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Inland Ports: Why we’re hearing about them, who’s investing in them, and the consequences to our State and Local communities when they are built.

Hello readers, patriots and friends. This subject, Inland Ports, is particularly important due to the many consequences politically and economically to our local community, our State and the nation as a whole.

Utah is the latest state to join in on constructing these ports. Moreover, Utah is not the only state building and fast-tracking these ports. This is part 1 of a series on these encroachments into our sovereign republic that will in fact have a long-term impact on our survivability as a nation. I have included links below of maps in Utah and other states like Alabama, Nevada, Virginia and many others.

I would like to start by describing that the idea is to get people on board with these ports and how local towns and communities will get you to believe these are good for your community and why you should support the legislation to build them. They will tell you many lies innocently, because they were lied to by the federal agencies pushing them.

Let’s begin with some of the numbers that you will see in the links below. All in all, it’s a numbers game that sounds amazing and wonderful. As you the reader digest this information, please understand that I use analogies to paint a picture in your mind of how and why our political class use them for nefarious goals to blind you the American public into not looking at the bigger picture.

Whenever a new idea or program comes along we need to ask, why this and more importantly why now? To start this discussion some simple economics need to be understood. America is the most indebted nation in the entire history of our planet. We have borrowed and spent more money literally than our next ten generations can pay back. This debt is compounded daily. This basically means you’re born millions of dollars in debt before you poop in your first diaper.

The answer to why the purveyors of this are wanting these ports we must look at potential per capita gain annually in each area of nearly 1 billion gross dollars. Multiply this by the potential number of inland ports and you are left looking at 1 trillion dollars or more annually.

Local communities could see a windfall of millions to their budgets from employment taxes and infrastructure growth while improving local communities and lowering other taxes in the process.
This in turn will create new high paying jobs. The sell is why wouldn’t anyone want this? We will answer that question later in the series. I can almost bet you won’t like the answer.

I’ve spent nearly 50 years attending many public city and council meetings and others. There’s always a common goal in these meetings. That goal is simple: get the agenda passed as quickly as possible while hoping that there isn’t a significant backlash or push-back from the citizens they preside over. Even though the elected are supposedly to represent those who elected them. Quite often they will table legislation or certain agenda items until a compromise is worked out that appears to give the public what they want while still getting the various motions or agenda approved and passed. This is the tactic our political pundits will use to get your support for these ports.

They will present site plans and referendums to lead you to believe this is a benefit to your area. They will offer amendments to make you feel like your voice and presence matters. Don’t fall for it. Its an economic and emotional trap. Some good may come out of it–yet due to the law of unintended consequences–you will have a whole host of problems that ” nobody anticipated.” But the main issue and problem is this, once it’s approved you cannot stop it from future development of related projects. This Inland Ports project is just one big step into a greater loss of our national identity.

I will go into deeper details shortly on the reason these things are happening now and what the future will look like if these edicts are allowed to be built wherever you live. Remember many or most politicians aren’t stupid. People keep supporting them without ever taking action to remove them from office. They know how you vote.

There are certain buzz phrases that seemingly work more often than they should. Some examples include but not limited to the following:

  • Its for the greater good of our local communities and residents.
  • Or the classic if we don’t pass this we will not be able to continue the level of services we currently have.
  • This will not negatively impact our community.
  • We need sustainable affordable housing as such is in limited supply in this area, this will pay for it without affecting you financially or raising taxes.
  • Our schools will benefit from the increased revenue from the new industry that this zoning change will now allow.
  • In the case of the Inland ports, we will be able to bring in new high paying jobs that will bring in badly needed infrastructure improvements without raising taxes.

I could go on and on. I hear these arguments every 2 weeks in my city council meetings.

The Inland port argument was raised about 6 months ago in the city and county council meetings I attended. One huge proposal was defeated because 300+ people showed up in a room that could only accommodate about 100 people. The legislators took notice that night and so far that measure has stayed in committee. It however is only a matter of time before they alter it enough to bring it back for a vote. They will keep bringing it back until it garners enough support for passage.

Now to some of the entities behind these ports. I will go into details in part 2 why these are bad for you and your community.

China is the biggest investor along with Russia and Saudi Arabia and several other nations. We owe these and many other nations trillions of dollars. These Ports have one major goal, an attempt to collect on the massive debts our nation has incurred. If you’ve read to this point it should be pretty obvious that there is more to these Inland Ports than we realize.

The short summary of this part one is this, we are being sold as a sovereign people and nation to the highest bidder. This fact should motivate you to action against these infringements of our national security.

Please check out these links below to help you understand the seriousness of this important issue that soon will be impacting your community and your family in the near future. Part 2 will be coming soon.



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