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Culture War – Dishonoring our Father’s This Fathers Day

We are currently tackling the Culture War in America. In our series, we have spotlighted what is transpiring in America as the nuclear family is being targeted and being systematically destroyed.

“According to the U.S. Department of Defense, a “Target Audience (TA) is an individual or group selected for influence or attack by means of psychological operations.” TAs can be based on gender, position in a family [fathers, mothers, order of birth, etc.], tribal connections, political affiliations, religious background, economic standing, regional areas, age, military affiliation, occupation, educational background, and anything else that lumps people into a group.” (4)

After reading Selling Out America’s Children: How America Puts Profits before Values–and What Parents Can Do, one is able to peel back some culture lies and see some unhealthy practices and patterns happening. In how America is systematically selling out our children for profits on a daily basis. That was in the early 1990’s. How much worse has it evolved over time? I fear it is much worse as we see it coming to fruition and materializing in our present day and moment.

After becoming a new father, I was watching Disney and noticed how father’s of America’s children television programs were being showcased, demonstrated and displayed as buffoons and bumbling idiots.

“You have to remember who the audience is,” Lotz says. “With a show like Good Luck Charlie, the kids are the main characters, and good parents would get in the way of interesting story lines. Also, women watch more TV than men, so most shows and commercials are written to appeal to them.” (1)

Lotz points out that TV fathers have largely been typecast over the past 50 years: They were either the know-it-all providers of the ’60s (Father Knows Best) and ’80s (Growing Pains) or the dopey daddies of the ’70s (Bewitched) and ’90s (Home Improvement). Since then, TV content has fragmented. “Few shows try to speak to the whole family now,” she says.” (1)

We learn only a “few shows try to speak to the whole family”. Has it become fewer and fewer since 2015? Where is the wholesome entertainment today?

“It’s mining how society has changed.” (1)

Showing fathers as buffoons and idiots are sowing the seeds of discontent, anger, disrespect and dishonor in the present moment of watching and being programmed to consume this heavy diet of dehumanizing fathers (parents and families) which have dire repercussions and consequences in the future as well.

“Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.” — unknown

What we as adults and children consume are what we become. The target for the dehumanization and teaching disrespect for fathers, and disruption and destruction of the nucleus families are the means for psychological and culture warfare.

Not only do our children see their father’s as clowns, but it breeds, creates, and develops into contempt, disdain, malice and hatred for what our wives perceive and brainwashed into thinking and feeling for the father and husband in the household.

Both the wife and children unknowingly accept the image and scene before their eyes into the subconscious, “totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware; unreportable mental activities.” Once in the subconscious, it becomes the “new normal” and becomes institutionalized and systemic as out with the old culture of honor and respect and in with the new culture of dishonor and disrespect.

The child and spouse are being spewed and spoon fed feelings of discontent, anger and hatred towards the father.

“For their research study, a student at Brigham Young University sacrificed 8 hours of her time (that she will never get back) to watch two of Disney’s most popular shows. After suffering through Girl Meets World and Good Luck, Charlie, study author Savannah Keenan found that “every 3.24 minutes, a dad acts like a buffoon” on the TV screen.” (2)

“This would be appalling on its own, but Keenan also observed something else – the kids on these shows don’t find Dad’s buffoonery funny or entertaining ala the old Cosby show, but instead roll their eyes, criticize him, or disrespect him in some other way.” (2)

At one time, I was able to sit down with my family and watch Leave it to Beaver. I also watched the Andy Griffith Show with my children. Currently, Disney has spread discord, contempt, and scorn as the children and wife in the programming, shows a portion of the family “roll their eyes, criticize him, or disrespect him in some other way” in disdain for the father and husband.

It’s hard to imagine Leave it to Beaver’s Theodore ever making his father the butt of a joke. But the trend in today’s sitcoms is to make dad the bumbling idiot who can’t do anything right.” (2)

Another study cemented a fact that many TV viewers have observed for years, that Disney is not alone in ridiculing father-figures. West Virginia University professor Jessica Troilo found that working-class fathers are overwhelmingly depicted by network and cable shows as “bumbling” and “incapable.”” (2)

Fathers are made to look like the bad guy, and the enemy. This has grave consequences for the family unit and are easily de-programmed from the original culture to indoctrinated into something alien and anti-family.

When parents are invalidated and dads are painted as dudes who got this far in life by sheer luck, children are left without an authority figure to contradict the lies coming from the TV screen.” (2)

Fathers influence has been hampered to the point of voided to combat the wrongs laid at the fathers in these anti-family narratives. Fathers are unable to have the influence to deconstruct the “lies coming from the TV screen” or programming taking place.

According to Kelly, an author and co-founder of the U.S. advocacy group Dads and Daughters, expectations for men are not where they should be. Not only have these attitudes and low standards worked their way into a majority of men in the media, they have worked their way into our homes.” (3)

The “attitudes and low standards” shown, and portrayed by the “majority of men in the media” has now “worked their way into our homes.” This shows the harmful effects of programming and brainwashing has on our children and wives and culture and society at large.

It’s not hard to find. If you watch TV, then you’ve most likely witnessed the portrayal of the modern-day husband and father as lazy, incompetent and stupid.” (3)

Our wives and children have accepted that the “husband and father as lazy, incompetent and stupid” narrative, regardless of what the men will say and prove otherwise. The seed of of disdain, which brings about broken homes with divorces and children being raised without their hereditary fathers or single parent homes.

America’s foundational culture is being attacked and destroyed as every segment of society are being targeted.

We have shown how men are being target as husbands and fathers, but it doesn’t stop there as women are being targeted in the feminist movement as well. No one is safe from being targeted, which are “based on gender, position in a family [fathers, mothers, order of birth, etc.], tribal connections, political affiliations, religious background, economic standing, regional areas, age, military affiliation, occupation, educational background, and anything else that lumps people into a group.” (4)

“In any struggle, it is essential to know both what you are fighting for and what you are fighting against. If knowledge of the former is lacking, the will to win will be absent. If the knowledge of the latter is absent, confusion and uncertainty will result.” — J. Edgar Hoover

We need to educate ourselves and understand what we “are fighting for“. We need to restore our culture of God, family and country based on principles of truth, learning and growing to help humanity remain free. While knowing the what we are “fighting against“, which is the enemy of lies, deception, corruption and greed.

“The best way to fight an alien and oppressive culture is to embrace your own” — African Proverb

We are being tricked into tolerating evil and it will have devastating effects, if we do not stop it.

“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.” — Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Men are no longer wanting to take on the roles of fathers and husbands, due to the dehumanization.

“Negative general portrayals of fathers/husbands/men in TV commercials and sit-coms contributes to a decrease in men wanting to assume those roles in society, and creates the impression among others that men need not assume such roles anyways, that such simply aren’t important.” (3)

Disney, the media, and the monopolies along with the power and influence of money have created this mess and muddied the waters in attempt to destroy America by using misinformation and “narratives imposed on society today by an overreaching federal government, an out-of-control security state, a weaponized media, and corporate and social media titans.” (4)

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” — G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

Look for our Culture War – Honoring our Father’s this Father’s Day.

(1) Why Are TV Dads Such Buffoons?

(2) Study: ‘Disney’ Shows Dump on Dads

(3) Dumbing down Dad: How media present husbands, fathers as useless

(4) Why Americans need to know about 5th Generational Warfare

Bonus video – LEGACY: Honor Your Father Short Film


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