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Protecting our Churches and Children

WASHINGTON COUNTY – On Saturday, June 17th at the Red Lion Hotel in Saint George, Utah there was a very informative and collaborative event called: Protecting our Churches & Children.

Jason Preston the host and owner of’ We ARE the People Radio’ and who also ran against John Curtis for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District for U.S. House of Representatives last year, introduced Julie Behling, the author of Beneath Sheep’s Clothing to kick off the event. Julie shared her experiences in the Soviet Union/Russia. She went on to speak to the effects of her thesis, and why she based her book on the experience she had, and why she decided to create and published the book.

After she shared her background with the audience, Jason introduced the keynote speaker Dr. James Lindsay, who is known for his appearances with President Donald J. Trump, on the Ben Shapiro Show, the Kate Dalley Show, and others. He is also an author of numerous books, is a mathematician and is a cultural critic. He spoke about the threat we all face in our country, and the world. There are five institutions in our country that form a major part of American culture. The five institutions are religion, family, education, media and law. Out of these five he emphasized three, family, faith, and education that can be targeted, influenced and that can fundamentally change our country. If just these three get targeted, influenced, captured or otherwise taken over our country is forever changed in a very bad way.

He continued to speak on about the history of communism, and how it can adversely and negatively affect our country and way of life by negatively influencing religion, family, education, media, and the law. His words serve as a second witness to all that Julie’s book describes.

Finally, there will be a very engaging, in-depth documentary, that is titled the same as Julie’s book, Beneath Sheep’s Clothing. Her and her team needs support, donations and more. Please consider helping, by visiting her site. You are all welcome to watch the trailer of the documentary here.


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