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Tax Dollars=Drag Show in Cedar City?!

Tax funded drag show

I’m sitting here wondering why I am so surprised by where I am seeing our tax dollars go this time.  We are silently funding all manner of evil in this great land of ours, even within our small community in Iron County.  We can’t help but notice the large things our tax dollars fund, but we often are not aware of all of the small things we are funding- all of the many, many government divisions and agencies that exist, that should never have existed in the first place.  These divisions and agencies take millions, and I daresay its impossible to know everything they get their hands into.

Event advertised on the Johnson Art Center website (June 2023)

Today we are going to look at an event that is being advertised in Iron County to take place this coming weekend.  This event is titled Drag Paint Day and is to be held at the Johnson Center for Community Arts & Education.  The Johnson Center is funded in part by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums as well as Cedar City Corporation.  So, keep in mind, it isn’t even just state funds, our own city helps fund this center.

The "Private" John Center advertising that they are funded by public tax money.
The “Private” Johnson Art Center advertising on their website that they are funded by public tax money (June 2023).

This event is an artist led painting session accompanied by a drag show.  This in and of itself has no business being held in a facility that is partly funded by tax dollars.  Were any of us asked if we would mind spending our hard earned money on a drag show?  If I want to see a drag show I’ll take my hard earned money and head to Vegas.  I expect everyone else to do the same.  Now, to put the cherry on top, this event is being advertised as family friendly.  As in, these people find it perfectly appropriate to sit young children down and have them watch grown men prance around in women’s clothing.  I don’t care how modest the women’s clothing is, it is not in any way, shape or form appropriate to subject children to view such confusing entertainment.  It is nothing short of grooming, and as tax payers, we should be up in arms about our tax dollars promoting such events.  I suppose I missed the memo explaining how men dressed as women qualifies as art?  If my tax dollars must go to fund an art center, then I fully expect that center to focus on art, and only art.  Tax dollars funding such centers is a whole other topic. 

We all have our God given right to live as we please, as long as we are not stepping on another’s right to life, liberty or property.  I will not try to stop anyone who wishes to hold a drag show in the privacy of their own home or business.  However, it should not even be an option to put on such an event in a tax payer funded facility.  I, for one, will not stand by and silently watch my hard earned money fund grooming events for the whole family.  This is just another sign of an overbloated government, stuffed with our money, “providing” such nice facilities to those in the zoo.

(1) Johnson Art Center
(2) Agenda across the state, Defending Utah reports on similar drag shows in Utah County


10 Responses

  1. Don’t allow these types of events to come and go without you all protesting this type of disgusting activity, let your City and County leaders know that this is not what we want or expect to see in Iron County, these types of events are just a “ probe” by the degenerates that live this way and lead by the adversary, they want to see if the public will react to them desensitizing the public and more importantly the children. Get out and get your neighbors and Family to get on the phones and show up to fill the seats so no children can be in attendance. Protest them loudly and show them we won’t be pushed around.

  2. Some very valid points Chris. Back in the day (70’s, early 80’s) protesting all the new porn shops going up. It was quite an organized protest. What’s more, it worked.

    1. I’d be suspect of every “art class” or children’s camp these people offer. Check them ALL out!

  3. I called three different offices. It is working! Everyone make the effort. We can make a difference for good in our communities. They are postponing the event!!! Let them know how you feel. Let’s make sure to have civil discussions. Honey catches more bees. 🙂

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