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Culture War – Are Women and Children Targets of Advertisers as the product?

“No man is free who is not master of himself.” — Delbert Stapley

The question arises:

Are women and children being targeted for profit by Advertisers as the product? By the end of the article, the answer will be obvious as it piques the readers interest to investigate the matter further. Our interest should be further stimulated to ask additional questions about unhealthy habits and practices our society and culture has absorbed, accepted and applied in this culture war.

What is the Culture War:

“A culture war is a cultural conflict between social groups and the struggle for dominance of their values, beliefs, and practices. It commonly refers to topics on which there is general societal disagreement and polarization in societal values.”

“Its contemporary use refers to a social phenomenon in which multiple social groups, holding distinct values and ideologies, attempt to steer public policy in opposition to each other. Thus a culture war now describes “hot button” or “polarizing” social issues in politics. A culture war is defined as “the phenomenon in which multiple groups of people, who hold entrenched values and ideologies, attempt to contentiously steer public policy.” Culture wars often delve around wedge issues, often based on valuesmorality, and lifestyle which often lead to political cleavage.”

Referencing Why Americans need to know about 5th Generational Warfare:

Who is targeting Americans, specifically women and children?

It is a consortium, monopoly, syndicate, and conglomerate of grouping and institutions an “overreaching federal government, out-of-control security state, a weaponized media, and corporate and social media titans.” (1)

It is a psychological operation overlapping and intersecting the culture war with the goal to destroy America’s sovereignty and evolve into a global order, controlled by unelected and unscrupulous men and women who have an agenda which is destructive to the American values and principles in the form of tyranny and neo-feudalism.

The agenda is nothing short of totalitarianism and enslavement of the heart, body, mind and soul.

The target is none other than our children and even adults, even more specifically women–as they watch more TV than their husbands.

“For the first time in history, there is a global PSYOP agenda to consolidate power using digital platforms to affect everyone on macro and micro levels. The goal is to achieve the borderless consolidation of nations. This is all designed to prepare citizens for centralized control by a globalist elite government superstructure run by the likes of leaders from the World Economic Forum. Meanwhile, as it happens, everyone is addicted to digital dopamine, and their next is just a click away.” (1)

Organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the characters and players behind the scenes. We can “play the fiddle or save Rome,” but we can’t do both. We know to understand the culture war and figure out how to defeat it by not participating in it. They are manipulating our emotions that is destructive. Instead, we can prop-up that which is healthy and beneficial and cultivate our founding principles of God, family and country.

“Rome has become the world. We are Nero, and the fiddle is the latest twerk video on TikTok. You can play the fiddle or save Rome, but you can’t do both. Please step away from the apple tree and stop talking to the snake. Resist the contemporary Tower of Babel. Protect your mind-control your emotions.”

In Culture War – What Values Have Been Taught To Our Children? We determined the values, subjects and concepts being taught to our children through generations (and adults) are leading us down the road of being a more toxic, self absorbed and narcissistic society, which play into the globalist overlords hands by creating new unhealthy and toxic norms and fraudulent traditions based on alien and oppressive neo-feudalism.


In continuing the values being taught to Americans and our children. This was one layer of manipulation to both male and female children. We will carry over the spotlight of these toxic behaviors and trinkets that are being peddled to finance their agenda.


“The battle does not have clearly defined sides, but there is no doubt that advertising is not on the side of children living balanced lives. The following quote is from a top executive of a large general merchandise chain. “It is our job to make women unhappy with what they have.” Although it was listed as a casual tidbit-type of filler in a Sunday newspaper magazine, it speaks volumes about the goals of people with products and services to sell, and the art of advertising that helps them do it.” (2)

In addition to the advertising from a different angles and in addition to the other values we have written about. We will talk about another front in the war on the family. The agenda is insidious and undermining as it’s one inch at a time that it undetectable working under the guise of “suspension of disbelief“.

The goal, objective and intention of another form and level of advertising:

It is our job to make women unhappy with what they have.” Are we paying attention and understanding what is being said and done?

Advertising is intentionally making “women unhappy“. While making money at the same time causing the state of unhappiness. What ramifications and consequences does this have for society at large. What about the cause and effect on marriages and families. What kind of pressure does this put on the husband and children in the home?

I once was told by an uncle at my own wedding. “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. What horrible advice. As this creates an unbalanced yoke in marriage between two young adults and favors one side over another, instead of fairness and consistency in a partnership. It creates seeds of an automatic rift and entitlement in a marriage, that will sprout into another level of resentment and disdain.

Those women (men as well) who fall prey to this fraud and brainwashing are doing a lot of damage to the aggregated culture and society at large, not to mention themselves and the example and unhealthy legacy they leave onto their children with the trauma they cause in the present moment.

This carries into generations to come in breaking up families to fulfil their programmed, unquenchable appetites to consume and consume more to get the next fix or hit. It’s like chasing a high, that will never be caught as we just want more trinkets to fill the emptiness caused by an addiction of unhappiness.

There are not only advertisers who are targeting women, but there are so many more enemies and ideologies attacking mothers, daughters, sisters and wives who are the jewel of the marriage as the husband trusts her with his whole heart.

As we progress further in the article, when we say women in general, we are speaking and identifying these women mentioned above that have become ensnared in the web of spiraling out of control ending in self-destruction of being told “Happy Wife, Happy Home”, but subliminally they are coerced into being unhappy with everything they have, with no exceptions.

Therefore, it is an unending cycle of misery for women and marriages suffer in divorces and destruction of families where the foundation for healthy homes and barriers against negative influences are removed to allow children to be even more of a target of advertisers and a manipulative and tyrannical agenda.

Materialistically, the homes are not big or extravagant enough as their old homes are considered “starter homes”. A term brought about by our consumer society. The used car is not good enough, only a new one will do. Debt is the outcome, which produces and piles up additional stresses.

Women are unhappy with their husbands as they consider them idiots and buffoons (Culture War – Dishonoring our Father’s This Fathers Day), causing disdain and resentment towards the fathers. Men are on unequal footing and looked down upon, as the unending consuming appetite of the unknowing emotions and feelings controlling the women by invisible forces slowly poison the whole family one-by-one in one form another.

Women are becoming unhappy in marriages and consider them boring, causing no fault divorces to rise, splitting households into two consuming homes to purchase more goods and services. Divorces supports the court system with money paid towards attorneys and judges inventing a steady stream of cliental and income by creating problems for residual income.

Women’s emotions and subconscious have been hijacked, commandeered and coerced by those who regulate, direct and control the programming from all the mediums of mass communication and social platforms. Along with other alien ideologies that are anti-family.

We don’t even know it, and if one says so, then people will be offended and fight against such talk, saying they have control of their own emotions, thoughts and will. They will have to fight against cognitive dissonance and the concept and construct of the Matrix and look at those talking about how the system is all about making women unhappy as “conspiracy theories”, ignorant or cognitive dissonance takes over.

The messenger with be attacked, while ignoring the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical side-effects that lead into all facets of life with multiple people and generations.

“When one learns new information that challenges a deeply held belief, for example, or acts in a way that seems to undercut a favorable self-image, that person may feel motivated to somehow resolve the negative feeling that results-to restore cognitive consonance. Though a person may not always resolve cognitive dissonance, the response to it may range from ignoring the source of it to changing one’s beliefs or behavior to eliminate the conflict.” (3)

Either we become aware, awake and restore “cognitive consonance” or fall back asleep, ignoring the source of pain and suffering by not changing the behavior or beliefs. The unfortunate thing of the whole ordeal is that in order to become healthy again, we have to go through the pain. We can’t do it half assed or hit and miss.

Regrettably, by way of the same concept and actions along with the effects on the brain, we are all similar to heroin addicts in one form or another.

Each generation has different levels of being smitten, entrapped, and captivated to television, video games, music and other forms of social media. It is also in the materialist items we purchase such as houses, cars and even the images compared to on television or Amazon Prime. As they brainwash our minds by wetting our appetites, then reminding us over and over through repetition in our electronic devices that it is not good enough and we desire and want more of everything and will burn bridges to get the next high.

We have become a throw away society, as we get rid of the old and in with the new when we become bored with decrepit, aged and boring as we fling them aside to get the newest gadgets.

This is also found in relationships as we toss our aged parents into rest homes and hurl our husbands aside because women are being molded to be unhappy as 70% of women are filing for divorce and since they can’t identify their misery as being self induced by the media, the messages and appetites.

They blame their marriages and chose to get a no fault divorce to assist in the self destruction of themselves and the foundation for a good society found in healthy families in a self fulfilling prophecy as similar to the roles and chaos suicide bombers bring out on society.

The levels of chains of dependence and enslavement have been gradual and pleasurable, allowing it to be slipped over and encased as it enveloped around our brains unnoticed and without a fight instead of our hands or necks (Physical slavery has been replaced with debt bondage) . We have all been turned into slaves over time to our own bliss, comfort, enjoyment, contentment and gratification due to our chasing of dopamine in our ignorance and brainwashing.

Each generation would be filled with the intoxication, vial and slow dripping venom due to the level of technological advancements we received, programmed and consumed at our own young age. For example, my generation was raised on the first generation Nintendo compared with today’s advancement of Playstation 5. Along with our own daily dosages in a day, week or year.

How dopamine works:

“Dopamine causes you to want, desire, seek out, and search. It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behavior. Dopamine makes you curious about ideas and fuels your search for information. Dopamine creates reward-seeking loops in the sense that people will repeat pleasurable behavior, from checking Instagram to taking drugs.” (4)

Dopamine can be a good thing as it is seen as a teeter totter and needs to be balanced in our children and adult lives. Our society is out of kilter, whack and balance. That is what we are referring and talking about.

We can see how social media is compared to “taking drugs”, but What about television?

“When you watch something on TV that you enjoy, your brain produces dopamine. Repeated production of dopamine — like during a weekend of binge-watching — can result in a “drug-like high.” (5)

“It is the brain’s signal that communicates to the body, ‘This feels good. You should keep doing this!'” That’s the way Dr. Renee Carr, a clinical psychologist, put it to NBC. Carr calls it a “pseudo addiction.” (5) 

We have got to detox ourselves and our families as we have become “pseudo” addicts. Being “pseudo” addicts are generational, as in grandparents, parents and children are all slaves to our pleasures in large doses we have received poison. How does a parent, who is also an addict help their children? Our children are our future. We better solve this, or it continues to get worse for our grandkids.


“”All television is educational. The question is, what does it teach?” This statement by Nicholas Johnson, the former head of the Federal Communications Commission, points to the enormous influence television has on today’s children. Any discussion of society’s values and the transmission of those values must include and examination of television, which is one of society’s most powerful voices.” (3)

This was written in the 1990’s, since then children have grown-up to have their own children. How far does television have an effect on previous generations. Television can be a tool. Like all tools, it can be had for good or bad, depending on who the wizard behind the curtain.

“We have always known that children are keen observers. With limited experience, they rely on modeling to learn how to function in the world. Whether it’s a matter of learning how to speak or how to catch a baseball, they do it by observing others and trying to imitate the skill themselves.” (3)

“Children acquire values in the same manner. By observation, imitation, and trial and error interactions, they gradually learn what is important in life and what is unimportant, what is valued and what isn’t.” (3)

The Values Espoused By Television

  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Wealth
  • Rewards Without Work
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Selfishness
  • Disrespect

“Television is a business. Broadcast TV is paid for by advertisers who have products and services to sell.” (3)

Smut, toxicity and vices sell, as it is forbidden. But as we know good is now being considered bad and bad is treated as good. Our society has been re-programmed, conditioned and turned upside down.

“Our society has developed an extremely powerful teacher, but the teacher has only the values of the marketplace driving it. And the value messages of the marketplace are increasingly at odds with those values that are important for healthy children and a healthy society.” (3)

The television has become the primary influencer to ourselves and our children as it is “at odds with those values” to assist in creating “healthy children and a healthy society.”

“The effects of all of these messages are pervasive and extensive, and the volume of studies documenting their harmful effects is growing.” (3)

Here are some psychological effects as well (This is not only for television, but in our cell phones and other devices):


  • Avoid using television as a babysitter
  • Limit the use of TV
  • Watch TV together
  • Examine how you use television yourself
  • Establish some clear ground rules
  • Use the DVD and On-line service to your advantage
  • Do not give the television the most prominent location in the house
  • Keep television sets out of kids’ bedrooms
  • Make sure you know what a movie is about and what it’s rated before you give permission to view it (even this can be tricky as the rating system has become blurred by marketplace driving the ranking system and the corruptung influence of money)
  • Provide alternative activities that are enjoyable (make this a priority)
  • Reading is number one as this allows people to learn to think for themselves and stop consuming the steady diet of poison, indoctrination and misinformation to avoid from being exploited and to stop the cycle from happening to future generations.


“. . . American child will witness approximately two hundred thousand acts of violence on television by the time he/she is eighteen years old.” (3)

This is based on 1990’s figures. How much worse has it become?

“Music is and always has been a very powerful medium. By combining words, rhythm, and sound, the composer can reflect deep emotions. From love ballads to protest songs, music has been show to move people. It can move them to sing, to dance, and to act. It can communicate love, concern about injustice, and even mindless rage.” (3)

Listen to the words, messages and concepts music are embracing, advocating and promoting. These exchanges are burrowing and driving deep down into the subconscious level of our brains that everyone is accepting and becoming in tone deaf and dumbed down to the fruition of the past seeds of toxicity that are blooming in our present day personage and society.

What values are our music teaching our kids?

The Values of the Marketplace

  • Anything for money
  • Win At All Costs
  • Happiness Equals Wealth
  • Instant Gratification
  • Self-Interest – Get all You Can
  • Excess
  • Violence As Entertainment
  • Me First

The Values of Healthy Children and a Healthy Society

  • Justice, Fairness
  • Respect For Self and Others, Cooperation
  • Self-Esteem From Within
  • Self-Discipline
  • Altruism, Generosity
  • Moderation
  • Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Empathy
  • Tolerance, Understanding, and Social Responsibility

“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?” — W. Clement Stone

As a nation, as an individual and as a family we need to return to our roots, by teaching our children and ourselves by consuming healthy and something of higher morality.

“All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.” — Noah Webster

(1) Why Americans need to know about 5th Generational Warfare & The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.

(2) Designer Kids

(3) Selling Out America’s Children: How America Puts Profits Before Values – And What Parents Can Do

(4) Dopamine

(5) The Neuroscience Of Addictive Television


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