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Natalie Cline is the lightning rod for proclaiming what is right?

In LDS scripture, The Book of Mormon, a prophet named Nephi left Jerusalem with his family and crossed the ocean to America, which they termed the Promised Land.  Nephi is shown a symbolic vision in which he sees a tree full of fruit which is most delicious and desirable (the love of God), a rod of iron (the word of God) whereupon those who hold tight will find their way to the precious fruit of the tree, a dark mist (the temptations of Satan), and a large and spacious building floating in the air with no foundation.  He sees that there is a multitude of people in the great and spacious building, pointing their fingers and mocking those below who are partaking of the fruit of the tree.  An angel of the Lord instructs Nephi that these people are those that embrace the world and the wisdom thereof.  That they are gathered to fight against God.  Nephi understood that this great and spacious building was the pride of the world.  He then witnessed the exceedingly great fall of this great and spacious building.  The angel then explains that this fall is symbolic of the destruction of all nations, kindreds, tongues and people that shall fight against the apostles of the Lamb.  (1)

I’m not using this Book of Mormon reference to reach an LDS audience only, because whether you believe it is scripture or not, this is a future that those who are awake can see coming at an exponentially fast rate.  We are witnessing the crumbling of society in the forms of the destruction of the family,  a loss of Christian values and morals, a turning from religion in general, a corrupted education system, a shift towards socialism, and acceptance and promotion of all manner of sin and wickedness.  In America, we have prospered for so long and have forgotten the God we once relied upon.  Pride has entered the hearts of men and we rely upon the arm of flesh rather than that God who preserved and protected as our forefathers struggled to bring forth this nation built upon righteous principles.  Those who hold tight to that iron rod, which is the word of God, find that they are mocked and even persecuted when they refuse to bend to the evil pounding down the doors of our communities.  A good example in our own backyard is Natalie Cline, who has worked tirelessly to expose the agendas that have sneakily entered the public education system. (2)(3)(4) There are countless examples, big and small, of attacks on those who won’t compromise with evil. Standing firm in defense of God’s word and His commandments marks you as a hater, racist, sexist, homophobe, or even a domestic terrorist. 

 The foundation upon which our Founders built this nation is being torn out from under us at an alarming rate.  This nation was built and founded upon Christian principles; however, they are principles that apply to all faiths as they are principles of natural law and virtue. The current agenda has no foundation to try to replace it with, because a foundation requires integrity.  There is no integrity, or truth, in the ideologies that are being pushed to replace our virtuous foundation.  In fact, truth has become an offensive concept. This is all being forced upon us by secret combinations, and there are many, who seek to destroy the liberty of all mankind.  They seek full control and world domination.  Any nation that values liberty, and understands what is required to uphold that liberty, is a direct threat to these evil combinations. Because true liberty goes hand in hand with morality, the foundations of morality are what must be attacked and torn down.  With each generation, more and more of our foundation is being able to be chipped away at.  The state has replaced the family on many levels, as the family has been the main target of destruction, ensuring the indoctrination of the youth towards a favored view of a socialistic/communistic rule. God has been removed from the public eye, being replaced by a worship of science, technology, recreation, materialism, etc.  

If we do not banish the pride and evil that is upon our nation and turn back to the God of this land, serve Him, and keep His commandments, we will bring about the destruction that we have seen in civilizations of the past.  But with the advancement of technology and the ability for evil to spread into every corner of the earth, no nation is safe from destruction that chooses to let this evil get a stronghold.  America has been a light on the hill, a shining beacon of liberty to the world since her founding, and is therefore a special target for Satan and his followers.  If they can take down America, they can take the entire world. As our morals fail, and our society crumbles, it creates the perfect conditions for a new system to fall into place.  Benjamin Franklin said “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” If our glorious nation falls, and is taken into the hands of globalist masters, we lose the very essence of life, our freedom.  We must each, in our individual lives, and in our families, keep firm that foundation.  Stand up for God’s word, no matter the consequences.  It may save our nation, and it will certainly save your soul.  

(1) The Book of Mormon- 1st Nephi chapters 11-12

(2) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 1)

(3) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 2)

(4) Why Is State Board Member Natalie Cline Under Investigation By Utah State School Board? (Part 3)


3 Responses

  1. Very well written article! Thank you for writing the truth. Natalie Cline speaks truth and is being punished by the world for it. She doesn’t stand alone though as there are many God fearing people who stand with her. We need to pray that the citizens in our country will repent and turn back to God and the great foundational principles that our country was built upon.

  2. Thank You for your article! I recently emailed the State School Board stating the need to support Natalie Cline and vote out board members who are trying to silence her.
    A few weeks ago I put up a banner that highlights the following thoughts:

    We as a nation have become more wicked than anytime in our history. The Lord founded and raised up this country and He will protect it as long as we are a God-fearing people. We must repent and return to God’s values and standards, or we will lose the liberties our founding parents fought so hard for.

    1. We believe in the power of Jesus Christ when he taught us to love and serve God. He also taught us to love and serve our neighbors and our enemies no matter their color, creed, or ideology.

    2. We believe in the power of Traditional Families. Every single one of us came to this earth through a Mother and Father. A child’s highest good is served when both a loving mother and father are in the home together. We know that this isn’t always possible, but we support all efforts for achieving this ideal. We oppose any organization, formal or informal, that threatens, harms, or works to destroy the traditional family.

    3. The 10 commandments, as outlined in the Bible, serve as a great resource and guide for keeping our society functioning in a healthy manner. If everyone follows these guidelines, we won’t be destroyed like many wicked civilizations throughout the history of the world.

    4. We believe in the dignity and divine nature of the human race, having been created in the image of our Heavenly Father and Mother. We condemn those who treat our brothers and sisters as objects to be sold, traded, or abused in any way. We believe God’s wrath will be poured out upon our nation if we don’t do all we can to put an end to this heinous sin. Children are our future and we can not afford to have them mistreated. What happens to them affects ALL of us.

    5. And finally, we urge everyone to pray to God for direction on how YOU can help save our liberties and the United States of America and all its people! United we stand, but divided, we will all fall.

    Please join us in spreading the message of hope through repentance. God bless America!

  3. Well written and exactly to the point, this is the truth, we love knowing truth, it gives us a baseline to refer to when the lines of reality are blurry and confusing.

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