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What is the Biggest Threat to America?

An “. . . overreaching federal government, out-of-control security state, a weaponized media, and corporate and social media titans.“ — Michael T. Flynn, LTG, U.S. Army, (Retired) and Boone Cutler, SGT, U.S. Army, (Retired)

On Stephen Gardner’s YouTube channel, he interviews Dr. Steve Turley about a number of subjects. One of the subjects they cover is talking about what is perceived as the biggest threats to America.

Before reading any further, I would suggest reading the article on Why Americans need to know about 5th Generational Warfare to get a better foundation of what it happening in America in order to better combat and protect our minds, heart and attitude, along with our children, families and communities that is being targeted.

“5GW is manipulation of thoughts and attitudes without people’s awareness. These are the weapons of choice to facilitate geopolitical goals to create a new world order. There are a lot of overlapping aspects of hybrid, irregular, and unrestricted warfare . . . “ (1)

Our minds and bodies are being coerced to do others will and bidding by manipulating our emotions and subconscious with “an invisible hand” in our Culture War (see our on-going series covering this subject). We need to understand who the enemies are and learn their objective and end goal.

“Our fight today is not between people of different nations. Instead, it is the fight of all people against globalist oppressors who are trying to strip us of our individual national identities and the most basic of human rights. If we lose, it will be the end of freedom as we know it worldwide, and we will all live or die at the command of one rich king with an invisible hand. The plan of the oppressors is to create a defenseless people in borderless countries who have limited or nonexistent parental rights. Throughout this Guide, you will see how they plan to get there. One purpose of this Guide is to help you make smarter decisions based on a deeper understanding of what you’re up against, instead of making decisions based on your emotions.” (1)

The purpose is for Americans to not be tricked into making bad decisions based on misdirection that will hurt America in the short and long term coming from both Republican and Democrat traitors to the American values, foundation and principles.

Let’s take a look at some current misdirection from those who have or are currently in positions of “trust” as they are employed in the federal government. They are part of the problem as we have already identified as the real threat to America as an “. . . overreaching federal government, out-of-control security state, a weaponized media, and corporate and social media titans.

What Are Presidents of United States Saying About the Biggest Threat to the United States?

Stephen Gardner brought up how “Biden said the biggest threat to America is white supremacy.”

“White supremacist terrorism is the deadliest threat to the United States, President Joe Biden told lawmakers Wednesday night as he aimed to pivot from the country’s post-9/11 foreign fights to one at home.” (2)

Let’s remember how the conglomerate of un-American ideologies and activities are targeting audiences and American’s by dividing everyone into categories going after our differences, rather than building on common interests and grounds.

“According to the U.S. Department of Defense, a “Target Audience (TA) is an individual or group selected for influence or attack by means of psychological operations.” TAs can be based on gender, position in a family [fathers, mothers, order of birth, etc.], tribal connections, political affiliations, religious background, economic standing, regional areas, age, military affiliation, occupation, educational background, and anything else that lumps people into a group.” (1)

Biden is targeting “white supremacist” as being terrorist.

“”Make no mistake. In 20 years, terrorism has metastasized. The threat has evolved beyond Afghanistan,” Biden said, describing the lingering threats of the Islamic State and al Qaeda before warning of a new war in Americans’ backyard.” (2)

Biden muddies the waters by mentioning Afghanistan, and threats from the “Islamic State” and “al Qaeda” as connecting to “a new war in American’s backyard” as white supremacy is lumped into terrorism. Fear is being used against the people once again.

“We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism,” Biden said. “We’re not going to ignore that either.” (2)

Do we trust our intelligence agencies anymore? Especially when we are being told by retired generals that Americans are targets for 5th Generational Warfare.

Gardner makes a statement, “I hear a lot about white supremacy and I don’t know that that necessarily means just being a white person, uh, but I can tell you as somebody who would be considered Caucasian. It immediately hit me and was like, oh, wait a minute, uh, what’s going on here?”

Dr. Curley expounds on the white supremacy comment and addresses racism in America as being minimal at best compared to earlier times.

“When I hear comments like that, uh, my, I mean my hermeneutic of suspicion as we call it, uh, it kicks into high gear and said, “How come they never blame themselves?””

It is a distraction, misdirection and deflection happening by the Political Class in order to stay in power and be part of the plundering of the American people. They want to keep our eyes away from them as they do wrong by coming up with some type of excuse.

“They blame everything else in the world except them and what they’re doing. . . . There’s a reason, uh, for that and scholars do call it resentment politics and the way politicians have used resentment politics (see Divide and Conquer) for over two thousand years. Interestingly enough. It goes way, way back.”

As Americans are fed up with the corruption by being resentful. The Political Class steers our eyes and minds into another direction. This is a very old trick used on the people, even by way of kings and other forms of government in the past.

“The white supremacist comment was fascinating to me, because every single major study out there shows that racism is at an all-time low.”

Racism in at a all-time low, but Biden still wants to muddy the waters and get people stirred up thinking the nation is suffering from racism, when it is further from the truth.

“I mean you take uh, you take any racial indicator. Do you believe, do you support interracial marriage for example. If you ask people that in the 1950’s and 60’s about 90% would say no, they don’t support it. Today, it’s the opposite, 90% are all for it. You know, you take these various questions like: Are you comfortable working with someone, working for someone of a different ethnicity? Are you comfortable living next to someone of a different ethnicities?”

The races seem to be more united and the political classes don’t want that and can’t have it. They can’t have the people being able to see behind the Wizard of Oz curtain to find the problem stems from the insiders and the political class.

“Racist sentiments have never been so low. So in many respects we’ve never been more united than we are right now.”

It is great to see people of all races are able to get along and live in unity.

“We see this even in anti-war sentiments. We’re more anti-war today, than we were even at the height of the Vietnam era.”

People are unified in other areas as well. This should concern the political class.

“You’ll notice you would never ever know those two stats from just listening to our politicians . . . because it, it signals in many respects a massive chasm between the people and the permanent political class in term of our values, our interests, and our concerns.”

The political classes and the people have two different value systems.

“The permanent political class is doing what today, what they’ve been doing for literally a couple of thousand years. They’re instituting a form of what’s technically known as resentment politics. The politics of division.”

Resentment politics are meant to divide us in order to conquer and keep us subdued.

“Our political elites for centuries have have feared the very powerful, very threatening sentiment as resentment, because . . . they worry that once it reached a critical mass among the people. . . . What political elites have done over the centuries and again we see this going all the way back to classical Athens and Rome. What they tended to do was foster, an internal unity among the people . . . with the ruling class by creating a specter of a dangerous, external enemy. . . . it will create an internal harmony, an internal concord by focusing on the discord of the enemy from without.”

They fear the people coming together and have to keep us apart by using any weapons at their disposal as any person or groups of people are targeted in 5th Generational Warfare.

“What the scholars have noted is since the 1960’s, our politicians, particularly Democrats, uh, but in fairness the political class as a whole found that they could . . . even more effectively deflect resentment away from themselves, if they divided the population focusing on an enemy from within.”

Both Republicans and Democrats are involved in steering resentment away from them on spotlighting on something that is not as big of a problem as they are pretending it to be as they make mountains out of mole hills and use the media lapdogs to report their lies.

As Dr. Curley reports, the lies and deception lean more toward the Democrats though. No matter what letter is front of their names, what is their real intention. Are they wanting to protect peoples rights or use their position to plunder like Frederic Bastiat warns us about.

“In other words, politicians turn their attention away from an external threat and instead began focusing on internal threats. Which transformed resentment into a tool for dividing the populace and diffusing resistance.”

They are transferring the energy away from their wrong doings by creating and staging issues to bring about more government by way of centralization. A great tool is the Hegelian Dialectic.

“I, you know, hate to sound partisan here, but I think for decades the Democrats have been Masters at turning what were once considered external threats like illegal immigration, right. They’ve turned illegal immigrants into the victims. While at the same time demonizing, their political opponents internally as xenophobes, and racists and bigots worthy of being socially marginalized and ostracized.”

Another tool being used against Americans by way of media, entertainment and literally is by using the victim mindset. They drill it into American psyche through television and music through social platforms in our subconscious minds through predictive programming.

People have had success by being “relentless with re-aiming as it were the, uh, the legitimate target for resentment back at the permanent political class.

It is important that we direct our frustration by being vigilant toward the people causing the hate and discontent by taking the pitchforks and torches in the direction of the political class.

“The permanent political classes addiction to finding a way of dividing us or at least finding a cause of our divisions outside of themselves. When in point of fact, I think they actually have . . . a conflict of interest in that they have a very definite interest in deflecting, uh, resentment away from themselves, because of it increases in mass, uh, then it results in regime change.”

Deflecting, and gaslighting is the name of the game, otherwise, the political class will be removed.

What does the Declaration of Independence say on the subject?

(1) Why Americans need to know about 5th Generational Warfare

(2) White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says


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