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Is Fake Meat (Redefine Meat) In Our Food Supply?

We know Bill Gates is involved in many questionable money making schemes. One of them was the purchasing of an abundance of farm land. Inquiring minds would like to know why? Another financial scheme he is involved in is plant-based meat.


The speculation of the Climate Change agenda is targeting cows and their farts. By using this scam to fleece Americans, he seeks to start another money-making business by selling the world plant-based meat. We are being sold a bill of sale telling us this is the future.

On 12/20, Ryan’s All Things Geek posted on Facebook how science fiction is now here by referring to Star Trek. The post refers to “a factory in Holland” is using “3D prints” to produce “500 tons of steaks a month.” The company is called “Redefine Meat,” and is on target to “supply German restaurants with printed fillets.” According to the post, “over 1000 restaurants across Europe” will be utilizing “Redefine Meat” and 3D prints to replace real meat with fake meat.

Here is the website for one to do their own research on Redefine Meats.

We can see fake meat has made its way into the food chain in Europe. My question, has it made it into America’s food chain? I have a theory, and that hypothesis would say it has made its way into the food chain. That being said, the investigation is still on-going into the theory.

The theory started when I started seeing meal delivery services on my Facebook feed. What about $1.00 steak for life? Sounds to good to be true.

Here is the top 10 Meal Delivery services and their comparisons. If I was a betting man, I would say that most if not all of the Meal Delivery Services are owned and connect along with lines with Bill Gates and his cronies. I would also bet that the meat in most if not all would be connected to being plant-based and 3D Print.

Time will tell as we find out more information with Bill Gates, fake meat, purchasing land, and the health consequences of eating 3D Printed meat.

(1) Plant-based meat is the ‘future,’ billionaire Bill Gates claims. What has to change?


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  1. Yipes! I hope you’re wrong on the meat delivery system because I started ordering it to AVOID frankenfood!

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