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Rethinking Elon Musk, Iron Man, and the Military Industrial Complex

I can remember when Captain America Civil War came out. After watching the movie, it seemed people separated into two camps, similar to when Twilight came out, and the craze for the majority of women was which team they were on: Team Jacob or Team Edward.

This same craze happened with Captain America Civil War after I saw a Facebook post claiming Team Iron Man. I hadn’t yet watched it, but I knew movies could have subliminal messages and even be part of propaganda, indoctrination, and programming.

It wasn’t just a culture war in the movies and in real life. I will tackle that in another article or two. But for now, seeing who Tony Stark or Iron Man was modeled after and what he stood for might open up the mind for additional pieces on the war for the mind and soul of America in our culture wars. It can be very subtle to draw us in through our emotions and humanize bad behavior and anti-American ideology.

First, let’s tackle who Iron Man is modeled after.

“Well, if Iron Man’s combo of bravado, tech ingenuity, and sheer eccentricity had you seeing shades of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, then you were right on the money.” (1)

“According to Fergus, Iron Man‘s creative team tried to conjure up the image of a modern-day Howard Hughes, but as he admits, “I think people don’t know who the hell that is.” So, seeing as this brainstorm happened in the early 2000s, who do you think came to mind? Fergus says, “Elon’s name was definitely in the conversation as the guy who grabbed the torch.”” (1)

“First… some background. Ironman director, Jon Favreau, and its star, Robert Downey Jr., were developing the Tony Stark character for the Iron Man film, when Robert Downey Jr. suggested that they meet Elon Musk. Favreau said, “Elon Musk makes no sense — and that’s the reason I know him. When I was trying to bring the character of genius billionaire Tony Stark to the big screen in Iron Man, I had no idea how to make him seem real. Robert Downey Jr. said, ‘We need to sit down with Elon Musk.'” After the meeting, they decided to use Elon Musk as “inspiration” in their portrayal of Tony Stark on screen.” (2)

Let’s dive deeper into Iron Man’s character.

“Iron Man is the superhero persona of Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, a businessman and engineer who runs the company Stark Industries.” (3)


President Eisenhower mentioned that Lockheed Martin or Stark Industries would be considered part of the Military Industrial Complex in his Farewell Address in 1961. Eisenhower gave a warning within a warning by saying: “Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

How have Americans been on being alert and knowledgeable? Gradually, over time, with distractions through Bread and Circuses (Football and other entertainment) and the dumbing down of our education or, as I would describe it, a schooling system, not education. With the saddest pain in my heart, I would give the majority of Americans an F for being vigilant in maintaining our freedoms and liberty and checking the gradual corruption of our government by not keeping it in check or the chains of the Constitution on its government regardless of it being Republican or Democrat.



Now, let’s dive into the collusion of teams—team Iron Man vs Team Captain America.


“The Team Iron Man vs. Team Cap conflict was, in essence, a clash of opposing ethics.” (6)

I would agree that the clash was an ideological one. The argument was for core values, principles, and priorities.

“Looking to keep the Avengers legitimate, Tony Stark signs the Sokovia Accords, permitting government oversight and control over the Avengers.” (6)

Iron Man’s heart was in the right place as he was mourning the death of innocent people. He was feeling guilt, pain, discomfort, and sadness as he was grieving. He was being emotional, not rational.

As the audience watches the theatrical drama, empathy and emotions enter people’s hearts and minds to agree with Iron Man and his emotional draw and argument. Sometimes, people believe something needs to be done in those moments, and having the first thing come to one’s mind feels right. As we know, the best thing is not to act irrationally and out of emotions. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to let things lie for a while and let the dust settle for more clarity.

This is a big reason for the Team Iron Man.

Another point is how to keep the “Avengers legitimate,” I would dare say Tony is acting out of fear and ego here as well.

“However, Steve Rogers refuses to sign the accords, skeptical of the way that might tie their hands in a crisis. The fate of the Winter Soldier widens the crack, as Tony argues for the greater good and Steve puts everything on the line for an old friend in desperate need of help.” (6)

Iron Man “argues for the greater good,” which, on the surface, sounds like taking the moral high ground. It sounds logical and reasonable on the surface level. But if we boil it down from being emotional, full of fear and ego, and seeing it as an argument for a slippery slope of enslavement to a tyrant to continue to beat Americans over the head. We start to see it differently.

Captain America didn’t really finish the discussion, due to the sudden interpruption. This leaves the argument hanging, and makes it appear Iron Man won the argument.

Captain America is “skeptical” of how the accords and government, people with an agenda in using their prejudices, biases, personal interest, and greed “might tie their hands” and co-opt the Avenger’s principles, ethics, and morals. Instead of being used for the greater good, they might be used for immoral purposes or ordered to stand down against what the Avengers stood for. Creating a layer of bureaucracy would make them loyal to the government and the Sokovia Accords by obeying little, then gradually unquestionable obedience to be fully enslaved.

At the end of a heated conversation and discussion that the Avengers are having regarding the Sokovia Accords, Captain America gets an urgent text that takes his mind off into more personal space as he leaves the conversation and cannot continue the debate. As one can only imagine and place ourselves in Steve’s shoes, he is no longer attached to the conversation and issue. As he needs to leave, Iron Man can be heard in the background saying, “Case closed. I win.”

Was this a subliminal message sent to the audience? Iron Man’s persuasion and his side of the Avengers were better in their persuasion than Captain America and his team. The United Nations was also thrown into the argument. We don’t have time to tackle this issue in this article, but we should all be aware of what (as well as who, when, where, and how) the United Nations is.

The narrative leads us to believe that “Steve puts everything on the line for an old friend in desperate need of help.” I think this was a weak argument, possibly on purpose. In reality, Captain America and his team stood up for freedom and liberty. If Captain America and his team could have had one last persuasive argument, it should have been, “Never let anyone take away your freedom because of ‘greater good.’ Freedom is the greater good.”

Why? Only once has a nation, country, and people ever won and achieved its freedom for the world to model and follow.

Today, we don’t have true Capitalism and a Republic as we have devolved into Crony Capitalism and Kleptocracy, which allows the military-industrial complex to thrive without correct oversight by We the People. For people to blame, our current situation on Capitalism is ignorance, brainwashing, apathy, and indifference.

This is why We Need To Stand Up For 99%. The people who are being oppressed by the 1%.

Now, let’s come back to Elon Musk.

In an interview with Whitney Webb, she was asked about her thoughts on Elon Musk. The interview chimes in about how he thinks Elon is splitting the crowd, and she responds, “he is splitting the crowd, but I think it is by design.” (7)

Anyone who follows Whitney Webb needs to pay attention to what she says. She is a real investigative journalist who has researched and knows what she is saying. Of course, with anyone and anything, we need to do our research; we even want you to research the articles we write.

The show points out how Elon Musk acquired Twitter and has proclaimed himself the champion of free speech but censored Turkish opposition during the elections at the request of their government. Elon then talks about climate change and how he is a leading advocate. I would also add that when rewatching Marvel movies, he drives electric cars. I would say there is a subliminal message we need to be aware of that is pushing us towards utopia.

It’s as if he is drawing people in on all the good things he has done, and since he is good, then we should trust him on these other things and give in to the Climate Change hoax. It seems to be a tactic to soften opposition to the Global agenda.

It’s the tactic of the Overton Window.

He’s backed by, and friends with, Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

Whitney responds:

“People need to keep in mind that a large amount of alternative media gets money from what I refer to as ‘Thielverse’ with meaning Peter Thiel, right, but really more broadly, it’s the PayPal PayPal Mafia, as it’s been called people affiliated with Pay Pal to various degrees, which of course includes Elon Musk, they have a lot of influence alternate over alternative media and even over content platforms like rumble and have been funding quote unquote libertarian movements and all of this stuff that I don’t really see them as being libertarian at all.” (7)

“So, like taking Peter Thiel as an example you know, Peter Thiel claims to be a Bitcoin maximalist, right and then he goes after he says that on a panel next to then CIA director Mike Pompeo, and says Bitcoin is a Chinese financial weapon against the US dollar. Right. And then in terms of libertarianism, you know, Peter Thiel says he’s a libertarian, but instead he created Palantir, which is the most insane surveillance tool that the CIA has today.” (7)

“So you literally handed the worst part of the state in the worst tool possible that you’re a libertarian, and you’re against state overreach.” (7)

“And so similarly, Elon Musk has you have to look at the actions of Musk and then what he says and a lot of people do that whether it’s for Musk or really anyone you have to look at people’s actions, not just what they say, because someone can say all the right things and then, you know, be totally fucking you behind your back. And if you’re just going to take what they’re telling you and the excuses and whatever. I mean, you’ll never figure out what’s actually going on. And I think that’s fair for Elon Musk as well.” (7)

“Did he buy Twitter to save free speech? Or did he buy Twitter to have a mass of data to train AI on and to train all the sorts of products he has on? Or did he make it like he’s openly admitted that he buy it so he can turn Twitter now x and 2x the everything app that doesn’t just become, you know, a major, you know, isn’t just social media, it becomes half of the financial system and becomes American WeChat.” (7)

“Which, of course WeChat in China is the everything app means you have all the data basically, if people use it for everything emulates more data than everything else, and it has all the control has all the control.” (7)

“So you know, people are naive here, I think because I mean, you Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. But is he the richest man in the world just because of his own entrepreneur, entrepreneurial, whatever? Or is it because his companies were held up by government subsidies that allowed him to become rich and He’s the richest man in the world because he worked with the state.” (7)

“His company SpaceX is currently a contractor developed the military and intelligence communities. Yeah, its success is contingent on those contracts SpaceX and his entire trajectory up to this point has been contingent on government subsidies or things of that nature. That’s a problem.” (7)

“He’s, I mean, Twitter’s Twitter’s still censors people. And they have a plan for like the US 2024 lecture about how the censor people the CEO of X Twitter, Linda, yuck Marino, or whatever her name is, has said it’s freedom of speech, not freedom of reach. That’s still Twitter policy. So, you know, I mean, he can say that Musk can say all this stuff about free speech, but how far does it really go?” (7)

“He censored the account that showed where his private jet is going, which is like publicly available information. You know.” (7)

“These guys, again, you know, there’s this famous guy from the US who was very influential in his time named Albert Pike, right, who was very influential with the powers that be and you’re affiliated with Freemasonry and said something to the effect of every time that people want a hero we will supply him, right.” (7)

“Elon Musk to me seems to be one of those figures. Why didn’t people for some reason see him as this Tony Stark Iron Man kind of guy well, the Iron Man movies were funded largely, or they had a significant I forget the exact amount but a very large contract with the US military. While Elon Musk has companies that are also affiliated at the time with the US military, and Robert Downey Jr. decides to model Tony Stark, and Ironman and whatever after Elon Musk and Elon Musk makes an appearance in the movie, and then people years ago start affiliating Elon Musk with this brilliant scientist who’s going to save us all right.” (7)

“And how far have things progressed since then? You know what I mean? And remember, Elon was to a brain chip that’s killed like half of not half but a significant amount of the monkeys that was tested on and now they’ve gone to human trials are starting human trials.” (7)

“If I was an altruistic guy that just wanted to make a brain chip. Sorry, it just sounds insane even say that. But anyway, I wanted to make this this thing. This product that goes in people’s bodies and half of the animals died. Or like a third or whatever, die. I would go back to the drawing board and find a way to make it so it doesn’t kill that many animals before human trials.” (7)

“And then you have the fact that he said stuff like access as meaning Twitter as humanity’s collective consciousness and all the stuff that he’s involved in the generative AI stuff too. He helped create open AI. He has his own now, which is allegedly more far left then open AIS chat. GPT is even though he’s positioned as being the opposite.” (7)

“I mean, there’s a lot of contradictions there. So again, I would encourage people to look at people’s actions. And you know, Musk is a businessman and a businessman tied to the national security state at that. I mean, these are not the kinds of people that you should just trust. Naively and blindly. And you should scrutinize their actions and not just pay attention to the nice things they say or, Oh, he said the F word on New York Times deal book and gave those advertisers the middle finger.” (7)

“You know, there’s a lot of stuff he is doing that is not good, and people need to be wary of this whole issue. Push to turn Twitter x into part of a key part of the financial system that you’ll use to pay for everything. Because at the same time, we’re having this push to totally remake money, whether it’s to a cbdc or a heavily regulated stable coin or deposit tokens or any of this programmable money stuff. And obviously, at some point, if you if we let it happen, that programmability programmability aspect is going to be informed by what people say on social media.” (7)

“So it’s a slippery slope and do we want to give any one person let alone the richest man in the world? That kind of power just because, like occasionally, he’ll smoke a doobie on Rogen and say the F word on TV. I mean, I think that’s naive.” (7)


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