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It’s Time to Make the Monopolistic Mainstream-Establishment Media Obsolete

“I’ve realized the media is pushing an narrative more than they are pushing the truth.” — Tucker Carlson

The power to make the monopolistic Mainstream or Establishment Media obsolete is in our hands, we just have to recognize and apply it in our own communities and lives.

In the article, we will break it down how we as a people in this nation can take our power back and bypass what we call “mainstream” and be independent journalist in the geographical areas we live to establish our own news networks.

On Stephen Gardner’s YouTube channel, he interviews Dr. Steve Turley about a number of subjects. One of the subjects they cover is talking about what is perceived as the biggest threats to America.

Stephen Gardner brought up the point, “Obama said the biggest threat to America is a divided media that teaches us to hate each other.

Gardner said, “I do think there is some truth to what Obama said.”

The truth is that the mainstream media likes to make mountains out of molehills to promote certain agendas, they regularly lie by omission, purposefully ignoring important stories they don’t want people to know about. At the same time they’re having endless panel discussion and rehashing the same story and beating the narrative into our heads over and over by repetition, while missing and reporting the real news and current events happening in our country that Americans should be informed about.

It is the mainstream narratives that are dividing our country and causing the hate. If anyone disagrees with the script, then they are the ones causing the hate, regardless of seeking out the truth. If one disagrees then they are in the wrong automatically by challenging their authority. It has a feel to abusive narcissistic spouse, friend, family member or associate.

Remember it is okay to disagree, it doesn’t mean we hate one another.

We need to get this belief out of our heads and our culture. It is a lie.

We should consciously and intentionally choose to make progress in any discussion or argument. It is humility, growth and learning that should be the clear objectives, instead of the narcissistic way of being right.

“The thing that I’m most worried about is the degree to which we now have a divided conversation in part because we have a divided media,” Obama said. (1)

Because of the “mainstream media” not wanting to tell the complete truth, people are having to go else where because we can’t trust the bias and prejudice happening through the monopoly as they protect the political class in a reciprocal unhealthy corrupting collusion.

“When I was coming up you had three TV stations and people were getting a similar sense of what is true and what isn’t, what was real and what was not,” he said. “Today, what I’m most concerned about is the fact that because of the splintering of the media, we almost occupy different realities.” (1)

Is it because, the three TV stations were owned and monopolized with money along with the control and flow of the information?

The “mainstream media” and their officially paid “fact-checkers” will tell us this is not true, we the people say otherwise. Their lies should discredit them and people should stop listening and watching them immediately and instead become our own fact-checkers.

Dr. Turley makes a significant observation and insight into the direction of the media and how we as individuals can empower ourselves and make a difference by becoming our own reporters and journalists with a heuristic direction instead of the eristic approach our current political class and their colluders, the media are all about and have trained and sucked us in by their indoctrination through out our society, including the school system.

“It’s largely because of the rise of the Network Society. . . . where populations, like what we’re doing right now, you know, you’re in Utah. I’m in Delaware. We can relate to each other, uh, you know fairly intimately in many respects. Totally disregarding our proximity to one another.”

Technology is a tool, and since its application with the internet. People don’t have to live in proximation with one another to be able to have discussions to further progress and ideas for self-improvement and betterment of society.

“So 19th Century and 20th Century society were, uh, they’re known as mass society. That’s where people had to gather in uh, in massive conglomerate areas, because the society was structured in relation to proximity.”

Technology again, allows mass communication without living by one another.

“So if you and I wanted to make it big in country music, we’d have to go to Nashville or if we wanted to start a Casino or something we’d have to go to Vegas or if we wanted to make some money on the Stock Market, we would have to go to Wall Street. . . . Today, with the rise of the internet all of that has changed and it’s changed dramatically. I mean just with the advent of remote work, we’re already seeing that.”

Our cell phones and technological devices are tools. They can be used for healthy and unhealthy purposes. If we are addicted to them, it can be unhealthy. If we can utilize them for communication and being able to record and document corruption, then it can be a healthy tool.

“We’re living in a society we’re less and less dependent on proximity for our social networks and what that’s done is it’s radically democratized information. Information doesn’t gather at Rockefeller Center or the CNN building in Atlanta or in the or in the, uh, the halls of the New York Times. Just think of how spatially specifically all our newspapers are from New York Times, The Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune.”

Since we don’t have to live close to the information centers or even where the population is dense, this leaves an opportunity to receive data and knowledge through wifi. This has the power of decentralizing the power and choke holds that the 6 corporations have on the flow of information we gather and receive. By democratizing information, we are able to turn the tables, coordinate by trimming their lies and being able level the playing field to check their hypocrisy and deceitfulness, while pressuring them to change the culture and take the money away from their hands as we become their rivals and challengers to report issues with truthfulness and integrity. This is will switch the readers over to our local newspapers and standardize honesty and accurate reporting.

“All these cosmopolitan centers that aggregated this massive population centers. When now we’re all dispersing and as we’re dispersing the information . . . (we’re) dispersing right along with it now everybody with a, you know a cell phone is a cameraman. Everybody with a social media account is a pundit and that’s radically, radically changing the way we’re consuming, uh, information, because now what that means is we can fact check the fact checkers.”

Using our cell phones by utilizing the cameras along with social media accounts to report news, we as individuals and as Americans can radically change what we are consuming from lies to the truth. Its amazing how people’s words and actions change when they are being recorded audio or visually.

“You and I, Stephen, just as independent content creators, we have just as much access to information in if anything because . . . we have a broader hermeneutical horizon. . . . A broader interpretive horizon. We’re trying to understand the world more broadly, hence the success of podcasting. . . . where we’re not getting these quick little 30-second sound bites . . . you’re taking a good 30 minutes 40 minutes to really chew on something and think about and think with somebody . . . because of that we may have more access to more information, than the major media conglomerates. Therefore, we have the capacity to fact check the self-anointed fact checkers.”

Everyone of us can become independent content creators, as we have access to the same information that is out there by way of the internet. We can not chase the right/left paradigms in becoming independent journalists. We must seek out the rights and wrongs of the stories by filtering everything down to the smallest detail and being guided by the truth and not the narrative and money.

“This kind of loops around too. Its very interesting. The more information gets democratized, the more we’ve lost trust in the Legacy Media, the mainstream media.”

We can’t trust the legacy media anymore.

“That’s where I think something like corroboration comes in, so if you can find the same thing being argued, but from two very different sources . . . then come up with a common picture.”

What is Hermeneutical? Bryan Hyde does a great job in defining Heuristic learning.

” . . . the difference between heuristic and eristic learning. Heuristic learning is built upon seeking truth — whatever that truth may be. This requires original research and tireless effort to discover and learn the facts.” (3)

“Eristic learning is based in fighting with words and utilizing specious or flawed reasoning. In this model of learning, achieving victory is more important than discovering truth. It absolves the individual from any personal responsibility to seek truth by virtue of the ideology they hold.” (3)

The left/right approach in the political arena of Republicans vs Democrats follow the eristic style of learning and follows the divide and conquer strategy of the political class.

“. . . the biggest questions we struggle with today have been wrestled with by great thinkers who lived before us. Human nature has remained essentially unchanged through the ages. This is how we train our minds to think beyond the artificial limits of conventional wisdom.” (3)

Human nature has remained constant, and we have the words of these great thinkers at our fingertips to share with others as we learn something new that is beyond the “artificial limits” of the mainstream media’s narratives and lies. We must break down these walls that they are trying to hide the truth from us with.

Each of us is more than qualified to examine the world and to make our own assumptions without being chained to a political ideology. Sadly, there are many who have been falsely led to believe that they must identify with a given party dogma or wear certain labels.” (3)

We are more than qualified to explore the world, if we would self-educate ourselves by taking the time to read and find alternative sources of independent content creators who are seeking and speaking the truth, for the sake of truth to liberate and keep our nation free.

The pathway to this level of thinking does not require mentally partnering with a particular political point of view. In fact, the last thing these students needed was to be subjected to the toxic effects of ideology.

By taking the heuristic road and not mentally partnering up with any “particular political point of view”, one can start down the journey of learning and growing by allowing the truth to lead one another. By taking this view, we can start to be independent journalists in our own cities, counties and states by reporting the news and pushing back the mainstream media by starting our own news websites, like we have done for We can make the mainstream media obsolete by holding them accountable.

We can help guide and set you up in your own communities to be the Voice of the People in your own neck of the woods. Newspapers for a New Nation by using The Newspaper Exchange System concept, but instead of paper content, we would utilize digital materials. We would share news stories from all over the nation that is created by truth seekers wanting to push against the political class narratives that is trying to divide us to drive us into a new refeudalization. We can make the establishment media out-of-date and no longer even considered mainstream as our Digital Exchange System replaces it with the Voice of the People, not the Political Class.

It’s time to build an army of heuristic, fact-checkers, with an agenda based on truth and honesty not about money, censorship and an un-American hidden plan. We can break the grip of tyranny over information, education and truth.

Please reach out to our editor for additional information and guidance to break the strangle hold of the established media and start your own community based newspaper.

(1) Obama: ‘divided media’ is what keeps me up at night

(2) The Big Six’s big media game

(3) Perspectives: Schooled by Mr. Jackson’s debate class

(4) The Newspaper Exchange System


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