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Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (3)

In our continual coverage into the investigation of Utah State Board Member Natalie Cline, we can report she has been cleared of any and all wrongdoing, concluded by an internal audit by the USBE.

But has she been cleared? Apparently, she hasn’t been freed from the clutches and strings of the USBE. “The board disagrees,” that the matter has been concluded showing no “wrongdoing” by one of their own internal audits conducted within their own organization.


This shows a seismic shift happening within the USBE organization as the dam not only went from a leak but has gradually gotten worse from a crack to the breaking and tearing down the veneer and mask of the polarization taking place at the Utah State Board of Education.

It reminds me of the wisdom of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, best known by his pen name Mark Twain

We continue chipping away at this lie by asking: Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board (Part (1) & Part (2)?

In part (2), we highlighted a statement written by Christina Boggess another USBE Board member, who as of July 18th had not been “officially” invited or involved in any investigation into Natalie Cline alleged violation. We continue asking questions by wondering who is leading this witch hunt against Cline while speculating a possible quorum of 8 of the 15 USBE board members have been selected to see this inquisition through to its end to find Natalie guilty of trumped-up charges.

From what is being observed, it would be safe to say a modified form of Lawfare (3) is being conducted by Cline’s persecutors in building a political narrative. They are making a mountain out of molehill in building a case based on triggered complaint(s) “an emotional/psychological reaction caused by something that somehow relates to an upsetting time or happening in someone’s life” or “when someone gets offended or gets their feelings hurt” by “the freedom of speech.” (4)

“Freedom of speech gives us the right to offend others, whereas freedom of thought gives them the choice as to whether or not to be offended.” (5)

Natalie Cline understands the American concept of freedom of speech as it is an vital part of liberty and is a framework and protection under the Bill of Rights.

This is un-American to silence an elected official or an individual. Whether you have an R or a D behind your name this is wrong. I would recommend having an A for an American behind your name to transcend the political frey and follow the guidelines set forth by the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the original intent of the Founders in the Constitution.

It is the prevailing sentiment that the Republican leadership of USBE is the behind this witch hunt.

Regardless of R or D behind board member’s name whether in the leadership or individual members, if a concrete violation happened, an investigation needs to take place.

We learned “two USBE Internal Audit Reports . . . indicate no evidence of wrongdoing regarding allegations that my comments violated Board Policy . . . or Board Bylaws, including claims that I placed board staff or individuals at risk for harm, incited or encouraged violence, promoted inaccurate information, or defamed staff or individuals.”

In Natalie Cline’s case, nothing was violated as Natalie was within her rights, protected by the first amendment of the Bill of Rights in sounding the alarm of the dangers happening to our kids and parent alienation being done by the system.

Natalie is being investigated for saying the current trajectory of the educational system is promoting “social agendas over traditional, family-based norms.” (1)

There is this persistent premonition that this witch hunt is nothing short of the metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of blaming the bearer of bad news by way of “don’t kill the messenger.”

It should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to the radical cultural shift happening all around us, that the USBE is on a witch hunt to “shoot the messenger” (the act of blaming the bearer of bad news) rather than acknowledging the clear and compelling evidence threat wokeness has overtaken Utah schools and finding a way to tackle the very real problem.

The point, instead of being upset with the messenger, why is there a lack of investigation into the substance of what Natalie Cline is saying.

In our first article, we suggested every Utahn to look into the matter:

The leadership is considered Republican, but are they Republican in Name Only? As true-blooded Republicans, who understand and stood by the platform; they should view the indoctrination, unhealthy and damaging material being passed off as education or knowledge as Leftist activism, propaganda and agenda in destroying America by targeting our youth in education while removing and undermining the traditional family values from the picture.

These two categories and values are found in the Utah Republican Platform:

We at Iron County News suggest and demand that Utahns and the USBE do a thorough investigation into the educational material to determine if there is any validity to the allegations Natalie Cline has referenced as anti-American.

On second thought, maybe the USBE leadership is incapable of doing a thorough investigation. A vote of no confidence is now the measuring rod, as I have no trust, as their bias and prejudice are seething with contempt for the messenger.

We need to call for independent investigation into the whole matter from the educational material, to any and all illegal actions of the USBE leadership.

(1) State Board of Education member Natalie Cline says she’s in the clear, USBE disagrees

(2) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 1)

(3) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (2)

(4) First Amendment

(5) Mokokoma Mokhonoana


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