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We Need To Wake Up and Stand With the 99%

Drawing from the conclusion and thread of these two articles, World War 3 Isn’t What You Think; It is the Globalists vs the Rest of Us and The Global Financier’s Agenda to Gradually Takeover Government and Industry: The World, we want to continue to change our perspective and understand who the bad guys are in this battle for humanities freedom and stop taking the bait and getting drawn into the Global agenda’s traps of divide and rule.

As the 1% rich get richer, to complete the agenda of world domination, they need to turn humanity against one another. In each country, they use tactics to divide and conquer to drive a wedge into different groups through discrimination, envy, emotions, and hate. They use different weapons of psychology in the psyops and 5th Generational Warfare in turning the 99% against one another through race (controlled by race baiters), gender, political parties, religion, non-religion, countries, and anything a wedge can be used to divide groups and subgroups against one another. Money is used by the 1% to complete this task.

Wealth is used to target resources that will bring additional wealth.

After seeing the above data, by the Federal Reserve (Global Banking), the Top 1% own 31.26%, and the Next 9% own 37.70%. If you add up 10% of the population’s wealth, it accumulates to 68.96% of the total wealth in the United States. That leaves 31.04% of the remaining 90% of the population. We maybe should change the direction and say, “We Need To Stand Up For and With the 90%” instead of the 99%. I bet that the 9% are in debt to the 1% as well, so for that sake, we will maintain 99% throughout the article.

Let’s do a 2019 comparison to 2023 of the Class Warfare happening.

We need to stand together with the 99%; we are all debt slaves who are oppressed in one form or another and who are in bondage to debt. How many are addicted to the Matrix, the money, and the system? It is like a drug addict. They must continue in the system to maintain and keep up with the Joneses. Even though they are in debt and are slaves, they will fight those trying to free them. Some don’t want to be freed, either.

As the Central Bankers monopolize property and resources, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The poorer people will one day feel it more and more as the Welfare payments come to a close. The poor will fight for breadcrumbs and table scraps as the resources go to the fat cats. The window will get smaller and smaller with room for only a few people. The 1% will want us to fight it out, as the Joker indicates figurately, in Batman, The Dark Knight.

We all must resist division, fear, envy, and hate. We must think ahead and not play into the 1% Global Criminal Syndicate hands that has rigged the game in their favor by way of the second plank in the Communist Manifesto, “A Heavy Progressive or Graduated Income Tax,” which is none other than a form of compounding interest.

I agree with what Nelson Mandela is saying here about realizing when we take away another person’s freedom, it is telling of how we become a prisoner of hatred, locked behind bars of prejudice, bias, and narrow-mindedness.

When a person takes another person’s freedom, they aren’t free. They are robbed of their compassion, empathy, and love towards their fellow man.

It is such a delicate and revolving door that we must understand how this works to ensure we, the 99%, stop doing it to each other and stop the 1% from hijacking the laws to screw over the 99%.

We must stay away from the gospel of Karl Marx.

Only once has a nation, country, and people ever won and achieved its freedom for the world to model and follow. That was in the late 1700s with the War of Independence.

Returning our nation to our Foundational Roots of being a Republic and pushing back to understand and apply true principles of capitalism as framed by our Founding Fathers. This is the path to freedom.

We are at war with crony capitalism and Kleptocracy. We are hitting the markers on gradual forms of bondage as we decline from freedom into socialism, fascism, and corporatism run by the Ruling Class, leading humanity back into the chains of feudalism and tyranny.

We must realize Dr. Carroll Quigley described this Global agenda as an “Anglo-American banking elite” or Ruling Class working for centuries to spread global values and agenda. How much worse has it gotten since Dr. Carroll wrote this information? I would reference the exponential growth (1) principle as well.


When a person hears Anglo-American, I wonder how they interpret this concept. Anyone of different nationalities or races could hone in on the term to be all-inclusive of the “White” or “Caucasian.”

This could create an oversimplification by creating a distortion, misunderstanding, or error in a person’s thinking to generalize and make indefinite to think and judge this international conspiracy includes all of the “White” or “Caucasian” race. This would allow race baiters and the Ruling Class to use this term and idea to create an emotional reaction of fear or envy to drive a wedge between our brothers and sisters of different colors and nationalities to say this conspiracy is just a white-only club.


We need to persuade and convince all races and nationalities. This is a unified conspiracy made up of people of all parties, all races, and all creeds. It is a global ideology against all races, creeds, nationalities, religions, and non-religion as well. No one is exempt from this global criminal band. We all have targets on our backs, as they pick individuals and groups off one at a time.

We’ve observed these patterns before in Nazi Germany.


We need 99% of humanity to understand the traits and plan to stop them from happening. Our 99% need to be people of all parties, all races, and all creeds to stand up against these ruthless, thieving, and murderous groups of men and women who have hijacked national economies, armies, industries, and police forces by the corrupting influence of money and corrupting original intent of our country.

This global network only cares about its interests. It will do everything it can to destroy every concept contained in the Bill of Rights to make it easier to take our life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness away, either by a stroke of a pen or by using the might of the state, governments, monopolies, and money to round us up like cattle in pen by the use of our military and police. They have no regard for life in any fashion.

The 99% needs to unify on life, liberty, and property.

 We have lost the Middle Class in the Class Warfare, which in essence the pursuit of happiness.


The 99% must hang together (united):


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Additional Resources:

(*) Capitalist Crisis: The Culture War is Class War


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