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Call To Arms! All Hands On Deck!

Let’s Oppose the Drag Queen Paint Day!

It’s reared its ugly head again. It appears that the Drag Queen Paint Day wasn’t entirely quashed last time. And now your help is needed once again.

Here at Iron County News we’ve been informed that July 22nd is the day and 3:30pm the time for the Drag Queen Paint Day at the Johnson Art Center in Cedar City. See for yourself:

And this here:

Your help is needed to ensure that this protest is successful and that this type of wicked activity is stopped, quashed, and stamped out for good. Please inform your friends and neighbors. We need to have a good showing. See you there, your friends at Iron County News.

Additional information from concerned citizens:


8 Responses

  1. Good call for all hands on deck, stop what you are doing or had planned this Saturday afternoon people and come join us in Cedar City to oppose this probe to test our resolve, our sense of decency, this is is an attempt to undermine our core principals and try to destroy our Family structure. Please respond people in mass, that’s all they understand. We will not give up or give in to satans minions here in St. George or in Iron County or anywhere we can reach out to.

    1. Let there be no doubt, this is dangerous to our community at large but also ordinary individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. The origins of this toxic movement come from fallen formerly helpful non-profit organizations that have created and then hijacked by trans activists seeking to maintain their status.

      Despite their attempts to label it as family-friendly, it still promotes an agenda that is unsuitable for children. The LGBT community does not support this absurdity. Many of us are actively working to reclaim our community from these extremists.

      Still skeptical? I encourage you to look up YouTubers such as Blaire White, Arielle Scarcella, Brand Polumbo, and others who discuss these issues.

      The only way we are going to wage this war and when it is if we work together. Jesus spoke of loving your neighbor, wise is words we all live by. Let us learn to work together to keep children safe and reclaim our communities from this madness.

  2. Might I suggest instead of just making it religious, make it a community effort. If that happens, a lot of the LGB non-extremist T folks may actually be willing to stand up against the insanity that has hijacked everything that has been fought for for the past few decades.

    And really, their voices will have more of an impact because they want to take back their community from these trans activists (who aren’t even trans as a majority btw).

    Kids need to be kept out of sexuality as a whole and their innocence needs to be preserved as long as possible without being plugged into agendas. This is something that the majority of people agree on, don’t let the few crazy voices drown out the sane ones.

    1. JT, this protest against the Drag Queen Paint event was not organized by Iron County News. However, we support and get behind protests like this whether religious or not. If we are to be a moral and free society then we ought to support all such efforts.

      1. I started my subscription to Iron County News a month ago and then didn’t follow through. I surely would have been at that protest because this work agenda is nothing but sick and divisive to our nation. Even the LGBT community opposes the transgender agenda. I have one gay friend that works at a nearby grocery store that agreed with me on this issue. Thanks so much for motivating me to comment and join this discussion group. Steven, I grew up in the Mormon church and my family is deeply embedded in fact my great-great-grandfather Isaac C Haight was sent here by Brigham Young to be our first mayor and to settle the virgin Valley area. Another member of my family is married to Russell M Nelson’s daughter Brenda. However I do have to say something about the whole thing and please don’t get me wrong on this. There are amazing people that are Mormons, in fact all of my friends that I grew up with except for myself and one or two others went on missions for the church, yet as with a lot of times these young men and women are pressured by their families to do this work and are really not into it at all. I would relate some experiences with return missionary women yet it’s not necessary to prove my point. The point is the Mormon church, as a religious organization was pure and completely spiritual before the beginning of the 21st Century. Since that time I’ve seen some very very startling documents naming very top members in them doing very very bad Deeds. In fact there is a document out there where my cousin and Brenda we’re doing such a very heinous deed with their children’s friends. Now I saw it and it’s pages and pages of evidence yet these cases were dropped because of the statute of limitations only. I don’t really want to go into it I haven’t been in contact with him or Brenda for quite some time. I don’t even dare say things to my family because they believe that the Mormon church is the only true church where in reality it is not. Christianity is the true religion. All of us good Christians are the body of Christ. And reality is not as we believe it is, and all you have to do is study a little of quantum science to realize that. We are an energy form and I believe that to be spiritual energy. And as regular physics describes energy it can neither be created nor destroyed it can only change forms. And the true energy was discovered back in the 1800s by Max plank and now there is modalities that have been released for use by the world that repair the DNA of our back to the original form thousands of years ago where our bodies heal themselves. I’m a recovering addict and I’ve only found out this information because after I left jail in 2020 I started a deep deep researching of what’s honestly going on in the world. Just take the churches on media Company KSL news and the owners, Bonneville International corporation. And look who they are affiliated with. He used to be ABC and now it is NBC so where do they go next. Believe me I used to listen to this spoken word with Thomas Monson and something didn’t feel right with him I’m just saying that’s my own feeling. There is a spiritual ether and Scalar energy is that either. That’s the energy that Max plane discovered and Nicola Tesla was using in his research to provide power to the world without any wires. It’s 0 point energy. It is many times faster than the speed of light and it is 5th Dimension energy. It can’t be detected by any known physical sensors. It’s presence can only be detected by experiments and by the lack of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is all of the energy in the Spectrum that goes up to the speed of light at 196,000 miles per second. Scalar energy goes far beyond that speed and it is what facilitates quantum entanglement whereas one particle on Earth given a certain stimulus will react the same way as a similar particle at the edge of the universe. You can travel to St George to my friend, and recently converted Mormon’s, energy enhancement system Center and feel the same Divine energy as you feel in church on Sunday.
        She is the rehab founder that I visited twice and the one that trained me to teach Psychotherapy techniques and many other modalities so I could create my own new programs for my brain to follow the right path. I will be writing articles for other places and I’m also going to start my own influencer channel on several of the alternative news platforms.
        Tony Robbins uses the same type of techniques to bring millions of dollars to people for them to give to the world as much as they possibly can and help others. Tony Robbins also knows about this system and has one himself. He has provided meals to 1 billion people so far and has provided money and services with his jet to operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from Child traffickers around the world. Tim Ballard the founder of operation Underground Railroad is a Mormon and lives in Provo along with the headquarters for operation Underground Railroad. Tony is a Catholic I believe so honestly, spirituality is the key to enlightenment and progression in life towards our final goal of Ascension towards heaven

    1. On their meme advertising the event the Johnson Art Center states: “A huge thank you to our sponsor Derek Morton.” I’ve never heard of him before but then I don’t live in Cedar City. I live in Enoch. That’s why I wanted to know.

      1. If he’s the one I found on FB he is the owner/principle broker at Netgain Property Management here in Cedar City.

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