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Call to Action: Educated Political Operatives Needed!

Many of us, in times of frustration with our political leadership, have wanted to make changes. But we rarely take steps to do that. WHY? Because we don’t know how. HELP US CHANGE THAT. Several Iron County Groups are collaborating to bring an amazing political education training to Iron County, Utah. To do that, we need you to help us meet the FOUNDATION for APPLIED CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP enrollment requirement. You will receive 8 intense hours of training in and understanding of operating within political circles as a force respected and feared by the establishment. To reserve your place in this training, call or text David at (702) 525-0980.

For a preview of this training go to the school’s site for their class in Fayetteville, GA. on Saturday August 12th.

Fayetteville GA PLS

Please help us move the Overton Window back to where there is freedom and human rights. And to the point that committees will no longer be necessary.


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  1. I have a friend who attended this seminar in Northern Utah and said it was an outstanding eight hours. He said we needed to get it down south and it is materializing. If we get enough participants, witch I will one this will be an extremely important class to attend.

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