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Sports & Super Bowl: The Ultimate Red Herring (Distractions & Entertainment) & Globalist Agenda

On Sunday, February 11th, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will play in Super Bowl LVIII. With all of the controversy, we wanted to tackle the sports entertainment industry and get people to do some critical thinking and research what is happening worldwide, especially in the Globalist plans and affairs of mankind and how the NBA, NFL, MLB, and WWE are tools of distractions to hide the Global Elite’s Agenda.

The NBA and the NFL are tools for the Global 1% Elite to distract Americans from the true culprits of humanity’s problems as we are willing to sell our rights “as free men for full bellies and the excitement of the games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease.”

As sports are bread and circuses, they are owned and benefit the Global 1%, and it is no wonder that the sports entertainment industry is rigged as we follow the money and the red herrings.

In 2015, the film (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies came out, and I watched it. Some pertinent truths in that film struck me very hard as I am a lifelong student of human behavior. I would suggest everyone watch it.


One of the stories from the film is pertinent to what I have been seeing and hearing about how sports are being rigged. It was regarding a professional referee, Tim Donaghy.

He grew up in Havertown, Pennsylvania. His father was a college basketball official, and this is where his love of sports started as he followed in his father’s footsteps.

The NBA is a much different game from high school and college, even though many rules are written differently. They’re not enforced the same.

He started as a referee based on the rules and how they were written in the rulebook.

He started to see people were moving up the ladder quicker than he was.

“I learned from the veterans that there’s a certain craft and certain way that you have to do things in order to advance and you now, they’ll tell you certain players who’ve given the benefit of maybe traveling with the basketball rather than other players. Certain players are getting the benefit of not having that critical foul called on them that would send them to the bench.”

“It is probably 50/50 when you look at calls that are enforced by the rulebook, and then calls are made or not made based on start treatment, pressure from coaches at certain times.”

In the same segment interviewing Tim Donaghy in (Dis) Honesty, there was a with Phil Jackson while he was coaching the Chicago Bulls. He was asked what had changed in the last minutes of the game. Phil replied, “Guys with the whistles.”

“I’ve never had conversations with commissioners about what to call on a game and what not to call on the game. But from the operations department, they clearly dictate through video, through emails, through meetings, what they want called and what they don’t want called and it seemed to revolved around the star players or the big market teams.”

“Kobe Bryant’s a star in this league puts a lot of people in the stands. He sells a lot of sneakers, and he sells a lot of jerseys. And the fans paid an enormous amount of money to sit in those courtside seats and they want those types of players on the floor. That’s who they came to see.”

“Bottom line it’s more of a form of entertainment than an actual athletic competition.”

“I don’t think the officials feel that they’re not doing something that’s not right. Because in their minds, they’re being told what to do from the league office and if they’re going to continue to advance and get those big playoff bonus checks. You’re going to do what the league wants.”

“Being an NBA referee and being involved in the planning of how the game was going to be called that night. I knew certain teams were going to be at an advantage or disadvantage.”

This is a short video summary of how Tim Donaghy got caught providing inside information to gamblers and betting on games he officiated.

Tim Donaghy shares how they had a grudge against Allen Iverson and, as a refereeing team, targeted him all night.

Kobe Bryant was a favored player.

NBA refs cheat.

Tim Donaghy talks about a scandal with the NBA and mentions Phil Scala, who “was the Supervisory Special Agent . . . who came out and said there were a lot of things that the NBA did that, you know, was not on the up and up.”

He also mentioned how the corruption in the NBA got swept under the rug at “the highest level of government.” They didn’t want the “NBA being exposed to be . . . something like pro wrestling.”


In this NFL clip, the announcers observe how the quarterback decided not to jump dive to recover a fumble but instead jumped away.

This NFL clip looks at the offensive catch and defensive coverage from two different angles. They show two actions by the defensive coverage. From one angle, the defender appeared to go for the tackle. Then, watching it from another angle, I saw that the defender didn’t even try to make the tackle.

Seeing things from multiple-angle shots gives a different visual and interpretation of events.

Below is a video of combined clips from different football games.

This video clip alleges the kick was rigged due to magnetics. As the ball leaves the foot of the field goal kicker, it looks like the trajectory is online to make it in the uprights. As the video shows the orange wind flags, they are perfectly still. The ball then curves to the right and misses the field goal.

It is a strange phenomenon.

“All these games have a predetermined winner.”

“Anybody else noticing how hard the NFL is shoving this Taylor chick on the television, like, Whoa, man, she’s transforming the NFL viewership.”

“Players read the script and rehearse it all week. Everything else that’s part of the game is theatrics. Strictly for the viewership because millions of people are so blinded by who helped control the games, and they’ll give you a hint. They always have a whistle, and these games are easy to call out and predict once you understand and realize real lies.”

The next video points out a missed tackle. I don’t believe this one is as obvious as he points out because the defender seemed to be several lengths behind the offender. The question of falling to the ground or trying to trip the offender is legitimate.

In this video, we can see the quarterback come out of the pocket as there is an open field to run. The quarterback starts to run upfield. A defender has open sights on the quarterback, but instead of going after the quarterback, he turns his body in the opposite direction and rams into the wide receiver. (Notice the team is the Kansas City Chiefs).

In this video, we have the quarterback come out of the pocket and run toward the endzone. The defender appears to be playing flag football as he reaches out to touch the QB. There wasn’t even an attempt to tackle the QB. (Notice the team is the Kansas City Chiefs). (Disclaimer on the f-word in the video)

In this video:

“A lot of people are talking about how the NFL is scripted because the Chiefs beat the Jets, making sure that they stayed undefeated when Taylor Swift is in attendance. The reason why they want Taylor Swift to stay undefeated is because they saw a 63% spike in female viewership between the ages of 18 and 49.”

The narrator points out a holding that wasn’t called and then references a retired player, Arian Foster, as coming out “saying that the NFL is rigged and that they would practice the script during practices” and “at the beginning of every year they would get the script for the entire season calling it similar to the WWE.”

In this video, we have someone pointing out a missed tackle. This is not very convincing in and of itself, but some merit might be taken as a whole.


In this video, someone shows us a magnet in the football and the gloves. Warren Sapp is supposedly exposing the magnetic technology in NFL footballs. There are plenty of variables regarding this video, as it shows the football already opened up and removed something supposedly to be magnetic. I’m skeptical of this video. To me, the chain and custody of evidence is unknown and questionable. There will be additional videos that will give it credibility, though, as you continue to read, watch, and research for yourself.

The next video bridges the first clip to one that is more convincing to the point of pointing out how the NFL is using this technology to rig games.

This video goes into more depth about magnets in football and gloves. This video shows that the technology exists and that the NFL appears to be using “sticky gloves.” It is called Ultimate Reception.

Here is an article: Magnetic football perfect for butterfingers (A Minnesota Vikings snapper teams up with an engineer to develop a football that sticks to your hands). This was published on May 22, 2012, and it is now 2024. How far has this rigging happened?

In this video, there is something strange as it is more concrete. The football gets stuck in the hands of NFL players. As the player attempts to spike the ball, it seems stuck in his hand, which is covered by a glove. The player then uses his foot to scrap the ball from his hand to remove the football. Why aren’t the referees checking the gloves? This is suspicious.

This video shows how the ball is stuck to another player’s hands through the glove. The player had to take off the glove with the ball in tow.

Another video of the same player with more context and an interception shows him trying to throw the ball, but it is stuck in his hand.

This video shows the same pattern of the glove sticking to the ball. Other players carry the ball and glove, showing they are still connected.

This video shows a rigged, one-handed catch.

In this video, Warren Sapp confirms the NFL uses magnetic gloves.


In this video, we have referees measuring the ball with the chains. It seems like the referees are crowding the ball as they keep playing with the ball. As they continued to play with the ball repeatedly, they could slowly move it inch by inch without the camera being able to tell from this angle. I would say they moved it to make sure it was a first down. Then, notice the smirk on the referee as he makes the first down official.

In this video. We have the referee leaning down, grabbing the football, and another referee walking by, appearing to be covering for the other referee. The ball is then moved half a yard.


In this video, we have an ESPN (owned by Disney) employee interviewed, and he is being cynical about the theory on Taylor Swift. The video content creator says the NFL is licensed under entertainment and should be able to do what they wish. I agree, but to gaslight the American people and humanity and try to tell us what we are seeing is not what we are seeing is abusive and wrong.

In this video, John Cena did the Opening Monologue at ESPYS in 2016.

“Why did they go and get a guy from the redheaded stepchild of sports and entertainment? Why did ESPN get a host from the WWE? I mean, it’s rigged. Did I just spoil the surprise for some of the people? It’s scripted entertainment. What we do is fake, right? So I know what you’re thinking: me hosting the ESPYs. That’s crazy. Or is it genius?

What a devious art of lying by telling the truth. That is crazy and, in a mad scientist’s way, genius, but morally it is wrong, unethical, and downright evil. Our society is in such a moral decay.

“The line between truth and lies is becoming ever murkier.” (1)

“Misleading by “telling the truth” is so pervasive in daily life that a new term has recently been employed by psychologists to describe it: paltering. That it is so widespread in society now gives us more insight into the grey area between truth and lies . . . “ (1)

“To date, research has primarily focused on two types of deception: Lying by commission — the active use of false statements — and lying by omission — the passive act of misleading by failing to disclose relevant information,” said lead author Todd Rogers, PhD, of Harvard University. “In this study, we make a novel contribution to the deception literature by identifying a third, and common, form of deception. Rather than misstating facts or failing to provide information, paltering involves actively making truthful statements to create a mistaken impression.” (2)


This video covers many current events and scenarios around the Super Bowl (NBA Finals and World Series).

“The Super Bowl is predetermined by the NFL, and this year, they’re not even trying to hide it. But before I tell you who the Super Bowl narrative is forming around. I need you to fully understand how crazy this scripting really is.”

“Now since the NFL was created rigging and scripting has always been a part.”

“Tom Brady and the Patriots are a perfect example. Now, Tom Brady came at the perfect time. After 9-11, America needed a hero, maybe even an underdog story.”

“So who better than Tom Brady on the Patriots? I mean, you honestly couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

“After 9/11, the star quarter goes down, the underdog comes in, and saves the day, the Patriots go on to win the Super Bowl.”

“Congress enacts the Patriot Act, and all of a sudden, there’s a Patriots dynasty amongst the league.”

“And it doesn’t stop there.”

“Katrina hits New Orleans in 2005, Construction doesn’t finish until 2010. And can you guess who won the SuperBowl that year?”

“Skip to 2020 with a familiar face. Tom Brady. This is after COVID. Everybody’s staying at home. So, who better than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Tom Brady to win the Super Bowl at home in Tampa Bay? It makes perfect sense, and you couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

“What about the Rams? Shawn Mcveigh with the Ukrainian wife? The Rams with the same exact colorways of the Ukraine flag. And that reminds me, I think the Golden State Warriors won that same exact year with the same exact colors.”

“Kind of like after the Boston bombing, the Boston Red Sox went on to win the World Series.”

“It’s not just the NFL, and I could go all day about this, but the one thing I want you to take from this video is the Kelsey brothers and their connection to Swift. This offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles signed DeAndre Swift, who’s from the Philadelphia area, to team up with Jason Kelsey in that offensive line. Now, the past two weeks, Travis Kelsey’s got his own Swift. Taylor Swift, and they cannot stop talking about that.”

“And this entire video’s been focused around how major events are planned with the Super Bowl.”


This video seems to go into more detail on following the money, gambling, and hedging their bets by using referees to protect their money.

“The NFL was rigged, and it’s getting much worse. IN 2021, the NFL became partners with FanEuel, DraftKings, and Caesars, striking a five-year PACs worth billions.”

“Before 2021, only 20 games had ever had more than 150,000 bets placed on them. In 2023, every single game has had more than 150,000 bets placed on them.”

“Is it really so hard to believe that the ones in power aren’t comfortable leaving billions completely to chance?”

“The referee decisions have become extremely controversial, and fans are starting to notice. Up until 2022, only six times has the spread line for an NFL game moved more than eight points. This indicates one side is getting a ridiculous amount of money.”

“Since then, it has happened 25 times in only two seasons, and interestingly, these teams who have received eight or more points of line movement have covered the spread 19 out of 25 times.”


On The Pat Sajak Show (1990), he interviewed Dan Moldea, author of Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football.

“Virtually every team owner gambles?”

“No fewer than 26 . . . NFL team owners have documented ties past and present NFL team owners have documented business ties to either the gambling community and, or organized crime syndicate.”

He talks about how he got involved in 1983.

“Vincent Personi, the head of the Michigan State Attorney General Office Organized Crime Division, told me if you’re gonna do a book about the NFL, Dan, you’re gonna have to get into this guy, Don Dawson. because he was fixing games. We knew it.”

How do these investigations get quashed?

“The NFL security people, who are all former Justice Department people, will go to their colleagues, their old colleagues in the Justice Department or these various law enforcement agencies, and they’ll say, ‘we can handle this internally, let us handle it internally so that we’re not getting all the publicity that we would be getting.'”

As we have mentioned, this was in 1990. Dan goes on to say what is happening as they move forward into the future from that point in time.

“Now they’re starting to legalize gambling in Oregon. They’re gonna have a sports lottery, NFL lottery in Oregon. Kentucky. I mean, the state isn’t in the book-making business for eleemosynary or philanthropic purposes.

If we took a magnifying glass to Organized Crime, I would theorize that they had much to do with passing legislation pushing for betting and lotteries in all the states they are involved in.

As the seeds of lotteries and gambling are being placed, the next part of their insidious plan would be to “normalize” betting.

They’re gonna be in this to make money. They’re gonna take 40% to 60% skim of the handle of the total pool of the bets, and in the end, they’re gonna educate the public on how to gamble. How to use the point spread and then the public is gonna realize that it can get a bigger bang for its buck from Charlie the booky, the friendly local bookmaker at the corner bar, who’s gonna be making you put up 11 dollars to win 10 dollars and taking a 10% vigorous or commission on the losing bets he books.”

Dan is describing everything from 1983 up to 1990.

With the videos and additional information, I believe we have covered a lot of territory on following the money of Organized Crime and the Global Elite. They all tie in some level of the agenda and merge with their interests to create a distraction.


When I was younger, I watched the World Wrestling Federation with Hulk Hulgan, but when I could discern it was fake, I stopped watching it. It has since changed its name, and rightfully so, to World Wrestling Entertainment. It is staged, the outcome is rigged, and it is fake. As the name changed, we all know that no matter what we say or do, the matches are rigged.

The people are real human beings who work hard to maintain optimal levels of their bodies and put in the work to be in great shape. To this, I respect their efforts, and I know when they step into the arena or on television, it is “show time,” they are actors participating and following a script to bring in as much money as possible.

When I had my kids, I decided to stop watching sports to help them from falling into the trap of what has evolved in the sports world. I wanted to teach them the intrinsic values taught in the past by reading, watching, and discussing the values portrayed in movies like Invincible, The Hill, The Rookie, Glory Road, Remember the Titans, and many more.

As far as the sports world, I lost all respect for all sports as I could see the athlete’s priority was money instead of the intrinsic values of the game. I compare the attitudes and mindsets of our current athletes to this quote by Shoeless Joe Jackson (irony in that as well), talking about baseball.

“I loved the game. I’d have played for food money. I’d have played for free and worked for food. It was the game, the parks, the smells, the sounds. Have you ever held a bat or a baseball to your face? The varnish, the leather. And it was the crowd, the excitement of them rising as one when the ball was hit deep.”

Sports are owned by private money, and if they want to play games with the best teams and athletes winning, they have that right. If they want to rig games with new technology and have referees cheat. It is their right as long as the public is told up front what the sports are all about as entertainment.

So be it if the Super Bowl is predetermined and the owners have already picked the winners. It’s entertainment.

I take issue with the hero-worshipping and the corrupting influence of money, gambling, and lies in entertainment, just as I do with politics. I take issue with any form of deception. I take issue with the distraction as well, as people don’t realize that through hero-worshipping, they are parroting what to say, do, and even vote for in all elections as they are easily influenced on what to think instead of how to think. I take issue with it being a cover to normalize vices for profit’s sake and selling them to younger generations without them knowing. I do take issue with the scripts and pushing any agenda, including government, corporation, and Globalist narratives.

It is a tool of tyranny (4) and mind control.

It is a tool of indoctrination, misinformation, and propaganda.

It is by these means and others that, as Americans and humans, we are losing their rights.

“The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full bellies and the excitement of the games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

It keeps us from seeing we are in bondage and understanding that entertainment is fleecing us while we are paying enormous amounts of taxes and debts to pay for the Global Criminal Syndicate Globalists (5) as the 1% continue to get richer and the rest of the 99 percent get poorer (6). It blinds us to the real culprits of why life is gradually getting harder and harder for most of humanity (7). Let’s not get distracted by entertainment to the Globalist Agenda and play into their hands.

(1) The devious art of lying by telling the truth

(2) True Lies: People Who Lie Via Telling Truth Viewed Harshly, Study Finds

(3) Bread and Circuses

(4) Liberty or Tyranny; it’s your choice, but choose intentionally

(5) World War 3 Isn’t What You Think; It is the Globalists vs the Rest of Us

(6) We Need To Wake Up and Stand With the 99%

(7) The Global Financiers Agenda to Gradually Takeover Government and Industry: The World


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