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The Good Cop Bad Cop Propaganda Routine in the Macro World Affairs

Most of the public has never been interviewed or interrogated by the police. It is important to understand their tactics for various reasons. We would like to look at the interviewing techniques of the Good Cop and Bad Cop through a microscope as a psychological weapon to be used against an individual and group of people. We mention the micro-level, but we want to show how this pattern applies to the macro-level as well.


The Good Cop Bad Cop is a tactic used by two people acting in a shared cause, as in a polycephaly. They can appear on the surface to be acting differently in order to whip up emotions of love for one cop and hate for the other cop. It is nothing more than a distraction from their true purpose and intent as to confuse and capture the demented, bewildered and muddled targeted individual.


The bad cop is aggressive and negative toward the individual, while making blatant accusations, threats and derogatory comments in dehumanizing the person by browbeating them into submission. While the good cop fakes sympathy. He pretends to be supportive and understanding toward the person in order to gain trust.


The stressed-out interrogated individual is going through psychological warfare and is looking for an out to relieve their stress, pain and suffering. The person they most look to in order to help relieve this discomfort is the good cop as it produces a confession. They feel tormented and just want the pain to stop. We can argue another time whether it is an honest or a coerced confession.

The point is to keep the eye on the ball in regard to the Good Cop Bad Cop technique. We have described it on a personal and micro-level as in a person, citizen, partnership in a marriage, families, household and neighborhood.


We want to take it up a notch, to the macro-level, as we show how the pattern of Good Cop Bad Cop can be used to trick the masses, sway and whip them into a frenzy so that they take another course of direction that can be confusing, detrimental and wrong in a logical state of mind. But in an emotional, stressed, pain and suffering mind one seeks the path of least resistance to end the psychological torture that is happening in the minds of the masses.

At the macro-level it can be a community, a civilization, society, or an entire nation. We want it to extend it further into the international and global gambit.


When I was in high school, I remember waking up in the morning and watching CNN with my mother as they reported Operation Desert Storm in 1991. It was very fascinating. I remember how it drummed up various emotions.

As I grew up and experienced life, and started to understand the world better. I had great mentors along with reading various books on topics of psychology, philosophy, and history. I started to see patterns forming as the United States continued to insert itself in the affairs of other countries in the form of wars and so-called nation building.

One of the patterns I saw was how truth was distorted, and was a casualty due to all the emotional disturbances that were taking place on the television as we moved forward from Operation Desert Storm into the Bosnian and Croatian War, and Kosovo War.

Then the thread of war would lead into 9/11, the War on Terror, War on Afghanistan, War on Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.

In our present moment, we are facing the Israeli and Palestine conflict.

As we have moved forward into the present moment to see these patterns, its also important to turn backward into history. We will find the common denominators over and over again.

The truth wasn’t only lost, but the dehumanization of people were taking place and the trend was for the oppressors to humiliate the oppressed to appear to behave more like animals than human beings. The oppressors poison the minds of the confused to see the oppressed as the bad guys and the oppressors as the good guys. The good cop and bad cop tactics are used by the media, different countries and alliances to drum up support in the unread and uneducated majority of Americans to support evil over good. And the people are none the wiser.

Whenever I have observed on micro-level of dehumanizing of a person or a group of people, I can tell you something insidious and evil is being perpetrated. It is no different, except the scale and population size in regard to the macro-level.

In the forty plus years I have been alive, I understand even more of what John Quincy Adams was telling Americans in his day that would bleed over into modern America today.


The military industrial complex, crony capitalists, deep state and their political lackeys have been going “abroad, in search of monsters to destroy” for close to a hundred years now.

I’m afraid we have not heeded the warnings of John Quincy Adams and Friedrich Nietzsche. As we are becoming the monsters ourselves as we have become drones in the habit of blindly obeying and cooperating with the slavish propaganda being peddled by the media and corrupt so-called leaders of the countries of the world and international organizations feeding us their lies to protect their assets, wealth and agenda.

These so-called leaders have betrayed their own national people as they appear to be working against each other, but in reality they are working hand in hand behind the scenes to consolidate money, and land to centralize everything through digital identification and finances to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and humanity their slaves.

They drive a wedge between their own people and the people of other nations and of the world. They know what they are doing as they work as Polycephaly’s in multiple heads, but with the same agenda. They are all true propagandist’s in intent and purpose.

Let’s not forget how tyrants work. We see micro-level tyrants locally and seem to be able to identify them right off the bat. It seems we start to loose sight of them as as they reach further and further into the macro-level.

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