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The Divide Between Left vs Right Benefits Statists, Nationalists, Globalists & Feudalism

A post on Facebook from a group called Left Way Forward grabbed my attention.

It’s a trap! It’s goading and baiting people to slip into the left verse right mind-set to get into the boxing ring and waste time debating which team is the best.

As one might be reading the caption on the first picture, one could gravitate to autopilot and become emotional by getting into the habit of having their blood boil. One could get upset and become fearful of this statement, angry, and even hateful.

This statement triggers a conditioned response and can put people in a box, blinding those who become emotionally charged and leading them into self-deception.


The words and concepts could trigger and place people in a box of self-deception, to the point of getting them to enter the boxing ring to fight each other, waving the conditioned flag of their political party.

The right’s freedom is defined as selfishness, materialism, and worldliness, which are about having more than one’s neighbor and not caring about others.

The left’s freedom is defined as unity, where everyone takes care of each other and thrives.

It concludes.

“We are not the same,” which would lead people to think the left is the good guys, and the right is the monsters. The statement is about the us versus them, left-right paradigm, which can be demeaning. It triggers two sides for an armed conflict.

Those attached to their flagship of the left/Democrat Party or right/Republican Party will feel it is a jab and an attack on them as a person, family, friends, and their tribe. Our emotions will get the best of us, and we will collude with our team to create allies for an army to go to war.

Our want-to-be ruling elites are hoping, pushing, nudging, and manipulating people, organizations, and parties to become emotional and fight to keep our eye off of them and distracted from what they are achieving.

(Based on Arbringer Institute concept of Collusion, In-the-Box, and Heart of War)

“They’ve got these terms that there are, and it’s very unfortunate that, you know, multiple generations of children have now been conditioned in the schools to respond this way. It’s not that they’re thinking about the evidence or what you’ve stated. They’re just conditioned to respond very emotionally to these trigger words. So it’s not that they’re listening to what you’re saying, evaluating your argument, and figuring out if it’s a logical argument or if the conclusion follows logically from the premises. They’re just having an emotional response like Pavlov’s dogs were drooling.” — Alex Newman

We must understand how our emotions and conditioned responses can be used against us. It is as if a person or persons owns the remote control and can push our buttons to react like Pavlov’s dogs. Unfortunately, we call people “leaders” who are tyrants in both parties and have a personal or team agenda.

They whip everyone’s emotions up by being fearful of an event, situation, or people into a patriotic fever for team red or blue our conditioned and attached flagships by banging the drums of war.

Just like the post on Facebook by the group Left Way Forward. Whether it was done intentionally or accidentally because of our conditioning, this post beat the war drum and whipped their allies, team, and army into the attached and conditioned fervor and emotions to go to war and hate the right. This narrows the mind and serves the want-to-be ruling class, nationalists, statists, and globalists’ agenda as they are dumbing Americans down and playing us like fiddles in the divide-and-rule strategy.

“Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.

And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.

How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Ceasar.” — Julius Ceasar

As we are distracted and fighting each other, they are behind our backs, consolidating power, control, and wealth. There is not much difference between the left and right power base.

“By 1962 Norman Thomas summed up the whole situation as follows: “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of Socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.” (1)

Statists are on both sides of the aisle, and wolves hide in sheep’s clothing. The statists wear blue and red. The good guys on both sides of the aisle are also trying to fight the tyrants. On the surface, it can be hard to tell the difference between the good and bad guys. We can’t rely on the cheerleaders, chants, and jerseys they wear. We have to be aware and discern between their words and actions. We also need to see the history and the direction in which their words, actions, behaviors, and votes have taken our country. Are they for consolidation of power and control in the few hands for tyranny and sell-outs, or are they protecting the people by obeying, honoring, and defending their Oath to the Constitution of the United States (or State Constitutions)?

“Powerful special interests rule, and there seems to be no way to fight against them. While the middle class is being destroyed, the poor suffer, the justly rich are being looted, and the unjustly rich are getting richer. The wealth of the country has fallen into the hands of a few at the expense of the many.” — Ron Paul, Liberty Defined

This easy money and powerful interests have ties to the Federal Reserve and the international global elite. With their money, they have bought up very influential influences and resources through the years through unfettered corporations. These powerful special interests influence the blue and red teams, and they seem to be merging into the Uniparty called Statitism and Oligarchy. Individuals in both parties are trying to stop this and warn the American people. These are the people we need to rally around, support, and listen to fight the divide-and-rule strategy and unite to fight tyranny.

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” — Benito Mussolini

Look at how many people work for these influential corporations (a dangerous modification of Laissez Faire), which have a revolving door of employees hired or rehired by blue or red presidents. The players and the corporations play a big part in controlling the direction of our country.

Corporations should have regulations, and in early America, they did, but these powerful monopolists gradually got like-minded people in power and positions to unleash the Kraken onto the people and small businesses. Unfortunately, money is a tool, and it is directed by the interests who control the most wealth. It only serves the 1% of our want-to-be rulers.

These powerful special interests are hell-bent on returning humanity to feudalism, but this time through digital feudalism, where they are lord over most of the world as surfs.

(1) The Globalist Agenda Programs Humanity To Be Unhappy By Their Religion of Consumption


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