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Counties tell Feds to Stick It

Wide-Spread Nullification in Defense of Ranchers

This story has an element of urgency to it. This past Tuesday I was in my biweekly city council meeting on May 9th. In this meeting a resolution was unanimously passed that will be sent to Washington DC against the Grand Canyon monument. A similar resolution was also passed unanimously by the Kane County Council and the surrounding communities and towns.

Before I go any further, I need to catch many of you up to speed on this illegal action being undertaken by our government in particular Mr. Joe Biden and his administration. This past March a new executive order was drawn up that will federalize another 1.2 million acres of land that extends east to the Grand Staircase and south to include most of the Grand Canyon. It also connects this land to 2 other monuments other presidents have illegally passed.

This executive order hasn’t as of May 11th been signed yet. This action will affect everyone in Utah and Northern Arizona. The vast majority of the beef consumed in these 2 states comes from an area known as the Arizona strip.

There are roughly 300 ranchers that use this land for cattle production. There are also vast oil reserves under this land as well as gold and copper. Recently there was a vast reserve of uranium found which is estimated to be worth several hundred trillion dollars. There are dozens of mines in the area, and nobody has said a peep about them. Fact is very few people are even aware that these mines exist. Local communities and towns have used this land responsibly for over 100+ years.

The Government is taking this action under the deception that the tribal natives and nations want this land. Nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of people visiting and using this land is ranchers and local communities for firewood and other recreational activities.

Our mayor who owns land in this area shared a story in our council meeting that a family tradition is every spring they take their kids and grandchildren to hunt for Indian arrow heads and small bits of gold to create a lasting memory of this land and instill in them respect for this land and what it provides for them. If this executive order is signed Mayor Johnson and his family would be charged with a felony. Think about that for a minute. Teaching your children about this precious land and how to respect it. Soon it will be a felony to preserve as a family the heritage this land has had since long before this was a state within our republic. Ask yourself this question; how is this possible when they (the government) don’t own the land legally?

Most of the ranchers using this land have title and deed to this area and have owned it for 6 generations or more. If the government takes this land the following will simultaneously take place:

The government will force all cattle off the land

  • They will void all titles and deeds as well as well as all grazing permits and water rights and ownership they currently have now.
    -They will make it a felony to harvest wood or keep and artifacts like Indian arrow heads or gold or anything else found on the land that it has in abundance
  • They will make it a felony to hunt on this land. Many families in this area depend on hunting to provide food to get through the winters
  • It will be a felony to use this land for any recreational activities that brings in a lot of revenue to both Arizona and Utah. In addition to to this if it isn’t bad enough they will as they have in the Grand Staircase issue to certain government agencies environmental permits that will supersede all water rights no matter who owns them. In other words these deeds and permits will not be renewed every 10 years as it is now.

This is blatantly illegal under the 5th and 14th amendments.

Under the Taylor Jones act of 1934 the government is specifically banned from doing this. There is a link to this act here and at the end of this article. All local communities have signed resolutions against this land grab by the current federal administration ie Joe Biden and his illegal masters.

The only community that hasn’t as of May 11th signed legislation opposing this is Washington County. It’s expected they will pass legislation against this early next week.

Something to remember here that’s very important. Under the 10th amendment we (all of us) can nullify all illegal governmental overreach activities. Please contact your County Council and sheriffs to let them know how you feel.

This story is personal to me because I do hunt and fish and explore this beautiful piece of God’s gift to us. Every year I harvest wood for needy families in my area. I know and I am friends with many of the ranchers involved here as well.

A friend who owns over 2200 acres here told me in the last city council meeting, (he is one of our city council members), that many of his neighbors are going to sell their land and rights because the federal government has too much power and financially, they cannot afford the legal battle this will inevitably lead to. This broke my heart. It is a reality that’s becoming the norm instead of the exception.

Our government is illegally stealing these people’s land and rights. This should make you furious. It’s making me furious as I write this story.

I urge everyone who has had enough of this overreach by our government to take a stand and support our ranchers and those of us that for hundreds of years used this land responsibly. I am including a map of this area as well as a link to the Taylor Jones act. Please let our alleged representatives know you are tired of this garbage and to do the job they were selected to do. Please get your sheriff’s and local police involved and remind them of their responsibility to the communities they live in. Be respectful but firm as you speak with them. Open a dialog and open communication with them and share your hopes and concerns about this and other issues wherever you live. Remind them That their job is to follow the constitution and protect it against all enemies foreign and especially now DOMESTIC and to nullify this administration immediately.




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