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Moms for America & Constitution Day

Brought to you by a Guest/ Author of Iron County News

Moms for America is a national group of moms who desire to empower mothers to raise patriots and promote liberty. We desire to create liberty-minded dialogue with mothers, families and our community. We want to understand what liberty means and how to support and defend liberty principles… this is why we are hosting a monthly moms for America Book group, the second Thursday of each month.  This month’s book is a classic: Animal farm, by Orwell.

We also want to support families in getting good, patriotic stories and American history, not revisionist history. Therefore, we are also hosting monthly We Love America “Storytime’s” throughout the country. Right now, we have one scheduled at the Cedar Library for the first Friday of each month, except for September 8th this month, because of Labor Day weekend.  This month’s theme: Our Constitution to celebrate Constitution Day! 

We also hope to promote the Constitution Day holiday in many ways by encouraging the school district to fulfill the 2004 mandate that federally funded educational institutions give instruction on  the constitution on constitution Day each year. So we personally emailed each elementary school in the district (each fifth grade teacher—who teaches American history—and their principals), inviting them to participate as a class and school in some small way and be an ambassador for this initiative! So far we have only heard back from two teachers…So reach out to your school and help follow up!

And last., we want to help individuals better understand the Constitution and how simple it can be. we hope to do that for others by encouraging an annual Constitution workshop every September that is open to the public and aimed at educating the general citizen. (Wouldn’t it be great if all of us as citizens could answer the citizenship questions immigrants have to answer to become an American Citizen!) So, let’s get educated and open dialogue about these things!

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  1. Our organization of Oath Keepers USA will ALWAYS stand next to our Moms. And this publication should allow for ALL Constitutional groups to have the same freedom to be represented.

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