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Humanity’s Endless Struggle: Against Tyranny, Ignorance, and Slavery

In the annals of human history, amidst the ebb and flow of civilizations, there emerges a timeless narrative — a struggle against the forces that seek to oppress, subjugate, and confine. This struggle, perennial in its essence, manifests itself in various forms, but at its core, it is a battle against tyranny.

Our ignorance of this endless struggle through the annals of human history will lead us into slavery if we are unable to see the hidden picture which is in plain sight once it is pointed out to us.

Tyranny, the relentless imposition of power by the few over the many, has plagued societies since the start of time. From ancient despots to modern dictators, the thirst for absolute control has led to the suppression of freedoms, the stifling of dissent, and the erosion of human rights. Whether through authoritarian regimes, oppressive laws, or systemic injustices, tyranny seeks to maintain a stranglehold on power through many tactics, including the divide-and-rule strategy.

Yet, ignorance is a formidable adversary in humanity’s quest for liberation alongside tyranny. Ignorance, not merely the absence of knowledge but the willful disregard for truth and enlightenment, is a fertile ground for oppression, and ignorance is how it can take root.

In the shadows of misinformation, propaganda, and indoctrination, individuals are stripped of their ability to think critically, question authority, and envision a future beyond the confines of the status quo. It is this ignorance that perpetuates cycles of oppression, allowing tyrants to manipulate and exploit the masses for their gain.

Moreover, intertwined with tyranny and ignorance is the insidious specter of slavery. Though often associated with the chains of physical bondage, slavery encompasses a broader spectrum of exploitation and subjugation. It exists in the form of economic exploitation, where individuals are trapped in cycles of poverty and servitude. It thrives in the realms of human trafficking and forced labor, where the vulnerable are coerced into lives of exploitation and misery.

There are, of course, other forms of slavery other than physical bondage. There are debt bondage, digital slavery, and psychological or emotional slavery.

In today’s article, we want to highlight the psychological or emotional battle for our hearts and minds. This is when individuals are manipulated, controlled, or coerced psychologically or emotionally by others. It can involve tactics such as gaslighting, emotional blackmail, or psychological abuse, resulting in the victim feeling trapped or powerless.

A tyrant (government, corporation, and a person or people in multiple settings in life) is nothing more than a bully, an elected or appointed official, or a hired government employee bent on tyrannizing, abusing, and enslaving their demeaned and demoralizing constituents or consumers, which seems to be hidden in plain sight. It is like Where’s Waldo, the hidden picture; once it is pointed out and we can see the tyranny, bullying, and abuse happening, we can become aware and prevent it from happening to ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Concealed somewhere in this picture is Waldo. Can you find him?

“Try as you might, usually you could not find the hidden picture until you turned to a page farther back . . . which would reveal how cleverly the artist had hidden it from us. If we study the landscape we realize that the whole picture was painted in such a way as to conceal the real picture within and once we see the “real picture,” it stands out like the proverbial painful digit.”

“We believe the picture painters of the mass media are artfully creating landscapes for us which deliberately hide the real picture. . . . we will show you how to discover the ‘hidden picture’ in the landscapes presented to us daily through newspapers, radio, and television. Once you can see through the camouflage, you will see [Waldo] who have been there all along.” (1)

Again, once we see Waldo’s direct location, we can never look at this picture and be confused by the tactics used to camouflage him. We must see this in our present situation as it connects to humanity’s endless struggle against tyranny and the thirst to keep us ignorant of the fact as their tactics gradually enslave us.

Yet, despite the formidable nature of these adversaries, humanity’s struggle against tyranny is found in our ignorance of history and how the pendulum has shifted back and forth from tyranny to liberty. The less we know and understand, the more enslaved we become.

It is a struggle waged by countless individuals from all walks of life who refuse to be cowed by the forces of oppression. The key is not to be distracted by the different layers or networks of oppression but to go to the heart of the tyranny as it branches out like a web or a root system to keep the trustworthy source of their power hidden from view.

It is a struggle fueled by the flames of resistance, courage, understanding, and seeing through the camouflage as people become aware of tyranny and its tactics as we unite in defiance of injustice and oppression. It is a struggle imbued with the belief that a brighter future can be forged for generations to come through individual awakening, organic collective action, and unwavering determination to stop the gaslighting and terror from continuing to happen now and hopefully for generations to come.

Indeed, history bears witness to the triumphs of this ongoing struggle — from the abolition of slavery to the overthrow of oppressive regimes, from the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment to the defense of human rights and dignity. And yet, the battle rages on as new challenges emerge and old adversaries adapt to the changing times.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, let us heed past lessons and remain vigilant in our commitment to justice, morality, and personal responsibility in maintaining freedom for our present and future generations. Let us stand firm against the forces of tyranny, ignorance, and slavery of all kinds, knowing that, in proper education and uplifting of the mind to see past the camouflage picture, the human spirit can overcome and overthrow even the most formidable of obstacles. Foret in the crucible of struggle that the true strength of humanity is revealed, and it is through individual and collective efforts that we pave the way toward a more just and fair world for all of us to live in.

In future articles, we will explore more concrete examples of tyrants’ characteristics and tools used to look for in today’s environment by looking into the past, showing examples, and then comparing them to our present conditions in hopes of seeing patterns and finding Waldo or tyrants who are camouflaged and sold to the crowd as heroes to the people when in reality they are dangerous to liberty and justice for all and have nothing more than contempt, and hidden agenda of power, theft, consolidation, murder, and deception.

(1) None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Waldo added by author)


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