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Arizona Federal Land Grab in Progress!

This is a short news story and urgent call for action! In March of this year the government announced they will be creating a new monument area in which more than 1 million acres of grazing lands and homesteads will be confiscated. These lands are rich in minerals among which are copper, gold and oil reserves.

The story at this link explains a lot about what’s going to happen soon. All that needs to happen to make this a reality is Biden’s signature. The government is voiding all grazing rights and titles, deeds etc. to this land grab. Much of this land has been in private use for nearly 200 years. This map shows lands they’re wanting to steal from the people in direct violation of many laws. I was in a meeting last night May 2nd, 2023, in which approximately 50 people mostly ranchers were present at this meeting. The atmosphere within this meeting was heated with some expressing their anger over this executive order.

We need everyone in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah to get a hold of their legislators and express why this needs to be stopped immediately. This is an urgent call to action. Here is a list (an image file) of people for you to call. More updates will be published as soon as they are available. Bobby


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