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Can Trump Flip the Script?

In 2020 half of Americans walked away from the election frustrated, angry, and disappointed. Many Americans went to bed assuming Trump had won the night, only to wake up to find that victory was in question. Regardless of how one feels about how that process came to fruition, the Democratic Party came away believing that their messaging had worked. Trump was chaotic, despotic, and dangerous. That warning of “MAGA Republicans” as being chaotic is a drum they would beat every second of every day since. The Republican underperformance in 2022 has only encouraged Democrats to continue this narrative unabated. It’s a narrative of fear-mongering Americans should be concerned about as it hides the truth and plays on emotions.

I am curious about the reasons why fickle independent voters continue to accept the narrative, as polling has shown Trump has trouble among independent voters. I have racked my mind trying to figure out how that narrative might be overcome, hypothetically, as the polls suggest independents prefer Trump’s policies, but fear his chaotic demeanor.

Then the CNN Town Hall happened, and the answer presented itself.

From the beginning, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins acted less like an interviewer, and more like an unhinged prosecuting attorney. She would ask him questions, and then immediately condemn him for his answers. But Trump did two things that were dignified, and Americans should take note. He remained calm, cool, and collected, and he brought receipts. Collins, meanwhile, was completely unhinged, irrational, and unreasonable, and refused to back down even when presented with evidence to refute her assumptions. Not unlike a five-year-old. While Trump did eventually grow tired enough of her antics to call her, “nasty,” by the time that happened, in the eyes of the audience, she had more than earned his clap back. In fact, Trump’s performance during the Townhall was so good, they cut the show short, then shifted to a panel, all of whom were having complete mental breakdowns, except Republican Congressman, Byron Donalds, who was the one sane voice in a room filled with complete hysterical absurdity. Constant screaming about Trump’s alleged lies, and threats to Democracy, and so forth. However, the sane viewer would look at the whole event and see a man who was cool under very intense fire, and who brought evidence of his claims, while CNN had nothing but constant accusations and frantic innuendo. Trump showed his innocence to those with an open mindset.

Later, there was a viewer response panel where the CNN host asked for a response to Trump’s constant “lies” about the 2020 election, only for the viewers to remind him that it was CNN themselves that kept asking about his view of what happened that night. CNN had many inconsistencies that night. They exposed themselves as being disconnected from the voters, but they also revealed the truth about the network. CNN has worked very hard to paint the Conservatives and especially Trump as the Chaos candidate… CNN and Mainstream News continue to show their inconsistencies, double standards, and biases. The Truth is lost for them, as all that matters is their narrative, even when presented with evidence of being incorrect, they stand by that narrative.

Another point that has surfaced in the media… back when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, ending her presidential ambitions. The press responded by blaming Russian collusion (later debunked by the Mueller Report) and fake news. Trump seized upon the fake news narrative and flipped it around on them. Fake News is now credited to Trump, and trust in the media has sunk to a historic low. CNN, in particular, has had incredibly bad ratings, though all Cable News is in its death throes as independent news outlets are now dominating the industry. Still, where Trump appears there is oft a ratings spike, and so it follows that the news will have him on, even as they go into hysterics to denounce him… but that hysteria is an opening for Trump, similar to the opening he seized upon with the “fake news” narrative. So the question I ask is, “Can Trump flip the script back on the fake news?”

Americans are now seeing CNN already being disparaged as Left leaning, and their antics are cementing that view of the network in the minds of viewers everywhere. It is obvious their goal here is to re-brand Trump’s message to independent voters, who like his policies, but worry that he is chaotic, as being dangerous. It behooves Trump to rebrand them as the “Chaos News Network.” which would fit the Fake News outlets as well.

It will be easy for Trump to tie Biden into it, making the case that the economy is in shambles, our position on the global stage weakened, our borders overrun, our schools a mess, our families falling apart, and in every way shape, and form, we are living through very real chaos. Unfortunately, this has and continues to happen regardless of whether it is a Republican or Democrat in office. The man, or woman, who can assure voters that they can resolve that chaos will win.

With Trump being the possible number 1 contender to challenge Biden, it should be easy to tie Biden into the chaos in the lives of the American people. If Trump is able to convince those voters, especially the Independents, he could turn the chaos narrative around on the media and Biden to win the election.

Whether a person is for Biden or Trump. Americans should take issue to what the fake news has done to Trump. If the media was doing the same thing to Biden, or any person running for office, Americans should be mad. This is un-American and it is only right that any person protected under the Constitution should be able to defend their name.

The media should report the truth and let the chips fall where they may by voting for the best person who will honor their oath to the Constitution of the United States. We’ve got to look for right vs wrong not left vs right.


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