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Friday 7/21/23 Event: Is it Possible to End the Power of Secret Combinations?

Utah’s Liberty and Conspiracy Hub is doing an event today to discuss saving the constitution from the secret powers that have organized to destroy it. Speakers Dr. Scott Bradley and Enoch Moore will be presenting. Their event page explains:

American Founding Father, Noah Webster, popularized the term Secret Combinations.

Defending Utah has been on a very long journey to understand what these Secret Combinations have done to our country and how to reverse it. It turns out the founding fathers showed us the solution through their example in organizing Committees of Safety.

We’re going to summarize ten years worth of experience with you, so you can choose to fast forward this movie we’re all living in– to the part where we start working on real solutions for liberty!

Today, July 21st, 2023, at 7pm, they will be broadcasting live across the state. If you want to attend in person then you must travel to Salt Lake County. Ticket reservations are available here for in person or online options.


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