Republican, but they have no intentions of following the platform; they follow the lines of a socialistic agenda, which are on the lines of shirking one’s responsibilities of parents and citizens to have the government (Elitist, egotistical and narcissistic men and women to force their way of life and control on their fellow Americans) do everything for them.

When people become dependent on a system, then bondage is created. They really aren’t helping their fellow human beings by relieving and suppressing freedoms, duties and responsibilities of self-sufficiency and bringing them under their control.

In essence, Revolutionaries (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3), hellbent on destroying the original intent and Loyalist America.

The Revolutionaries are more undercover and insidious than ever before. We need to understand the game they are playing in order to not allow our freedoms, families and country to be gradually destroyed. By relying on the two-party system, we are being played and conned by the Revolutionaries by being dumbed down, misdirected, and be ruled over.

We need to refine and transform our levels of understanding of right and wrong by using the term and concept of consequentialism (6).

“(T)he consequences of one’s conduct are the ultimate basis for judgment about the rightness or wrongness of that conduct.”

The Revolutionaries use the concept “the end justifies the means” (7) which connects to consequentialism.

“It means that if a goal is . . . important enough, any method of getting it is acceptable.”

“The basic idea is that a policy can be judged by its outcome.”

“All modern versions of consequentialism have to deal with the limitations necessary to prevent tyrants abusing this idea.”


In returning to Christina’s statement:

“At this time, I have not been invited to a formal board discussion regarding the rumored condemnation of member Cline’s alleged actions or statements, nor do I have knowledge or evidence that one has taken place.” (3)

Christina acknowledges she hasn’t been formally “invited” to discuss the “rumored condemnation” of Natalie. She has no “knowledge or evidence” of a violation taking place.

If the USBE are using a quorum effort instead of informing the entire board of what is happening, again, why?

This sounds very selective on who is not involved in this investigation. It sounds one-sided, strategized and even conspiratorial from the USBE leadership; instead of using transparency and allowing all 15 members to be involved in the process. This should be a major concern as it challenges openness and integrity of those performing this one-sided investigation that appears to have already determined and decided that Natalie will be found guilty of alleged violations:


As I have watched from the sidelines, I am suspicious that this is due to trying to rein Cline in and its all about going along to get along. I see her as challenging the leadership by not toeing the line, falling in line or getting with the program and not conforming to their way of thinking.

The truth will continue to come out as we follow this fishing expedition and inquisition looking for an excuse to censor, inhibit and punish Natalie Cline for not conforming to the leadership values (what are their values?).

“Furthermore, I have no knowledge that a vote regarding these allegations has occurred or been scheduled.” (3)

No vote has taken place or has been scheduled to look into “allegations” into Cline by the general body of board members.

Considering the above, any USBE statement regarding these issues is premature at best, possibly misleading, potentially false, and without a formal vote, carries only the voice of select USBE staff and/or the three members of Board Leadership.  It does not carry the weight of an “official USBE position.”  (3)

We learn that the “USBE statement” has been “premature at best,” as it seems someone has put the cart before the horse (8):

  • Figurative saying that implies someone is jumping to conclusions or acting faster than they should to a situation.
  • Can also imply that someone is acting too quickly, or that someone is approaching a solution to the situation in the wrong order.

This could be an oversight or negligent and could have been remedied by the time we publish this article. If the investigation is being conducted by a quorum, I worry it would only show a head hunting excursion by a hand-picked body of men and women conforming with the values and agenda of the leadership. As they could be perceived as being selective and omit evidence in the lack of transparency in the investigation.

The more board members involved the better it is for keeping the integrity of the body. The less and more selective, the greater the increase in corruption, deception and false allegations being used in the wrong way for an improper, fraudulent, fictitious, inaccurate, misleading, unfounded and untruthful conviction.

To summarize:


What is happening here?

Either Christina Boggess is not privy to the information, negligence and/or intentionally being left out of the loop, or something more sinister is afoot here?

This is what I am seeing from my observation in studying politics, philosophy, history and psychology; along with my experiences as a police officer, city council member and dealing with children and parents from a therapeutic and psychological stand-point.

While I was a patrol officer, I was told by a detective of a concept he had learned while attending a county attorney training. In the training, the county attorney advised the officers in attendance, that if they had a hunch a person had committed a crime, but couldn’t prove it. They needed to let him know and he would take steps and action for reprisal.

  • The state would charge the person with a crime. The defendant would have to hire an attorney. The media would be notified by using backchannels or a press release to inform them of the matter. The media would run a story about the defendant and incident in question.
  • This goes against the original intent of the criminal system. A person is innocent until proven guilty.
  • This concept, policy and procedure was punitive as it would cost the person money to retain an attorney to defend themselves in court.
  • By using the media, this would destroy the reputation of the defendant by way of using Public Opinion (this is dangerous) to find the person guilty by using an emotional (Part 1 & Part 2) based narrative without any evidence presented in the media.

“When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns it’s back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.” (1)

  • If the defendant is found not guilty, the win for the state was out of pocket costs and the reputation of the person.

What the County Attorney was describing, is the term and concept of Lawfare (4).

“The approach of building a political narrative through false accusations and over-charging . . . is the essence of Lawfare.  The government has endless taxpayer resources to fuel their political weaponization . . .” (10)

Again, the cart before the horse happens by claiming a person is guilty without having hard or real evidence, by “over-charging” and not going through the whole process as they take short cuts and lies to reach “the means justifies the ends”. It is in “building a political narrative through false accusations,” and then expecting the defendant to fork out a fortune for attorney fees. All the while, the government has endless amounts of our “taxpayer” money to weaponize and “fuel their political” narrative.

This practice is anti-American by design. This is a weapon that slowly erodes trust in the system. It is creating an unhealthy and corrupt mind-set and culture in our public servants as they shift to being our masters as Elitists, in being arbitrary, abusive and tyrannical in their own immoral values and acts.

The process of the charges then becomes the punishment by design.  The targets are drained financially, sometimes physically detained under false pretense, and then . . . walks backwards when the judges finally ask for proof.” (10)

The damage is done, and once proof is required by going in front of a judge; the political narrative starts to erode and has reached as far as it can without being fully exposed. It’s like playing poker. It’s a bluff and finally someone calls to see the hand in the persons possession. It can’t see the light of day, so they fold. At least in poker, gentlemen will tell others what cards they had for their bluff. But this is not the case in government.

The charges or narrative is dropped or a plea agreement is achieved and the scam doesn’t see the light of day. The designers are never exposed and they are able to repeat it over and over to punish anyone who they disagree with or who they want to censor. They might have good intentions, but “the end justifies the means” is actually immoral and will darken and corrupt their character and soul. They will destroy themselves in the long term just for a short term gain for power and gain.

These tools of deception are nothing short of lies and it does have a scientific and neurological effect on a persons brain.

From a previous Iron County News article, Is Lying a Systemic Problem in the Law Enforcement Community? (11)

It’s a Systemic Problem in our society and culture and not just inclusive to the Law Enforcement communities. It bleeds over into other government institutions as well. The USBE is not exempt from this virus and I believe it is flourishing in the present moment.

Let’s look at what science says about lying and the effects on a person’s brain when they lie. (14)

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

As Christina Boggess mentions and runs through the possibilities of why this is happening, she implies this could be “possibly misleading, potentially false, and without a formal vote, carries only the voice of select USBE staff and/or the three members of Board Leadership.”  

It does not carry the weight of an “official USBE position.”” (3)

This smells, feels and tastes like Natalie Cline is a victim of lawfare.

If an open and thorough investigation would be conducted, I would theorized that this is a witch hunt, and the hunters have a political agenda.

Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to target and humiliate.” (12)

If this is what is happening, then those involved should be forced to resign, criminal charges pursued and a civil lawsuit be brought against those perpetrators and a public apology made as well.

If you are old enough to remember the Soviet-era propaganda.” (10)

Lawfare is authoritarianism, and is similar to “the Soviet-era propaganda.”

The first and most important investigation should be conducted on what Natalie Cline is claiming the educational material being taught to our kids by way of consequentialism. Once, Natalie started claiming unhealthy and un-American values are being taught to our kids, the leadership and the whole USBE board should be investigating these allegations by leaving no stone unturned.

But instead, it appears Board Leadership and / or staff are themselves biased and have an axe to grind with Cline or are being bullied into taking unjust action against Cline by a select group of board members who want Natalie silenced and punished by way of reprimand or censure in violation of her constitutionally protected free speech and her duty to represent the voice of those who elected her.

This discriminatory and defamatory approach is un-American and wreaks of bias and prejudice. This intentional public humiliation is being used against Cline as an example to quiet her and anyone who is willing to investigate and look into the substance of what she is speaking out against.

This should concern every American no matter what our ethnicity, religion, non-religion, nationality, or political affiliation are. We can’t lose our rights to the egotistic, narcissistic, self-serving individuals elected in capacity of government positions; if we do, we will be heading down the path of authoritarianism.

Our elected officials, including the USBE board, need to humble themselves and stop serving themselves and their egos. They need to see the bigger picture and understand what Cicero says:

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk.”


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