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Globalist & Red Herring Fallacy to Weaponize Environmentalism To Cover up Theft & Hypocrisy

In our article We Need To Wake Up and Stand With the 99%, we want to continue this line of question, focus, and narrow in on the Global Elite, Ruling Class, and One Percent by putting the microscope on their history, words, and actions by connecting the dots to see the big picture of a gradual takeover and acquisition of local and national economies to merge from regionalism into a global commercial empire.

We have been distracted, conned, and led down a path away from who our true enemy, foreign and domestic, is, and that is the Global Elite, Ruling Class, and One percent who have no national ties who collude with one another in a collectivized pool and group of interests, money, and agenda. It is the Globalists vs the Rest of Us and The Global Financiers as they Gradually Takeover Government and Industry: The World.

“Money and not morality is the principle of commerce and commercial nations . . . Justice, honor, faith, must yield to the necessity of keeping themselves in place.” (1)

What are the commercial nations that Thomas Jefferson mentions in the above letter? In modern terms and concepts, it is synonymous with the commercial state.


Virtues, principles, and characters that lead to right and wrong must yield to money and their commercial, corporate, and global class interests. The commercial interest and thread runs through every nation as a parasite, feeding on the host, until it kills the body and, like a phoenix, rises from the ashes to stand on its own accord by hijacking and controlling all resources to stand on its own feet. If not contained or kept in check, then it will ruin every nation and evolve into a new tyrannical oligarchy and super-rich class of people who salute, pray, and worship money, gold, and the dollar as their God.

We can trace the origins, roots, and start-up of this commercial nation in America can be traced to the Federalist Party and Alexander Hamilton (which ran contrary to the vision Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had for America) in working hand in hand with international mercantilism and Global banking cartels to enrich and empower the parasites to evolve into the Global New World Order with its laws and regulations by way of world governing bodies set up by the wealthy Ruling Class and One percent. Traitors to world bodies have transferred our national constitutionally delegated power and sovereignty without Americans’ knowledge, voice, vote, or permission. Americans and other nations have been tricked and lied to hand over Constitutional powers that our forefathers fought, bled, and died for to win with their blood and sacrifice.

These supranational bodies of men and women who hold the label of unelected bureaucrats are nothing more than the Global Class or Ruling men and women who are hiding behind their titles and hypocritical words as they reveal themselves as the Global Criminal Syndicate of the One percent.


“The question whether a measure is moral is never asked, but whether it will nourish the avarice of their merchants, or the practical spirit of their navy, or produce any other effect which may strengthen them in their places. . . .” (1)

Money is their morality and rules their decisions, choices, and lives. There is no right or wrong, only using people and resources to make money on the backs of the 99%. This should make us all mad. We need to be mad at the right people for the right reason. It’s not based on their money but on how they obtained it on principles of truth and of lies, theft, and murder.

“This is the true character of [such governments] in practice, however different [their] theory; and it presents the singular phenomenon of a nation, the individuals of which are faithful to their private engagements and duties, as honorable, as worthy, as those of any nation on earth, and whose government is yet the most unprincipled [ever] known.” (1)

The Global Class uses lies, distractions, misinformation, and disinformation as red herrings to throw humanity off the true scent that were are supposed to be tracking. We should be tracking the 1% and Global Class along with following their money in where they are using it to distract everyone and collude with one another to pick humanity off one by one by dividing and subdividing humanity in every possible way.

“Something used to divert attention from the real matter, issue or object (a dead red herring was often used to confuse or test the scent of a hunting dog).” (4)

“Something that draws attention away from the matter being discussed or dealt with.” (5)

“A red herring is a logical fallacy in which irrelevant information is presented alongside relevant information, distracting attention from that relevant information.” (6)


To wake up the 99% of the world, we need to build on common ground and not be driven off the path of focusing on our true enemies, the One Percent.

To get back on the path that for generations, these One Percenters have been programming humanity to take another fork in the road, leaving the asphalt of freedom and liberty of the Constitutional Republic to another direction leading to bondage and world government.

We need to confront our Cognitive Dissonance that was created by the Red Herrings that created and programmed us as individuals, families, communities, and nations for generations to gradually accept the global criminal syndicate agenda piece by piece by taking over and changing our culture to dumb Americans and humanity down to divide mortals to be able to gain power and influence as a tiny, microscopic portion of the greater piece of the population.

The One Percent has been strategic and patient, as they have consolidated and colluded through generations to finalize their global control and government as a python slowly kills their prey.

The Red Herrings that have created our Cognitive Dissonance come in many forms. One of those jarring revelations would be how the Republican and Democratic Party are the same unified party at the core of building the Global Government Framework & International Commerce, as their words of loyalty to the American people are just lip service as they sell out America and humanity to bondage and slavery.

It doesn’t matter what person is in the White House and if they represent the so-called Republican or Democratic Party. They are doing the bidding of the Global Criminal Syndicate and puppets for the One Percent.

“Whether the President was Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, or Nixon, it seemed to make no difference. There was often a change of personalities . . .” (8)

As time progressed, when I began understanding the issues facing Americans, one of my favorite presidents was Ronald Reagan. As the years have passed, I have researched to understand and comprehend what is happening in the world by studying and researching subjects such as educational, political, technology, religious, non-religious, spiritual, historical, economic, philosophical, moral, and psychological.

I started to see Ronald Reagan was not the image of what was being put out there. This will go against many people’s popular beliefs and cognitive dissonance regarding Reagan. His fiscal policies concerned me as he broadened and streamlined the commercial interests of the state and nations, the very thing Thomas Jefferson warned against. As this concentrated wealth into the hands of the few, as this goes against the true principles of laissez faire, free market capitalism and is in line with crony capitalism, socialism, fascism, and corporatism.

“The modern U.S. Republican Party and Democratic Party in the U.S. both include significant factions of commercial state adherents, although commercial state rhetoric is usually much more evident in the former. (See, for example, discussions of Reaganomics in Ronald Reagan and the U.S. Republican Party.)” (2)

As we dive into some of their tactics to control and divide people. It is their pattern to weaponize issues over and over, including the environmental affair.

Below is a video done by Jonathan Watts, Global Environmental editor.

“There are over 7 billion people on earth. But did you know that 16% of all the world’s co2 emissions in 2019 were made by just 1% of the population.”

“What are the 1%? They are the millionaires, billionaires, and those paid more than $140,000 US dollars.”

“There are two main ways that the super-rich generate an obscene amount of carbon.”

“Firstly, through living grand lifestyles, like buying and using super yachts, private jets, and palatial mansions.”

“But also through their investments and shareholding. New data revealed to the Guardian shows us that they’ve been doing this for years. Since the 1990s, the super-rich have burned through twice as much carbon as the bottom half of income earners.”

“While their wealth helps insulate them from the worst effects of climate crisis.”

In a future article, we will go deeper into the climate crisis to show that it is a controlled red herring to distract us from the wealth transfer that is happening that is stripping 90 to 99 percent of humanity (of course, this is not an exact figure, more of a figurative concept, regarding the systematic and regulated gradual theft and fraud perpetrated on the majority of humanity by controlling the levers of the law to force taxes to be residual income for the Global Crime Syndicate).

I mostly agree with Jonathan Watts on this point of what he is saying in the video on how the 1% is using and plundering a big chunk of the so-called fossil fuels. They then have the nerve to lecture the rest of humanity on not using fuel or “carbon” to enrich our lives and make a living.


“The super-rich are plundering and polluting the planet to the point of destruction and it is those who can least afford it who are paying the highest price,” says Chiara Liguori, Oxfam’s senior climate justice policy adviser. A new report revealed by the Guardian shows we are not equally to blame for rising temperatures, and that both the super-rich and the middle class are disproportionately destroying the planet. The world’s richest 10% – which encompasses most of the middle classes in developed countries – causes up to 40 times more climate-heating carbon emissions than the poorest 10% of their fellow citizens. Failing to account for this huge wealth-emitting divide when making policies to cut emissions can cause a backlash over the affordability of climate action, experts say. In the video, our global environment editor Jonathan Watts explains some of the key takeaways from the shocking report. Click the link in bio to read more about the carbon divide. #Carbon #Environment

♬ Ambient ambient – FLATT

Jonathan Watts dives into other stats, some of which I would call red herrings.

First, he talks about death tolls, which he quotes from the United Nations. By bringing in the United Nations into the argument, he is introducing one of the largest change organizations in the 1% tools, weapons, and repertoire in the Global framework created by the Ruling Class to the gradual siphoning and transfer of all national sovereignty, including the United States to allow control by the Global Criminal Syndicate.

The second red herring was when he talked about “climate inequality” being bad. He then asks, “What can we do to stop it?”

The solution is “for a hefty wealth tax on the super-rich” and “the money to be used to support those who are worst affected.”

There is a pattern here when people dig up the past by studying history to see a common theme and thread, such as “there is no new thing under the sun.”

We can trace how the US federal government “imposed the first personal income tax” during the Civil War by Lincoln. The US Supreme Court ruled the income tax unconstitutional, referencing the 10th Amendment “forbidding any powers not expressed in the US Consitution.”


The Global Class got the Federal Reserve (Central Banking is 90% of Taking Over a Country By the Ruling Class & Global Banking (Federal Reserve)), and the 16th Amendment was implemented as the core and foundation of the Global Government Framework and International Commerce where the human race would be made subjects in the neo-feudalism Global Criminal Syndicate.

John predicted that before the great epic of Messianic or Millennial peace, the human race would be subjected to a ruthless, worldwide conglomerate of dictatorial authority which would attempt to make all men subservient to it or be killed (Revelation 13:15)” (8)


As Johnathan indicated, the proposal “for a hefty wealth tax on the super-rich” sounded similar to the slogan “Soak the Rich.” It was a bait and switch, as it started as a tax on the super-rich but included all or at least most Americans.


“Soak‐​the‐​rich taxes have a way of becoming people’s taxes, soaking those who never expected to pay.” (11)

To revisit Johnathan’s opening remarks, the 1% worship money, and they have created a haven and buffer zone from financial to political to protect their wealth and lifestyles as they live a first-class tier life in neo-feudalism.

In comparison, the remaining Americans and humanity live as slaves in bondage to the 1% and whims of the Global, regional, and “commerce and commercial nations” framework that Thomas Jefferson warned humanity against.

Listen to the history of the Income Tax. As society as evolved and the rich have gained more and more control. The 1% Global, Ruling and International Elite, finally got what they wanted in the form of the Income Tax.

As the truth is being revealed, more and more puppets to the Global and Ruling Elite by way of buying up everything it touches in order to hide the truth.

We find in California and New York, the schools are requiring to teach their corrupt, misleading, misinformation, disinformation, and deceptive form of media literacy in order to “protect your children from climate change denial, a certain type of conspiracy theory.”

The so-called media literacy the Global puppets want to push and spin on the American people is nothing more than a red herring to distract and throw the American people off the scent of the real culprits behind the propaganda in order to place humanity into bondage.

We need to stay away from the fallacies the Global elite are trying to sell humanity. We need to stay focused on the 1% and stay away from their distractions and the lies they are selling humanity.

How many times have these Environmental oracle, futurist, mystic and doomsayer gotten their facts wrong?

Let’s take a look at some of their false projects as they stir the population up into fear. Once people are in the mindset of fear, they are easy to control and manipulate.

In 1978 we had a “scientific” prediction about the coming of an Ice Age. It didn’t happen.

Next we have a brave elected official willing to reveal some hard hitting information on how the “radical climate agenda” want to “regulate coal and gas-powered plants out of existence.” Once this happens, America and her people will be brought further into bondage as our economy, property and freedoms are brought under the power, influence, and transference of our wealth to the 1%. America will have no other choice than to classify the US on par with a 3rd World status.

The climate scare is a tool of oppression to take away our property, liberty, life and pursuit of happiness.

I’m not concerned about climate change, I’m concerned about totalitarianism, and the tyranny of the Global, ruling elite and 1%, who think they know what’s best for me, my family, and Americans. They are liars who want to steal and murder for their own gain.

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