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Are We on a March to War?

Since Russia attacked Ukraine, America has sent Ukraine billions upon billions. At a time when Americans are struggling to stay afloat, our government has been funding a war that has nothing the do with us. Attitudes towards this funding have begun to shift as the conversation over our nation’s serious debt problems has come back into vogue, not to mention the discovery that we aren’t just funding Ukraine’s war, we are funding their economy, even their pension plans. To say that these discoveries have irked the American people is an understatement since our own economy is circling the drain.

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time about what will happen to Taiwan, and questions have been raised about what America will do should it be attacked. After all, a great deal of our computer chips are manufactured there. Should the island fall under attack, it would be a heavy loss to our own economy.

In the middle of these conversations, we are told we now have ammunition shortages, a reduction of much-needed supplies and equipment, and while the military chases the latest woke fads, there’s been a serious decline in recruitment, as the military’s choices in advertisements have been off-putting toward those who would otherwise be most inclined to enlist. We are not in a position where we can handle being involved in a war, right now. The choices of the current administration have severely weakened us on the global stage.

And yet, I fear that war is becoming increasingly likely.

This weekend Israel, one of our most important economic and strategic allies fell under an egregious attack by the Iranian-funded terrorist organization Hamas. This attack was so severe it is being compared to 9/11. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has declared war, and shortly thereafter that declaration was formalized by the Israeli government. They are now at war with Hamas. How America will respond to the attacks on Israel is not yet clear, but given our close relationship with them, we will no doubt stand with our friends in the Middle East. Though given that Biden is also trying to restore Obama’s Iran deal, it does stand to reason that there should be concerns that we would be essentially funding both sides of that conflict. Why we would want to fund Iran at a time like this is beyond me.

Meanwhile, our borders remain wide open, an estimated seven to eleven million illegal economic migrants have walked right across with little to no opposition. At the rate we are going, entire populations could very well be illegally transferred from South America, here. To say we are overwhelmed by the bad policies of this administration when it comes to the border is an understatement.

To be clear, we don’t have money, supplies, equipment, or recruits enough for this. And yet, the more tense things get around us, the more inevitable war is starting to feel. But if war is necessary, I do believe we will need to solve the problems we are facing right now, before we even consider boots on the ground. And I am not convinced that the present administration is even remotely capable of addressing these problems, as they seem much more interested in persecuting their own opposition here at home. One prominent Democrat proclaiming that the opposition may need, “formal deprogramming.”-1 It’s almost as if the current administration is bracing for war… against half of its own citizens, meanwhile taking money from those same citizens to give to Ukraine for a war that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight and has nothing to do with us.

We should stand with Israel, in the meantime, as they are the lone democracy in the Middle East, and again, our greatest economic and security allies there. Especially since American citizens were killed in these attacks, and American Citizens have been dragged to Gaza and are being held hostage. One can make a good argument that this attack on Israel was just as much an attack on us when you consider the American lives lost, and endangered. Not to mention that Israel stood with us during our war on terror. But are we in a position where we can help right now?

The poor policies of this administration have put us in quite a bind on foreign policy. And with Biden telegraphing he is more interested in fighting his political opponents at home while throwing money at foreign wars, it seems to me that we are in dire need of change in Washington. Whether we end up in a war or not, nothing good can come from what we are doing now.

-1 Hillary Clinton calls for ‘formal deprogramming’ of Trump ‘cult members’, Josh Christianson, New York Post,,
10/6/23, accessed 10/8/23


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