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All the Marbles

Due to the obvious risk of an obviously slowed Biden and the shaky, unending political assassinations of Donald Trump, I wondered what persona I personally wished to follow beyond 2024 as my National Representative and Leader. The President.

In the pantheon of potential leadership qualities available, I pondered some and want at least these eight presidential pillars to steady, hold and stand for my America:

Tactical Courage
A Responsible Warden
A Dreamer’s Vision
Aggressively Perceptive
Peaceful Strength
Sincere Humor
Decisive Resolve
Appropriate Regret

Yours may differ, some greatly.

I seek a calm, yet strong and confident voice, speaking presidentially of our infinite unified potential, not vindictiveness for all political opposition. A healthy dose of verbal rebellion can be medicinal, but I have lost all patience for idiotic vendetta.

I seek a national valedictorian, promoting, projecting, and professing our highest national possibilities. My countrymen should not tear at the feet of this dream leader, like dogs on meat, nor should they hump a distracted leg. Instead, Americans should become and be viewed as the horsepower of an innovation power source beyond historic imagination. A unified mass of dedicated population at that energetic president’s side, furiously snorting and ready to rumble.

I seek a leader whose big picture is built with our best and brightest. Their eyes set toward the golden fields of these elite American lands, where we are able to best allow our national horses to run and with that recreate the shores that drew every family line to touch or yearn for a new life on these.

My President is marble, in a world twisted by its ever-present lesser elemental “ism’s.”

Communism’s waters give illusion to a leveling, yet so few end up with any working boats. Most have just seemed to swim, until they sink. The boated drive on.

Capitalism’s great industrial granite pressures fuse all the small bits into larger bits and on to mighty boulders. Whether the center or the edge is the better place to rock and avoid cracks, who knows? These fusions can become some very intimidating mountains.

Fascism’s dangerous diamonds are cut into creation by a people accepting only a perfectly sharp reflection of their well-cut and well faceted singular designs. Mankind’s most tricky cults are by these misguided masses born and burn a hard, hard madness that proves hopefully more and more rare.

Socialism seems the muck and mulch of taking manure from all and equally spreading it until, over the course of uncertain time, praying and promising something solid and fruitful will grow. Ignorant to the complexities of human randomness in that attempted growth pattern. Socialism has consistently proven millions simply die in it. Everyone ends up in the shit.

My President is:

Unblemished by the stench of Socialism.
Undrenched by the bloody waters of Communism.
Unfractured by the avarice of Capitalism.
Uncut by singularly acute cruelty of Fascism.

He is Marble. I seek marble of a unique and transparent presentation, steeped in history, cautiously mined, and shaped through the most intelligent design. An imprint to hold up for high esteem and yet also emblematic of a favorite honest game of my youth as well, marbles! Every size and color has a shot, and a marble is just a marble as every marble should aspire to be.

Marblism – there you have it. I seek a Marblist.

If one is up for it and can hit all these markers, you have a great head start. If another rises to better express my personal requirement, my humble backing is yours. Less than that, and you are just someone attempting to manage my country in a very fine office.

As it is my home, I still wish you success in achieving our best.

Michael Theron Fotheringham
Courtesy of The Hermit Empire


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