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Public Service Announcement: Emergency Preparedness

An Iron County Community Emergency Response Team CERT training in ‘Stop the Bleed’ and CPR was provided to the public on Saturday Dec 23rd. Sixteen people found the time two days before Christmas for this life saving training. The training was organized by Oath Keepers USA National ‘Community Preparedness Teams’ Leader Mike Drury. Mike Also taught the ‘Stop The Bleed’  portion of the training, giving anyone with  these skills the ability to save the life of a critically injured person who will otherwise Bleed out before Emergency Responders can arrive. The CPR portion of the training was provided by Paul Christensen of PC Training (435) 592-1408. All students staying for the completion of both trainings earned Certifications in both. For more information on the whole Iron County CERT program call (435) 865-5332. For more information on Oath Keepers USA or for membership go to


5 Responses

  1. We were grateful to be able to take these courses, both instructors were not only certified but both have had and are currently proficient at the skills they brought to our classes and use them frequently. This type of training I would highly recommend to any and everyone, so that if and when you have need to assist in life saving you are an asset and not just another liability.

    1. We will try to inform everyone of future classes. But we can only publicize these classes if we are aware of them, their location, dates and time (hint).

  2. Thanks to our Oath Keepers USA Utah Chapter and Iron County Emergency Services Coordinator George Colson. Also a huge thank you to Paul Christensen and Mike Drury, OK USA National CPT Leader. And last but not least the Cedar City residents who attended and now can save a life(s) with this training.

  3. These classes should be taken by as many friends and neighbors as you know. A community with a well trained populous is a great asset in times of disaster where local first responders are being overwhelmed with causalities. Both instructors were professional with many years of experience under their belts.

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